An Epic Music Interlude

Quick post for the musically minded.  I recently discovered an amazing YouTube channel called Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.  They only post about one video a month because their content takes so long to put together and detail, dealing in all manner of science such as quantum mechanics, the heat death of the universe, atoms, molecules, cells, and the very nature of being.  I highly encourage you check them out.  Maybe because I’m secretly a super villain (or not so secretly in love with one), hearing about the eventual end of all things brings me strange comfort.

They have one video on their Our Best Stuff playlist “Are You Alone (In the Universe).  I’ve watched it around ten times in three days.

The combination of existential examination and epic music is chill inducing, and they provided a link to the song in the background itself so down the rabbit I went to find Sound Cloud, make a playlist, and dub it my new editing music.

My playlist is located here if you’d like to experience it.  Along with this song Quantum Computers is beyond fantastic.  There’s a old school gamer vibe to it that I think many of you will appreciate.

What music gets you through the day or gets you through a writing session?  I have a playlist on YouTube I often use along with one of my iTunes playlist, but the Epic Mountain group will probably be my go-to for quite a long time.

5 thoughts on “An Epic Music Interlude

  1. I’ll have to check them out! I’m big on electronic music for inspiration these days. There’s a Canadian record label called Monstercat that releases free podcasts on iTunes every week, and they also have a 24/7 stream on YouTube. I really like the artists I’ve discovered through them.

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    • Ah it’s so good! I can’t stop listening to them. If a song is epic, I’ll just listen to it over and over again ad naseaum like anyone else would be sick of it, but I like picking up on different things in the music, plus I love rising crescendos and sweeping strings and vocals. Gives me the good chills 😀

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      • Wow! Just finished watching the video. I had no idea we cycle through elements like that. We really do become new people as time goes on, physically and mentally. I subscribed to their channel. Thanks for introducing me to this! 🙂 Oh and the dude’s voice is nice as well, hehe

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        • I’m trying to remember how I found them…oh yes! This other channel CPG Grey or something along those lines. They do educational videos, too. I was watching one about the three rules for rulers or another video that referenced the other channel. I absolutely love science stuff, and I noticed how amazing the background music was so dug a little deeper. I remember hearing that every seven or so years we replace all the atoms in our body, which maybe explains why some memories decay. I can see this turning philosophical very quickly hehe.

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