Question of the Week: 10/30/16

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The Question of the Week is posted every Sunday and will consist of a question followed by my answer and explanation to the same.  Some questions will only require a simple answer that could potentially be followed by an explanation.  Many questions will be writer oriented, but not all.  Everyone is encouraged to answer in the comments and discussions/follow up questions are more than welcome!

What paranormal experience(s) have you had?

When I was around eight or nine years old getting ready for school, I was in the bathroom looking at the mirror that was in front of our medicine cabinet, and as I looked I realized I wasn’t seeing myself.  I know…so cliched, but it was very weird.  This girl had lighter skin than me, more honey colored, and different features, yet she mimicked my movements as images are wont to do.  I remembered going back and forth out of the mirror and coming back to find the same reflection still before.  Then my mom called me, and I again looked away from the mirror to answer, but when I went back, the “honey girl,” was gone, and it was just me in the glass.

I wasn’t even frightened at the time.  I just thought it was weird or a trick of the light.  Even now I’m not sure if I was actually seeing what I was seeing, but the house I grew up in was…weird.  Looking back on it with adult eyes, it was always odd how frightened I was of the dining room and my fear of basements and subterranean spaces came about because my basement was super creepy. I always hated going down there and have nightmares about it to this day.  There was this discoloration on the wall that looked like an alien monster.  I know it was from the moisture of the hot water heater, but it was always unsettling.

I’ve had more random experiences where I’ve just had weird feelings.  live in a part of Pennsylvania that’s considered quite haunted, and I’ve been to Valley Forge Park at night.  Terrifying.  There are also these terrible tunnels that I refuse to drive through in the dark not to mention this graveyard near my college that friends have concurred with me on on the spookiness factor.  Then of course I have cats, and they’re always seeing the unseen hehe.

I don’t profess to being anything I’m not, and I take the scientific, rational, and logical side in most things, but I can’t deny I’ve had inexpiable feelings and seen some strange things.  It could just be I didn’t have the tools or means to explain them or it could be they defy our ability to explain them yet.

What ghost story and/or paranormal experiences have you had?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 10/30/16

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  2. There are many things in this world beyond our understanding. I’ve yet to encounter any creepy situations IRL, but it always freaks me out when both of my cats stare at the same random spot on my ceiling. What dimension are they peering into? It better not be some portal to an Upside down world full of monsters… It’s most likely a tiny spider I can’t see lol

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    • Cats are super eerie creatures. It’s like I have a love for them, but they creep me out a little lol. They were integral in certain inspirations for Northern Lights. I started thinking they were aliens, and they could cut through the dimensions of our reality with their sharp pupils and go to the “in between.” I swear sometimes I half believe it. I’ll look everywhere for one of the cats, scour the apartment and not be able to find him then boom he’ll just appear, and I’m like “Um where were you?” Then they look at you like they could answer, but you know they never will.

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        • I’m actually happy when it’s a bug they find even though I’m afraid of a lot of bugs hehe. They’re good at catching them, well…Kin-mei is. Cid is good at falling off of window sills though he DID apparently catch a bee, rip off one of its wings, and watched it suffer. Cats are sadistic little monsters, and I love them so much.

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  3. When we first got our older dog, Ozzy, we lived next to a cemetery with a crematorium, and sometimes in the middle of the night, he would bark profusely at a corner of the bedroom. He would stand over me and bark and growl at a corner, a different corner every night that this happened. It took a lot to calm him down, he was that insistent. Not long after that, I began hearing whispers in my ear as I was falling asleep. Now I am also a skeptical person who looks at things logically, I know that your mind can play tricks on you, especially when on the verge of sleep so I tend to write that off. However, animals have that bizarro extra sense and I trust in them.

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    • When my cats stare at a spot on the wall or ceiling and there’s nothing there, I get freaked out. Animals do have better senses than we do.

      One of my friends believes that her apartment is haunted. The creepiest thing is that she had a dream that there was dark figure standing over her and then her six year old son woke up (he was sleeping in the room with her) and said he’d had a nightmare…about the same thing. The weird thing is she didn’t feel like the thing was malevolent, but because it was giving her son nightmares she did some shenanigans to make it go away.

      I’m logically minded, too, but I’m like 90% logical. I believe in modern medicine, vaccinations, etc., but there’s a part of me that’s still partial to woo.

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  4. I too try to look at things from a skeptic’s standpoint, but there are definitely some things out there that just cannot be explained. I’ve had a few moments myself. The most recent one was a couple years ago. My ex and I were staying over at my parents’ house for the weekend in their finished basement. Everything was fine, we were just relaxing and watching something on my laptop. Then I started to hear this faint but audible music, like old-timey piano music. There is no piano in my parents’ house and it didn’t seem like it should have been part of what we were watching on the laptop so I quickly hit pause on the video and my ex and I just sat there and listened to the piano music continue for a few more seconds before it abruptly stopped. He looked at me and said that he had thought the music was just part of the video until I had paused it. It was so weird. No one else was awake in the house, there was no piano. We just couldn’t explain it. I told my parents about it the next morning and my mom found it odd but (she herself believing in the paranormal) explained that a long-since-dead neighbor had been an amazing pianist and that the man’s family had given them one of his awards (an award I had seen several times in their home growing up) and some old photographs since I guess he had never had any kids who would take them. She said maybe it had something to do with him, like he was still doing what he had loved to do in the afterlife or something. Who knows?

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    • Oh my god, this story gave me the literal shivers. That is super weird. I’ve always hated basements due to the one in my house being so creepy (actually had a dream about basements last night). Being underground doesn’t help the eerie/macabre factor either. I wonder if you’d hear the music no matter where the award was like if you took it with you, would the piano music follow o.O

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      • I wondered the same thing! lol
        And yeah, basements can be super creepy. One of the other houses I’ve lived in had a “Michigan Basement”, so it wasn’t finished at all. Just a dug out area beneath the house that you got to from outside through a set of cellar doors located beneath my bedroom window. It used to creep me out so bad to go down there. It felt like being in a horror movie. *Shudders*

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  5. I’ve always believed in the paranormal, more so now that I’ve had my fair share of experiences. The house my parents moved in to had the previous owner die of a heart attack in the spare bedroom. When I moved here to help my mom take care of my dad after he was terminally diagnosed, that was the room I chose for my girlfriend and I to share. He died on the floor with his body halfway in the closet and bedroom, and at least once a week we’d either leave to run errands or wake up from sleeping to find our closet door open. One night in particular, I was lying on my side with my back facing the wall and had just started to wake up. I felt the mattress behind me sink in, as if someone had sat down. I immediately thought it was my girlfriend, so naturally I brought my arm back to touch her and there was nothing there. Then that part of the mattress rose back up. I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend asleep in front of me.

    That’s definitely not all, though.

    Over the last 5 years we’ve all see shadows moving throughout the house, I’ve had my ankle grabbed, my dad’s coffee filter (full of coffee grounds) was thrown across the kitchen, and heard noises within the living room and spare bedroom. Even our guests have had experiences in this house.

    After my dad passed away earlier this year, a few later I heard my full first name called from the hallway. “Brad… ley…” It was a bit unsettling, since dad had just died and he’s the only person in my family that called me by my full name.

    I’ve never felt threatened by anything that’s occurred, but my girlfriend, my mother and I, we all have experiences fairly often.

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    • Oh my lord I got chills reading this. It’s why I’m not entirely unconvinced that supernatural phenomena occur. Now granted they could just be things we don’t have the scientific knowledge to explain yet, and I’ve heard some talk about how certain frequencies can make people experience things, but yeah, I really don’t know. Is the house still in your family? The whisper of your name is absolutely harrowing. I would’ve probably had a fit. The house my BFF grew up in was haunted per the story’s she’s told me.


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