The State of the Reader: 11/30/16

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A weekly post updated every Wednesday detailing my current reading projects and where I am with them in addition to what new titles I’ve added to my to-read list.  Title links go to Goodreads to make it easier for interested parties to add any books that might strike their fancy.  I attempt to use the covers for the edition I’m reading, and I’ll mention if this is not the case.  If you have a Goodreads account feel free to friend me!  I’d love to see what you’re reading and/or planning to read.

Books Currently Reading: 4

Title: The Mabinogion Tetralogy
Author: Evangeline Walton
Date Added: August 24, 2014
Date Started: July 31, 2016

Medium: Paperback
Progress: 42%

Not much to say about this except for it’s continually engaging.  I still don’t think I”ll finish it before the end of the year, and I’m just hoping I get through three more other books to make my 20.

Title: The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones
Author: George R R Martin
Date Added: January 7, 2015
Date Started: February 8, 2015

Media: Hardback
Progress: 90%

This I’ll almost certainly finish before the end of the year.  I’m in the home stretch with the “septon” wrapping up odds and ends.  I’m hoping I get to the part about Asshai soon.

Title: The Ghost of Buxton Manor
Author: Jonathon L. Ferrara
Date Added: August 16, 2016
Date Started: October 17, 2016

Media: Kindle
Progress: 51%

I love this story so hard.  It’s not only charming, but necessary.  This isn’t a spoiler, so I don’t feel bad saying it.  Aaron, Rupert’s love interest, is a confirmed gay teen whose parents accept him for who he is.  This is so freaking huge and important, I can’t even explain.  There are plenty of stories and plenty of real life examples where this isn’t the case.  Fiction is often a reflection of the future, so it’s nice to see this, and it’s even better to know that gay, bi, queer and/or questioning teens have something like this to read.

Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Series Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Date Added: June 15, 2016
Date Started: November 20, 2016

Media: Paperback
Progress: 18%

This book just gets more intriguing as the chapters go along.  I’ve managed to limit myself to one a session, but Maas certainly keeps the suspense ramped up.  The one critique I have has to do with Feyre’s attitude.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but some of her aspects are kind of illogical.  There was a scene where she was nearly fainting from hunger, but refused to eat.  Now while I understand the tales about eating in the land of faery, what other choice does she have?  It’s either take the chance and eat or certainly die of starvation, and while I can understand the initial trepidation, there really isn’t any other option.  This is probably just a minor gripe though.  I really can’t wait to find out more about what’s going on.

Fanfictions Finished: 0

In Progress Fanfictions Read: 1

Title: I’m the Darkness, You’re the Starlight
Author: runicmagitek
Fandom: FFVI
Pairing: Celes Chere/Setzer Gabbiani

The author just posted a new chapter of this this week, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  It’s funny.  I was thinking about shooting her a message on tumblr, but before I could, I received the email notification.

Fanfictions Currently Reading: 0

Fanfictions Added to TBR List: 0

Books Added to Goodreads TBR List This Week: 1

Title: The Martian
Series Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Date Added: November 27, 2016

I’ve been seeing this book floating around for a few months now, dipping in and out of friends’ TBR lists and of course fluttering across the silver screen.  It was the “asshole” comment that got me…yes, you never grow too old for that sort of humor, and Cupcakes and Machetes decided to, er, showcase that on her review.

“My asshole is doing as much to keep me alive as my brain.”

Look…I’m not going to pretend like I don’t want to know more, regardless how gross.  There’s real science in this book.  Real science.  And real assholes.

Total Books on Goodreads TBR List: 524
Change from Last Week: +1

Books Added to Goodreads To Be Reread List This Week: 0

Books Purchased This Week: 0

What are you currently reading and/or what’s on your radar to read next?  What would you recommend based on my current and recently added?  As always I look forward to your comments and suggestions!

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The State of the Gamer: 11/29/16

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A weekly post updated every Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have quite a backlog of games to either play or watch, and I’m hoping a weekly article will assist with my progress as my other accountable posts have done with reading and writing.
I have an account at Grouvee, which is a essentially Goodreads for gamers, so please feel free to friend me there!
Original source of the banner art is located here.

Title: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square/Tose (GBA)
Original Platform: NES
Original Release Date: December 18, 1987
Current Platform: Gameboy Advance
Current Platform Release Date: July 29, 2004
Date Started: November 20, 2016


The prologue has been finished up, and I’ve crossed the bridge to the game proper.  Right before I reached Matoya’s cave, my thief character was poisoned, and in this game, those status effects stick.  Luckily, there’s an antidote in the seer’s cavern but I really should go back to Cornelia and pick up a supply.  I have the well rounded line up of Fighter, Thief, Black Mage, and White Mage (sorry Red Mage, though I kind of wonder if I should’ve chosen you instead of the Black Mage), since I went by a guide’s recommendation.

One major difference between this version and the original is there are no spell charges.  You buy a spell, and you can use it as much as want so long as you have the MP to cast.  In the original game, there was no MP; you had a limited number of charges to use per level, and once those were done, you have to either use a tent/cottage or visit an inn.

I’ll probably reach Pravoka tonight, but I don’t know if I’ll take on the pirates.  I seem to have fallen into a pattern where I play a little bit right before bed.

Title: Final Fantasy IV
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square
Original Platform: SNES
Original Release Date: July 19, 1991
Current Platform: Game Boy Advance
Current Platform Release Date: December 12, 2005
Date Started: October 24. 2016


Cecil has achieved the status of paladin (again), and omg is his profile on the menu screen super pretty ♥♥♥


Oh good lord…I’m actually getting an idea to do a “Who’s the prettiest?” ranking once I finish up my play/replay project.  Cecil is probably number 2.  Three guess who number 1 is, and the first two don’t count.  Hint: I mention them in this post.

In game I’m about to use the Devil Road to go back to Baron.  I’ve been playing more of IV than DoS so I wanted to give the latter some time.

Title: New Super Mario Bros.
Series: Super Mario
Genre: Platformer – Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
Original Platform: Nintendo DS
Original Release Date: May 15, 2006
Date Started: October 24, 2016


I’m going to put this game on the sidelines for a little while.  It’ll stay in my DS, but since it’s been almost three weeks since I’ve turned it off, I think it’s cheating to say I’m still playing it.  I’m not giving up on it just yet, and even if I don’t play it myself, I’ll search out a LP to view, because I love watching better platformers than me.

Title: World of Final Fantasy
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Date Bought: October 21, 2016
Date Started: November 5, 2016


I’m so hooked on this game.  I wish I could play it more often than weekends and Wednesday, but tomorrow is Wednesday, isn’t it?  I figured out that you don’t have to have space in your Mirage inventory in order to catch one.  You’ll just be given the option of leaving with Seraphie (aka in your Prism Case) or taking it with you (and I assume you’d then have to put another Mirage in the Case).  I also didn’t realize that you don’t have to defeat a new Mirage before you obtain its Prism, so I’ve been catching them like whoa.

I also unlocked the Champions so I finally got to use Sephiroth in battle along with the Warrior of Light.  Seph casts Supernova, which is essentially Meteor, and the WoL does a move called Soul Blazer, which kind of looks like Omnislash.  Hilarious.

Shut up. You KNOW he's adorbz.

Shut up. You KNOW he’s adorbz.

I can also get Refia once I return to the Girl Who Forgot Her Name’s Tearoom.  Refia is pretty awesome.  When she was tagging along to Sherlotta’s inn, she’d heal your party if anyone was in the yellow.

I’m currently saved right before the pirate ship, which is hilarious since that’s where I’m heading soon in Dawn of Souls.  Everything is cyclical, isn’t it?  I need to figure out if I’m going to switch up the Mirages I’m carrying since I’d like all of them to get some leveling in.  I’m wondering if there will be a way to carry more Mirages with you at some point in the game, a sort of Zelda bomb bag like upgrade if you will.

Games Currently Watching

Title: Mass Effect II
Series: Mass Effect
Genre: Action RPG – Sci-Fi
Developer: BioWare
Original Platform(s): Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3
Original Release Date: January 26, 2010
Let’s Player: Olizandri
Date Started: November 19, 2016


I was totally wrong about who the krogan warlord was, but I am really amused about the name Jedore, which sounds a lot like the French “J’adore,” meaning “I love” or “I adore.”  It would be utterly counter to that individual.  I just finished watching that part and the LPer choose to let Grunt out.  Ah, attempting to make the perfect soldier.  It never works out the way you expect, and there’s always way more collateral damage.

Games Added to Playlist: 3

  1. Bound – I’m shocked I didn’t have this in my backlog before, but it’s been remedied as it’s there now.
  2. Mother 3 – I’ve watched a Let’s Play of it, and if I’m not mistaken, I have an emulated copy of it on my husband’s computer.
  3. Broken Age – I have to thank the Well-Red Mage for reviewing this.  I love stories that span multiple worlds, and this game has a sci-fi and fantasy one, which form an eventual fusion.  While the warnings state I’m in for a challenge, internet guides make these things far easier to bear.

Games Bought This Week: 1

  1. I Am Setsuna – Thanks (again) to the Well-Red Mage, I got an additional 10% off on an already reduced game price so I bought it for a little over $20, which is nothing to scorn.  The trailer gives me chills, and the battle engine looks identical to Chrono Trigger.  I’m not sure where in the line this game is going to be, but it’ll have to be after FFXIII.  I have some promises to keep.

What are you currently playing and/or watching? Is it something new or old?  Is it a first time run or a replay?  What’s the genre?  Would you recommend it?  What’s on your radar to play next?

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Question of the Week: 11/27/16

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The Question of the Week is posted every Sunday and will consist of a question followed by my answer and explanation to the same.  Some questions will only require a simple answer that could potentially be followed by an explanation.  Many questions will be writer oriented, but not all.  Everyone is encouraged to answer in the comments and discussions/follow up questions are more than welcome!

What’s your favorite holiday?

The brunt of them are coming up (or have recently passed) so I feel the timing of this question is appropriate.  I also feel the answer to this is difficult.  I am torn between Halloween and Christmas.  I love Halloween because it makes my dark, little Goth heart happy, also be what you want, bitches!  Plus, it’s the one holiday that doesn’t require you to deal with wayward family, and eating candy and drinking too much are like a requirement.

But Christmas…ah Christmas has the memories.  I even love the music.  So much sehnsucht.  So I guess I have to call it a tie between Christmas and Halloween.

What’s your favorite holiday?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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The State of the Writer: 11/26/16

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A weekly post updated every Saturday discussing my current writing projects and where I stand with them.  This will include any and all work(s) in progress (WIP) be they creative writing, essays/analyses, or reviews of any type.

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction (FFVII) Novel
Current Word Count: 278,815
Prior Word Count: 278,742
Word Difference: +73
Status: Editing
Progress: First edit of Chapter 7

Chapter 4 - Blood Dance

You can’t write about someone who’s a known killer without showing them doing some killing.  This has been a rule of mine since my novel.  Granted, the general isn’t slaughter whom he truly wishes to slaughter (mores the pity…I want him to butcher them, too), but in this far better, future world, his seemingly murderous nature serves the purpose of keeping the Whispers safe from monsters and keeping Aeris safe, too.

I just started the first edit yesterday, and I’m quite shocked with how well it’s going.  I must’ve done some adequate editing when I was writing it, because I’ve done very minimal corrections.  I did just start though and prior to plunging in made the observation that the chapter does have a lot in it that may either need to be cut or modified.  Shortly, I shouldn’t rest on my laurels just yet.

I changed the chapter title from “Dark Poetry” to “Dark Promises,” but I still have no idea what I’m going to use for a cover picture.  It’s not going to be the above, since I used that for Northern Lights’ Chapter 4 “Blood Dance,” and I have a personal rule to not repeat the same picture even if it is another work.  I am thinking the image might be in the same vein since the chapter opens with Sephiroth hunting monsters, but like everything, I might still change my mind.  The picture is supposed to capture the essence of the chapter, which I usually figure out before the first edit is done.

Quote: The next part never grew easier.  He was just used to the pain.  The agony of flesh and bone tearing around the black of that wing.  *If I’m going to kill monsters I may as well be one.*  He didn’t need it to fly, but he couldn’t without, nor was it called where eyes lived to see.  The folk of the Whispers knew what he was, but there was no need for them to bear witness. Familiarity had breed fondness, not quite fear and definite respect.  They seemed almost proud of their preternatural mayor whom all still called “general.”

This is the only thing I’m working on?  Good lord it is.  I finished up the Final Fantasy IV and the Magonia review this week.  The FFIV review was  a major project that took up a great deal of my writing time, but now that that’s done, I want to return to working on my “Half a Tragedy” FFVII meta/essay showing the similarities between the game and Greek tragedy, and since I’m just coming off FFIV, I’m thinking of continuing my Character Analysis series with one for Cecil.  I’m still playing through the GBA version of FFIV (interspersed with Dawn of Souls/FFI) so he’s still pretty fresh in my mind.  Eventually, I’m also going to finish up the edit of my original short story The Threads of Sorrow, and of course I want to start on my “Song of VIIs” series, which is my attempt to show the myriad similar themes between Final Fantasy VII and George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.  A few of them require prerequisite reading (yes, I’m that pretentious) like the Poetic Edda so I can brush up on my Norse mythology, but the first one on my list has to do with missing mothers, dickhead dads, and subsequent lost children.  No additional reading necessary (I say that now).

So because I like bullet point lists, here’s one of upcoming projects:

  • “Half a Tragedy” – an FFVII meta showing the similarities between the game and Greek tragedy
  • Character Analysis: Cecil Harvey
  • The Threads of Sorrow final edit
  • The “Song of VIIs” essay series

What are you currently working on?  Is it a creative writing project, essay, review, or something else?  Have you just started something new or are you wrapping up a long term project?

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Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot – XIV Temperance

<–XIII Death                                                                                             XV The Devil–>

This is my current Final Fantasy Friday post where I’ll be discussing which characters I think exemplify each card of the Major Arcana.  If this is your first time here, please head over to my Final Fantasy Tarot page for explanation.  Now onto the next card!

XIV Temperance


The moment I saw Temperance, I knew it was going to be Tifa Lockhart.  That lady knew the meaning of patience and balance since she was the only thing that held Cloud together (albeit barely) after catastrophe.  Relegated to the role of the girl next door, she took second string to the “magic girl” (aka Aeris), but even their relationship wasn’t fraught with jealousy.  They were friends and Tifa mourned her death as much as any.

The angel of Temperance has one foot in the water and one foot on the ground, showing the balance needed to ride both sides.  My memory is a bit fuzzy on the details, but when Tifa and Cloud were floating through the Lifestream during his Heroic Blue Screen of Death, you can bet your ass she was the grounding factor that aided in his recovery.

Canonically (despite the number of flame wars raging across the internet), Final Fantasy VII doesn’t have an OTP, and we see in Advent how damaged Cloud still is from his experiences in the game, but despite her forlorn longing, Tifa “locked in her heart” sticks with him and is the friend he sorely needs.

Alternates: Yuna (X)

When it comes to patience, Yuna and Tifa are on an even keel.  The summoner not only had that trait, but bravery and selflessness to boot…though Tifa wasn’t without.  VII’s lady took the card, because while Yuna may have fallen in love with a dream, it’s better to do so and have them love you than to only dream of true love.

LightningEllen guessed the alternative Yuna, which counts as a win in my book!

Next week’s card is The Devil, the biggest bad of them all.  Do not be deceived by lesser evil; the Devil is whom you must truly fight…

Happy guessing!

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Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy IV Review

Final Fantasy Reviews

<–Final Fantasy III Review                                           Final Fantasy V Review–>

This is the part of a long-term project to play and review/analyze all the Final Fantasy games.  Whenever possible, I will play the original version, but in cases where it’s not available and/or there are time constraints, I’ll use a port and/or watch a Let’s Play, both of which contingencies will be indicated in the review.  Ideally, I will attempt to play a portion so that I can remark more accurately on the gameplay experience.  These will be long-form reviews with detailed plot analyses, so please be wary if you do not want spoilers.

I have been waiting to review this game since I initially started this project back in December 2015.  Final Fantasy IV is my third favorite Final Fantasy, and given how much I love this series, that position is nothing to scoff at.  It also has the unique trait of containing my favorite male main character in addition to my most hated character in the entire series.


“Am I my brother’s keeper?” -Genesis 4:9

Continue reading

The PANDA Award

The is a new award by the eponymous Mr. Panda, and I’m honored I was among the bloggers nominated! It stands for Play A New Day Award, and I’ll quote directly from his site for the meaning, since I couldn’t say it better:

“I want to encourage others to play for another day. No matter what is going on, whether in the world, your country, your home, or even in your mind, I want you to play for a new day. We’re all in this together, and we can make it together.”

Mr. Panda is one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve ever met, and he just has this air of positivity and passion that can be felt across the interwebs.  I always grin like a loon whenever I read his articles, which are lush, informative, well-written, and in depth.  This stands even for games I’ve never played and never thought I’d have an interest in.  His reviews make me more interested and willing to give something hitherto not on my radar a try.  I’m super happy that there’s another blogger who gets to the heart of things and isn’t afraid to talk about it, but there’s no surprise that a “panda” would get to the heart ♥


The award only has three rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Nominate any number of people for the award.
  3. Encourage them in any way, whether through thanking or complimenting them.

So without further ado, here are my nominations.

  1. LightningEllen – This wonderful lady’s passion for Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning is equal to my passion for FFVII’s Sephiroth.  I also desperately want to take that personality test to know what my four letters are.  I’ve done it before, but didn’t agree with my result, though I was kind of half assing it that time :p  I love when I find people who are passionate about things regardless what that thing is.  Whenever I see it, I think about them, and that always makes me smile.  Because of her, I’m going to bump FFXIII up on my list (probably playing it after I finish WOFF, since I’m now playing multiple games in the series hehe), but not only that, she’s given out some awesome writing encouragement not only on the stories I post here, but some original work I was on the fence about putting out there (again).  Even though I’m still on a bit of a hiatus, I know I’m going to keep going, and I want to just encourage her to do the same with any of her projects *wink*
  2. By Hook or By Book – I can’t even tell you how many books I’ve added to my TBR list due to Kim’s wonderful reviews.  Of course this means I have more books to read in my limited time, but I’m really not that upset about that lol.  You never know what the next book will do to you, how it will touch your soul, inspire, and move you.  Anyone who is peddling books is peddling knowledge, insight, and joy along with inspiration.  Not that I’m surprised in the least since she’s a former librarian.  Well, though she may no longer be doing the job officially, there’s much to be said about encouraging readership regardless of the medium.
  3. Cupcakes and Machetes – There are quite a few people who worry about being too eclectic on their blogs and having a particular focus.  I, too, felt the worry that comes with bouncing between topics, and while I can see the appeal of having and reading blogs that have particular topics, I also love the excitement of not knowing if I”ll get a book review, a recipe, or MURDER!!!  Yasssss, thank God for the internet for bringing awesome people into my ken.  Seriously, keep posting recipes (in between reviews, your dog, and murder), because Christmas time is coming, and I want to get really fat.
  4. Ignited Moth – I am super happy to find another NaNoWriMo buddy even if she thinks she didn’t succeed in it (and even if I didn’t do it this year).  Poppycock.  If you wrote you succeeded, even if it was just a few words.  I have never “won” a NaNoWriMo in the two (?) years I did it.  There’s just no way I can write 50k words in a month with the schedule I currently have, and I know there are people with more ridiculous schedules than me.  So don’t think you failed when you definitely succeeded.  Writing isn’t about failure or success (something I have to tell myself because rejection sure as hell feels like failure); it’s all about whether you keep going.
  5. The Mages of the Well-Red Mage – This was the blogger.  This was the blog that led me down the rabbit hole of awesome.  Actually, wait, there was another blogger whom I’ll talk about below who led me to the Mages and then my blog life exploded like so many balloons full of confetti.  With the Mages, I found a blog of gamers as passionate as I was about their favorite series including Final Fantasy, and I didn’t find the derision and negativity that seems to plague so many other blogs and other corners of the internet.  Nor did I find that particular brand of elitism that implies this is a “members only” club.  If you’re a gamer of any type, you’re a member!  Even games that are seen as contentious and/or not as well received are teased a bit, but no one is mocked for liking what they like.  One of the most welcoming, eclectic, well-run/organized, and ever expanding blogs on WP, all I can say to the Mages is keep doing what you’re doing.  I, for one, shall continue to follow.
  6. The Ink Garden – So I don’t want to play favorites because I consider all of your my friends, but Megan of The Ink Garden was my first close blogging friend, and she’s pretty much how I met everyone and joined this fantastic community.  Another avid reader and reviewer, we can also commiserate of life and the lack of time.  One day we’ll have the time to balance out our leisure with adult stuff, but until then, we’re doing our best and shouldn’t beat ourselves up for things we can’t control.
  7. I Played the Game – I’m the last person to deny how stubborn I can be, and I generally stick with a definition of myself for the long haul.  I was an old school gamer, and while I didn’t scorn newer releases, I can’t deny I shunned them to live in my old school world.  Well I Played the Game plays all of the games, and I started to see that some current offerings were indeed worth my time.  Considering he’s a maths teacher (and I want to get that right, because the terminology is different on this side of the pond), I know time is precious, so if he’s devoting time to play a particular game, it’s got to have some merit.
  8. Load/Error – When I was growing up the rivalry between Nintendo and Sega was vicious, rampant, and ongoing.  I was firmly in the Nintendo camp.  I scoffed at all things Sega (though I secretly liked Sonic and really wanted to play Bonk shhhh), but now as an adult, it’s like there’s this whole “new” old gaming experience out there that I get to live through for the first time.  Load/Error specializes in pretty much all the systems I never got to play, and I say yes to that.  The one thing to remember is you can always learn more about anything you believe you’re an expert on.  I hope his gaming room grows exponentially in the new year, because that means I can look forward to move articles/reviews on “new” games.
  9. Evil Wizard, Esq. – I was fast losing hope of finding someone more evil than me (I am a supervillain in training after all), but then the Evil Wizard emerged from the abyss and declared his evil far surpassed my own to which I, in my pride, laughed uproariously and attempted a mighty smite/smack down. But I was thwarted by a power equal to mine.  Incomprehensible!  Dazed I stepped back, realizing some sort of compromise must be reached.  So I say for encouragement, stay evil and remain my worthy adversary.  Your Frozen Food Friday posts are the alliterative equivalent to my Final Fantasy Friday ones, and ice cream is really the only reason I haven’t summoned a meteor to obliterate this miserable planet (I was sorely tempted a few Tuesdays ago…), since it’s the only place in the galaxy to obtain such a delectable treat.
  10. Hungrygoriya – Aptly named “the video game lady,” I have never come across anyone so excellent at hunting down and obtaining a deal on old school games (and I now also know whom to entreat for advice).  I wouldn’t even know where to begin, what to look for, or have the know how not to be duped.  I know Canadian winters are like winter to the third power here (and we’ve been getting blizzards that easily dump four feet of snow), but you should rest assured that you’ll only build up your bargaining/game hunting mana/MP during the colder months, and when the snows melt, there will be all sorts of awesome deals waiting with sellers that are no match for your acumen.
  11. I ♥ Old Games – I think you may have been nominated for this already, because I recall reading another blogger extolling your virtues, but I just want to add my two cents.  I love how when you review games you give the entirety of the game series it comes from along with inspirations and other information.  The quality, detail, and time you put into each and every review shows, and the way your blog is set up is absolutely stellar with the overlay of the game/topic in question.  I really had no idea so many video game systems existed before the ColecoVision I started on.  I’d heard of the Commodore 64 of course, but never realized even more were out there.  Knowledge is (Nintendo) power, and I hope you’ll continue sharing yours!
  12. Cheap Boss Attack – Probably the blogger who has gotten me to add the most games to my ever growing backlog with no apologies warranted or asked for :p  Your “It’s the Freaking Weekend” weekly post always generates fantastic conversation, and I have to give you credit for getting me to buy World of Final Fantasy, getting onto the PSN network, and spending my money on all the games.  Also our Twitter conversations about cats and other randomness is why the internet exists.  I really hope you’re able to do more podcasts in the future as that made three hours of work go by much quicker.  I now have that Eldritch Horror board game on my Amazon wishlist so the influence goes even beyond the world of video gaming.  It really is kind of an epidemic that gamers tend to go off on bitchfests if we’re allowed to talk for too long, but that never occurred.  There’s nothing wrong with a little complaining, but the negativity that often permeates the gaming world is overwhelming.  I’m a big proponent of elevate what you love instead of bashing what you hate, and you live that life.  It’s also awesome to find another turn based RPG fan, because now I have more of them on my to-play list.  Granted…they take longer to finish, but it’s like how I “complain” about having too many books on my TBR list.  I’m really not complaining.  I hope next year is a better one for you.  2016 has not only been universally awful, but it’s struck a lot of people on deeply personal levels as well.
  13. Just Keep Brains – I think you may be my first active blog follower!  You read my Northern Lights almost as soon as I put it up, and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me for encouragement.  Your blog is always a bright spot that’s showcases makeup, fashion, and the adorable sounding batfit that has real results.  I love that the internet allows us to have friends all the way across the world surpassing distance and timezone.  I hope things go marvelously in your new flat with your new job and the stresses of this past year leave you alone in 2017!

Well I fulfilled my wish to have this post on Thanksgiving because I’m thankful for all of you!  I’m sure I’ve missed people I’d like to award, and since this is an exercise in positivity, if you want to encourage a fellow blogger, I say do it 🙂