New Phone Wallpaper

Super quick post because I have editing to do (and yes I know this is not technically not an essay, meta, or defense), but I love to fangirl and I love finding beautiful sexy pictures of my lifelong fangirl crush Sephiroth.  While I don’t peruse Pinterest quite as often as I used to or would like, sometimes when I get a moment, I find some gems.


I’m not going to say I was incoherently screaming, but I’m also not going to say I wasn’t.  I had my last picture on my lock screen for close to a year,  so it would have to take a picture of beauteous magnitude to get me to alter it.  I’m still not used to it, so when I hit the home button and this loveliness pops up, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Fangirls don’t grow up.  They just get older.

Picture source located here.

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