The State of the Writer: 11/5/16

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A weekly post updated every Saturday discussing my current writing projects and where I stand with them.  This will include any and all work(s) in progress (WIP) be they creative writing, essays/analyses, or reviews of any type.

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction (FFVII) Novel
Current Word Count: 278,983
Prior Word Count: 279,446
Word Difference: -463
Status: Editing
Progress: Prepping WP page and intro; final read through

This isn’t a picture I really thought of for the current chapter; it’s just a good example of how protective he is of her and one of my favorite of them together.

So where am I in the story?  I finished the second edit of Chapter 6 last night (or rather this morning) around 4.  I’d concluded I’d need to do a third edit of it, but I decided to include that in my read through of the first six chapters, which shouldn’t take too long.  I’m so sure of this that I may very well start posting the story before the end of the weekend.

I created a page for it on her and started the arduous task of cataloguing all the caveats and the massive amounts of warnings.  To put it bluntly The Broken Rose has all of them.  If I’m exaggerating, it’s only by a little.

I’m going to leave it here so that I can continue with all of the many things I still need to do this Saturday (I spent about three hours playing World of Final Fantasy, so neglecting my adult duties…I’ll talk about that more maybe on Tuesday, if I’m not too drunk and/or sad Re: The US Election).  I want to finish up my preliminary work so I can post the chapters I’ve been promising for so long.

Quote: Framed in the light of the great chandelier Sephiroth shone even brighter.  His boots were higher and silver chased to match the clasps of his coat.  A wide belt hovered below his chest bearing an opened cross.  Above that intersecting straps that seemed black for the pale of his skin.  Mayoral propriety no longer held sway, and each muscle was perfectly cut.  The high leather collar spilled over to couch its edge along steel pauldrons, while that muted knock was explained by leather gloves shiny and black.  Silver bracers ringed his wrists, and she shook to see him so bound.  Chains were for slaves, never for masters, but his strength seemed not sapped by the bonds. 

He’d taken his forelocks and pulled them back in encircling braid at the crown.  Then his deft fingers had woven together the expanse of moonlight silk.  Like silver water down his back ‘til bound with black tie at his knees.  Without the fringe to block such glory, his angel’s face made her knees quake.

Project: Review
Title: Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy IV Review
Subject: Review and analysis of Final Fantasy IV
Current Word Count: 7781
Prior Word Count: 4048
Word Difference:  +3733
Status: In progress
Progress: Drafting Story section

Like Cecil removing his helmet, the story’s slowly being revealed.  I’m nearly at the part where they go to the moon.  I’m doing a summary of sorts, but I’ve no idea how much I’m going to keep.  I thought I was going to do the analysis interspersed with said summary, but I’ve moved a lot of that do a Story Analysis section.  I like to talk about things in order, but some of the deep analytical points require the whole story to be told.  Again, all of this might be rearranged when I go back and edit,

After the Story and Story Analysis, I still need to do the Music section followed by Ratings, a system I believe I explain in the first Final Fantasy’s review, but I’ll more than likely reiterate since I’ve added a few more parameters and updated it to be more efficient.

I’ll be plugging away at the story section once I post this.  It won’t be finished tonight or tomorrow, but I’m making progress!

What are you currently working on?  Is it a creative writing project, essay, review, or something else?  Have you just started something new or are you wrapping up a long term project?

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23 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 11/5/16

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  2. Wow Adrienne! I’m impressed! I’m ashamed to admit this but my WIP has been pretty much at a standstill since we lost our Pomeranian almost two years ago. I know. That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? I think that with having to leave the job I love and go on disability four years ago, she was the last really good thing (besides my husband), in my life. She used to sit beside me as I worked, so now everytime I sit down to try to write, I draw a blank. So pathetic.😕

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  3. Really looking forward to the meaty Final Fantasy IV review! All this talk of it has me eyeing up my PSP version… and then I notice Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Crisis Core, and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and think about how long it’s been since my PSP’s even been charged. Someday!

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    • Do it! The thing I’ve noticed about Final Fantasy is I generally forget exactly how the plot goes no matter how many times I play them. Oh, I know the general gist, but the little minute details and progression seem to be forgotten so it’s almost like you’re rediscovering it all over again. I may switch out my DS FFIV for Dawn of Souls since I’m now eying different methods for getting through games (especially since I’m now entrenched in WOFF). My PSP has been gathering dust for at least a year so you’re not alone with that.

      FFIV Is probably going to be my longest FF review so far. I *think* I’m more than halfway done…maybe.

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      • I kind of stopped using my PSP for two reasons: I got a Vita and my PSP was no longer compatible with my type of wireless security on my modem. I didn’t even know the latter was a concern until I tried to download Legend of Dragoon from PSN (which, while being developed AND published by Sony, is one of the few PSone RPGs that doesn’t work on Vita).

        I’m with you in terms of RPGs stories. Ones I loved when I played them years back, I can barely remember all of the character names or the overall narrative. Legend of Legaia, Vandal Hearts, Thousand Arms, Tales of Destiny, Valkyrie Profile, Koudelka, Kartia, I couldn’t tell you anything about them outside of their battle mechanics, despite playing each of them extensively.

        I like reading (and suck at writing) long-form reviews. Don’t hold back!

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        • Like I remember the overarching story themes and stuff and some major details, but like FFIX? I couldn’t tell you what event comes after what event in order. It’s like it’s wiped from my mind and I kind of like that. It means the plot is intricate and detailed enough that you’ll more than likely replay.

          I like your reviews though! There’s nothing wrong with being able to get to the point without yammering on and on. I like long reviews to a la Mr. Panda, but everyone has their own style, and your reviews have gotten me to add a shit ton of games.


          • Haha, thanks! I’m comfortable with my own style. Some people are great at long-form, but when I try it I just end up sounding like I’m reading factoids from the back of a box rather than talking about how I felt while playing, how I was impacted, why the game did or didn’t hold my attention, etc. in 1,000 words or less.

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  4. Broken Rose before weekend’s end?! That would be awesome! 😀 My thoughts are with my treasured American neighbours as you deal with that awful Judgement day on Tues. No matter what the outcome, I hope you gather peace from a conclusion to the chaos at least. *silently prays a certain someone doesn’t win*

    That review is sounding like it will be epic. Can’t wait to read it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m working on it! I’ve drafted the Foreword and the first few chapters, but you know old perfectionist me has to make sure everything’s in place before I hit that publish button lol.

      I’m getting a gigantic jug of sangria, but oddly enough Farcebook has provided some peace of mind! One of my friends invited me to this secret support group that was initially 80k people and it’s now almost 1.3 million :O It’s supported NOT that someone, but I agree. Usually at the end of an arduous campaign, the loser makes a concession speech that let’s his followers know that the country needs to come together. I…don’t see that coming from he who shall not be named and I’m hoping there won’t be any violence. This is the most divisive election cycle I’ve ever seen 😦

      If I can stop playing World of Final Fantasy I’d get so much more done :p

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      • Farcebook does have some good points. I think I already rambled about the INFJ group I found on there. I think he who shall not be named’s ego trumps his sense of logic. My fingers are crossed for a safe happy outcome for your country tomorrow!

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        • Yasss the pun is fantastic :p I’m really fond of the “Love trumps hate” logo that the Dem campaign has. Using your opponents very name against him. Fantastic.

          My fingers are crossed as well. There are promising signs, but I really won’t rest easy until I know for sure.

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          • That’s a good one! Also, I’m so sorry about the outcome 😦 Us Canadians will always have your back, and we will let you guys crash on our couch if you want to escape the chaos for a bit.

            Seriously, our government’s immigration website actually crashed after the results lol

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            • I heard about that. I mean Americans kind of threaten to leave the country for Canada each time there’s an election, but I was reading an article that said how this time many of them seemed serious. People are really scared. I’ve talked with quite a few who are making plans and contingency plans. I’m one of them :\

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