The State of the Gamer: 11/22/16

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A weekly post updated every Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have quite a backlog of games to either play or watch, and I’m hoping a weekly article will assist with my progress as my other accountable posts have done with reading and writing.
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Game Currently Playing

Title: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square/Tose (GBA)
Original Platform: NES
Original Release Date: December 18, 1987
Current Platform: Gameboy Advance
Current Platform Release Date: July 29, 2004
Date Started: November 20, 2016


There’s no reason I can’t start playing some of the remakes/reiterations of the series as I’m playing through the original numbered ones, especially considering I’m currently playing WOFF.  I started this the past Sunday and so far it is much easier than the original Final Fantasy.  I didn’t have to spend over a week grinding in order to garner enough gold to buy starter equipment and spells.  We’ll see if my difficulty assessment holds true after I enter the first dungeon, The Temple of Chaos.

Title: Final Fantasy IV
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square
Original Platform: SNES
Original Release Date: July 19, 1991
Current Platform: Game Boy Advance
Current Platform Release Date: December 12, 2005
Date Started: October 24. 2016


I’m currently washed up on the shores of Mysidia, or rather Cecil is…in the town that hates him…for good reason.  I need to grind to make gil to purchase the proper equipment before making the pilgrimage to Mt. Ordeals in order to become a paladin.

Title: New Super Mario Bros.
Series: Super Mario
Genre: Platformer – Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
Original Platform: Nintendo DS
Original Release Date: May 15, 2006
Date Started: October 24, 2016


I was encouraged not to give up on this by a fellow blogger so I shall persevere.  I’ll try to get some play time in this week.  I’m currently in the dessert World 2.

Title: World of Final Fantasy
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Date Bought: October 21, 2016
Date Started: November 5, 2016


Still nothing but good things to say about this game.  I’ve devised a Mirage chart on Excel to keep track of all of the ones I have and what their abilities are.  I’ve recently entered Pyrefly forest where I managed to capture a Babyhemoth, a new type of Mu, and a DualLizard.  There are five more mirages I need to go after before I leave, but I”ll need to clear up some space in my inventory.  I’ll probably work on that this (long) weekend.  Oh!  And I managed to beat the first coliseum fight with the FF Mascots (three chocobo riding moogles), but with the second fight against the same at a higher level, I got my ass handed to me.

Games Currently Watching

Title: Mass Effect II
Series: Mass Effect
Genre: Action RPG – Sci-Fi
Developer: BioWare
Original Platform(s): Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3
Original Release Date: January 26, 2010
Let’s Player: Olizandri
Date Started: November 19, 2016


The opening to this game is nothing short of amazing.  I couldn’t pick my jaw up off the floor.  It was better than many movies and just as suspenseful.  I’m am so freaking curious about the Illusive Man, but I don’t want to google anything about him and be spoiled.  So I guess I’ll have to wait until the story reveals why he has those glowing, cybernetic looking eyes.  So far my favorite character is Jacob, because he seems the most honest and straightforward.  I don’t really trust Miranda.  She just might be really cold and calculating, but there’s something about her.  Then there’s that random merc that joins Shepherd’s team.  He’s too much of a loose canon.  Of course any of the original crew are nothing short of awesome.

Games Added to Playlist: 4

  1. Fire Emblem – I’ve talked about this game quite a bit with Cheap Boss Attack so I’m surprised I didn’t add it until now.
  2. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment – This was another add due to conversations with CBA.
  3. Moirai – I get to thank The Otaku Judge for this one.  Their compelling review of it piqued my interest mightily.  I’m not usually into horror games, but I might warily check this one out.
  4. The Last Story – This is one of those games you know you should have on your backlog list, but you didn’t think about until you randomly saw it somewhere.  Actually, I remember where I saw it now.  Cheap Boss Attack made a post about organizing his games, and there was this game’s picture right in the middle.  That guy gets me to add more games than should be allowed hehe.
  5. Persona 2: Innocent Sin – I just added this tonight since it’s the first in the Persona 2 duology, prior to Eternal Punishment, which makes sense that such would follow “Innocent Sin.”

Games Bought This Week: 4

  1. Suikoden – PSN sale yo.
  2. Suikoden II – Again PSN sale
  3. Chrono Cross – Why did I buy it? *points above*
  4. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment – PSN sale again.  I’m going to hold off playing it until I can get Innocent Sin since that’s the first one.  Either I’ll just pick it up (it’s around $20) or wait for it to go on sale, too.

I spent around $11 for four games, which is not a shabby deal in the least.

What are you currently playing and/or watching? Is it something new or old?  Is it a first time run or a replay?  What’s the genre?  Would you recommend it?  What’s on your radar to play next?

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18 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 11/22/16

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  2. I scored a NES classic and it has Final Fantasy on it. I’m hoping to try it out soon. Show those evil Mario baddies who’s boss!

    Fire Emblem is on my “top 10 favourite games ever” list. I highly recommend it as well.

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    • Ah I’m so jealous! You can’t find one around here at all. All of the stores are sold out along with Amazon. The only place you can find it are sellers trying to make a profit so the price is jacked as high as $200! I want to get one for my husband, but I have no clue where to even try to look.

      The original Final Fantasy is so challenging compared to the more recent ones, but it’s not surprising since it’s in that era when video games were much harder. I’m actually playing it, too, but on my DS/GBA, the Dawn of Souls version. I only played a little of the original on an emulator before I resorted to watching a Let’s Play. I’m currently playing four games right now, three Final Fantasies and the New SMB. I think after World of FF I’m going to play something this awesome fan of a certain bad ass female character recommended to me 🙂

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      • My online checkout skills were sharpened from the mass Amiibo shortages, long ago. Walmart Canada tweeted what time they were going live on their website, and I happened to snag one in the whole 3 mins. they were in stock. My tiny evil side wanted to list it on eBay, but my dominating righteous gamer refused to cash in on other gamer’s misfortunes, lol. There will be plenty on the shelves soon enough.

        Excellent! 🙂

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        • I have to admit I’ve cashed in on desperate fangirls before. My IRL BFF texted me a picture of this Sephiroth figure I’d been searching for for YEARS. The last time I saw it, it was over $400 on eBay, and I just couldn’t justify buying it at the time, but Amanda had found it at a store near here place in north New Jersey for $300. So I drove the two hours and bought two of them. I posted the second on Amazon and it wound up selling for over $600 so I made a tidy profit.

          I’ve seen people posted that NES for like $300! Which is so astronomically over the price. I wouldn’t do that with something that just came out and is in high demand by a lot of people. The figures/figurines are in high demand, but not with a high amount of people. I could just be telling myself this so I don’t feel bad 😉

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          • Nothing wrong with cashing in on a rare figure! I just don’t feel right using the Christmas shopping craze to extort money from people. $300 is crazy for the NES Classic. They will be crowding the shelves after Christmas, and heavily discounted by summer I’m sure.

            On that topic, I’m saddened by how “Gimme presents, now!” Christmas has become. I love spending time with my parents over the holidays and that’s the only thing I truly want. They are in their late 60s early 70s now (they had me later in life) and I’m trying not to think about the finite number of Christmas I have left to spend with them. It needs to be less iPads/whatever expensive toy is “in”, and more about spending time with those you treasure.

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            • Nintendo just loves to keep high demand items from their (still so) loyal fans! I agree with you about Christmas. It shouldn’t be like that, but oddly enough I love giving presents especially when you find the right one. It’s supposed to be about the thought and appreciating the time you have with family. Nope, don’t think about it because no matter how much you do, it won’t make it any easier. I tell myself this, too, because I’m an anxious worrywart who always wants to be one step ahead of any tragedy, but even if you expect it, it doesn’t make it easier. I am looking forward to the cookie making though, even if my waistline isn’t :p

              Liked by 1 person

              • Nintendo has never understood the “launch stock” concept. Oh well, I will always still love them since they created Zelda, Metroid, and Mario. I use to drive myself crazy worrying about what tragedy was lurking in the future. The fear of the big bad future use to trigger panic attacks in my younger self. These days I’ve learned to just go with the flow, or at least try to lol I can’t wait eat Christmas cookies/whatever chocolate treat I want. This time of year, waistlines be damned! That’s why we have the January “Gym membership, healthy eating, credit card debt reconciling” marketing blitz.

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                • I was talking to my coworker about this, and he made a really clever insight. Nintendo may not have the resources to produce enough stock to compensate for the high demand! Since their production factories are in Japan, and Nintendo has also laid people over over the past few years due to falling profits, they may not have the manpower to have as many units as they’ll need for big releases like this. I’m expecting the same issue with the Switch 😦

                  *sigh* I understand the worry for the future. I try to go with the flow, but sometimes the flow overwhelms me and I feel like I’m drowning. Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot of, well, I don’t know if they’re coping techniques or distractions, but they do the trick in a pinch hehe.

                  I’m trying to do a mini health kick before the big day because soooo many of my clothes are tight. I DO make really awesome chocolate chip cookies though, but I think I’m going to try to concentrate my baking into the week of Christmas and not before. Granted, we’re now having a potluck at my job the day after the end of year celebration my company hosts at a nearby hotel, so the temptations are strong!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • That’s a good insight! I’ve read more cynical theories about them creating this demand on purpose by withholding stock… I don’t know why it happens, but it always does and will continue to, I’m sure. I’ve been preparing for the impending Nintendo Switch fiasco since before it had its official name, lol. I’m ready: my F5 key is reinforced, I’ve been schmoozing with the friendly employees at my local game store (which says a lot because I’m an introvert lol), and if worse comes to worse, I’ve got my camping gear ready! I have a feeling it won’t be as bad as these troubled NES Classic times though. The Christmas craze is making this shortage much worse.

                    Yep, it’s so easy to get pulled down into those unstable currents. Coping mechanisms are awesome! Video games have been the biggest one for me since I was the tender age of 5, lol Oh and The Simpsons… Those sarcastic yellow people have helped me through life on many occasions.

                    Potlucks and delicious chocolate chip cookies are both dangerous. Stay strong, you can do it! I’m on a really strict diet most of the year so I enjoy “letting loose” for the holidays. Trying to become as badass as Lightning led me to take up a healthier lifestyle. I lost about 30lbs two years ago, and had the good problem of my clothes being too big for me. I also spend 6 hours a week in a martial arts class, walk 22km a week, lift weights, and spend 4 hours a week on my elliptical. Christmas week I’m not doing a damn thing and eating whatever the hell I want, lol.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • I think you’re right about the Switch not being as bad as the Classic. That was right before Christmas. So evil, and I have no clue if it’s purposefully high demand or they legitimately can’t keep up. You’d think they’d hire more people since they KNOW it’s going to be a huge seller, but I’m not well known for my business acumen. Making friend at the local gaming store is an excellent idea. I don’t think I’ve been to the mall in months, and they finally completely the one that’s around me…after like 30 years lol. I live near the biggest mall per store space in the country, but it used to be two malls kind of. The Court and the Plaza. The Court was the fancy part, and to get between them you had to go outside and walk over to the Macy’s. They finally completely the inside so both of the “malls” are connected, but I haven’t been there yet because it’s the Christmas season, and it’s absolutely crazy.

                      I’m figuring one day of potluck eating won’t be disastrous, and I’m limiting my cookie making this year to the week before Christmas. I think this is the safest bet 🙂

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                    • EB Games (GameStop’s brand in Canada eh) did a 5,000 unit quiet preorder for the Switch Thurs., that I missed out on. The employee told me not to worry though and that “I’ll get one.” when they launch. Friends are awesome! 🙂
                      My city is plagued with never-ending construction projects…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh I didn’t know that! Everyone in that game store greets me by my name as soon as I walk in. They remember me as the crazy Amiibo lady, lol. It pays to Pseudo-extrovert sometimes 🙂

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