The Liebster Award #2

Another wonderful blogger has nominated me for the Liebster Award, one Defy the Majority.  I’m humbled and flattered that another person has thought my blog worthy of the honor.  I’ve only been actively blogging for less than two years, but in that short span, I’ve met so many marvelous people and made lasting connections that I wouldn’t trade for the world ♥



1. Thank the person who nominated you and answer the questions they’ve written for you.
2. Nominate 5 to 11 blogs and give them different questions to answer.

Here are the questions Defy the Majority had for me:

1. What is your favorite video game?

If you’ve been following my blog for a microsecond, you already know the answer to this question.


I have too much to say about FFVII to do it justice right here right now, but rest assured the reasons for my love are deep, emotional, and easily heartbreaking.  This game saved my life in more ways than one and inspired me to write and create.  It’s one of the main reasons I started blogging in the first place, because I wanted my own space to talk about my thoughts and interpretations of it.  I’ve written numerous essays and fanfictions, and I probably mention it (whether directly or indirectly) at least once in every single post.

2.  What was the first video game you ever played?

Hm, this is a much harder question than number 1.  I started out playing the ColecoVision, which came with an attachable Atari.  Since I was around the age of three, that time sort of blurs together, so I can’t recall the very first video game I ever played.  It was one of them, and we had quite a few.  I do remember the first game I played on the NES: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt.

3.  What is the worst video game you’ve ever played?

I could go with the classically awful E.T., but I should try to be original.  Nothing is really coming to mind because I don’t really recall bad games.  If I don’t like them, I don’t play them for long.  I’m sure there’s a memory of some terrible game lurking in my psyche, but it’s not coming to the forefront right now.

4.  Do you have any video game related tattoos.

All of my five current tattoos have to do with Final Fanasy VII!  I have the ankh from Sephiroth’s belt on my chest, a 7 on my left wrist, a VII on my right wrist, the Tree of Life from the Qabalah (which is made up of the Holy Sephiroth) on my right forearm ( I also spent the last ten years studying the Qabalah/Jewish mysticism for the same reason), and the Midgard Serpent around my left ankle.  I have two more tattoos left to get to make seven: the words “Ne me mori facies” from “One Winged Angel” (whose words come from Orff’s Carmina Burana) and a wing down my right arm.  Like I said above and elsewhere, I love FFVII.

5.  Do you play board games?

I sure do!  My friend Siobhan bought me My Little Pony Monopoly for my birthday this year, and I like board games in general.  I was listening to an awesome podcast from Cheap Boss Attack and his friend Counter Attack Radio where CBA talked about Eldritch Horror, which is this horror based board game around the Lovecraftian Cthulhu mythos.  Even though I’m a gigantic wuss puss, I totally want to play that.  It’s on my Amazon wish list if you’re feeling generous :p

Alright so I’m going to be lazy because it’s later than I was hoping to be when I finished this.  I’m nominating everyone.  As in if you’d like to do this, feel free to do it and nominate who you want (or everyone if you so choose).  I know I know; I’m breaking the rules, but that’s how I roll.  It’s pretty easy; I’m kinda roly-poly anyway 😀  Just please tag me when/if you do it, so I can see your marvelous answers.

Here are some questions.

  1. Who is your favorite villain?
  2. What’s your favorite fictional vehicle?
  3. What four languages would you love to be fluent in (got this lovely question from a conversation with the fore mentioned Siobhan)?
  4. What’s your favorite video game ending?
  5. What’s your favorite fairy tale?




25 thoughts on “The Liebster Award #2

  1. Congratulations on the nomination! As usual, I’ve enjoyed learning a little more about you. Your tattoos sound awesome!

    My Little Pony Monopoly sounds fantastic. I’ve only ever seen the cartoon from the 80s/90s, so I’m not sure what to expect for a modern-day MLP game. I’m genuinely curious!

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    • The new MLP is actually pretty fantastic, and I was super skeptical at first. I thought it was just for kids, and while it is certainly geared in that direction, it’s an extremely well done show. It’s in the same vein as Steven Universe, proving that just because something is kiddy, it doesn’t have to be banal. The Monopoly game was fun. I lost terrible lol.

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  2. Congrats on another award! You like FFVII? Really!? I had no idea… *sarcasm detector blows up* I’m glad you found a game to get you through some dark times. I feel the exact same way about FFXIII.

    I like answering questions, but I’m too lazy to do a post. Hope you don’t mind if I answer yours here:
    1. Bowser. I admire his tenacity after so many epic failures.
    2. “The Infernus” Sports car in the Grand Theft Auto games. I want a sports car IRL…
    3. French, German, Japanese, and Gaelic.
    4. FFX. So emotional 😦
    5. Mulan

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    • I know it’s such a shock :p

      Not in the least!

      Bowser is a universal fan favorite. He’s more tenacious than Lucifer hehe, though I’m sure there’s a bit of Luciferian inspiration there…possibly. They’re both sort of dragon-like or referred to in that way, and lake of fire definitely! I really like him in Super Paper Mario. He’s still after the princess, but he’s actually one of the protagonists! I think there’s another Mario RPG where you can use him, but I forget which one now. We all already know who my favorite villain is 🙂

      I’ll have to look that one up! Oh that’s cool looking. I sort of had a sports car a few years ago…if you count a Monte Carlo as a sports car hehe. It had two doors and was sort of a low rider, but I never did any drifting :p Hm fictional vehicle I’d pick. Possibly the Enterprise from Star Trek: TNG. Starship with light speed? Sign me up.

      My friend Siobhan picked Gaelic, too! I’d pick Latin, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

      I’m still trying to figure out my favorite video game ending, but I absolutely love the end of Super Paper Mario (I know not a Final Fantasy first what a shock!), but growing up I remember the end of FFVI put a smile on my face for days afterwards. It was so uplifting and hopeful. The end of FFIX was in a similar vein with a dose of the bittersweet.

      I’m not sure my favorite fairy tale either, but I seem to constantly write stories with the Snow White motif. The Serpent’s Tale has that, some Cinderella, and other fairy tales going on under the surface.

      Fun times!

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      • I’m pretty sure it was Thousand-Year Door. I loved the Bowser parts in that game! I always choose the big koopa in Mario Kart games, lol. I didn’t even think of the Luciferian connection until you mentioned it. So true! I’m still trying to think of who your favourite villain could be… 🙂

        I’d say a Monte Carlo counts. I like to pretend my Chevy Cobalt is one. It has 2 doors and a spoiler after all. The starship would be so much more awesome if it comes with Patrick Stewart!

        I would be willing to bet that Japanese is on most gamer’s language wishlists lol

        I also really need to play more FF games…

        Snow White and Cinderella are definite classics. There are so many fairy tales. It’s hard to pick just one.

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        • Thousand Year Door is so good. Matt from Nintendo Bound just reviewed that, so I’ve been talking about it a bit. I want to replay and review it at some point. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard good things about the next in the series Color Splash, but I’m still going to check out a Let’s Play at some point.

          I actually didn’t make any Luciferian connections either until Super Paper Mario! There’s a chapter that’s reminiscent of Paradise Lost. Peach wakes up in his heavenly garden (it’s called the Over There in the game) and Bowser wakes up in the bowels of hell (which is called the Under Wear, ah bathroom humor), and I was like “Oh nice reference.” SPM is surprisingly poignant and a little bit heartbreaking. It was an unexpected turn in a Mario game.

          I’m sitting here watching TNG as I type! He’s my favorite captain and my favorite fictional hero character. I freaking love Picard and Patrick Stewart.

          I really can’t pick a favorite fairy tale either. I just seem to constantly refer to Snow White for some reason.

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          • I read Matt’s review too. It brought back so may happy memories 🙂

            Picard was amazing! I always loved the way he said “Engage” lol. I also enjoy Patrick Stewart’s voice work in American Dad.

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            • He’s my favorite actor! I got into Star Trek through TNG, though I should go back and watch TOS. Just in terms of acting chops alone, Stewart is better than Shatner. I mean, Sir Patrick is a theater trained actor, and I remember there’s this one episode where he doesn’t even say anything, yet is able to convey such emotion, and Avery is one of the best parody characters ever lol. I LOVE how they’ll throw in little Easter eggs from TNG, and the things he says on that show are completely outlandish.

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  3. Congratulations on your award! Well-deserved, as always! Those sound like amazing tattoos. Your love of FFVII clearly eclipses most of ours just based on that and everything you’ve written about it. I’m glad a game has made you so happy and have affected you in such ways. Keep up the excellent work!

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  4. I’m so behind at reading blog posts- one of these days I’ll be all caught up! 🙂 Thanks for answering the questions, I really enjoyed reading all of your answers! I think it’s so awesome how much you love FF and your tattoos sound so amazing! I have 10 tattoos, but only one video game related…. I have Kirby on my ankle 😉 I love board games too! Have you ever heard of Guillotine? It’s a card game, and I had never heard of it before last weekend when my cousin brought it over to play at Christmas. It’s really fun!

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    • You and me both so don’t despair hehe. I was nominated for another award that I forgot about *headdesk*

      Aw thank you! FF is such a huge part of my life; I don’t know what I’d do without it. 10 tattoos is awesome! I want more piercings (just have the ears), but I have to be s little careful with my job. I don’t think they’d mind but I’m still cautious. Why am I not surprised you have Kirby 😊

      I haven’t! I’ll have to look into now.

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      • Aww haha well life does get in the way of blogging sometimes! 😉

        Yep I have 10 tattoos and there are so many more I want to get… they are kind of addicting haha! I want more piercings too! I have 12, and 11 of them are in my ears! I understand about being cautious with your job though. Luckily all my tattoos and piercings can be easily covered, though where I work it doesn’t matter at all! And you can probably tell I love Kirby by my Gravatar lol! 😉

        Yeah Guillotine is really fun! When my cousin told me it was based off the French Revolution I wasn’t really sure if I would enjoy it, but it’s a cool game!

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        • Stupid life *grumble grumble*

          They really are. I want my next one, but the drive to my artist is a bit long and I always wind up putting it off. I used to have nine ear piercings, but they closed up so I just have the two typical lobe ones and the daath(?) in my left ear (I think that’s what it’s called. Might be mixing it up. It’s the flap right over the ear hole). I want a lip piercing one day though. My job is weird. I don’t think they’d care. There was a guy here with stretched lobes and they’re pretty lenient on hair color, too.

          You like Kirby? No way lol 😋

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          • Yeah that’s my biggest problem with getting tattoos and piercings… I want them, I just don’t feel like going to go get them! 😉 Oh you have your daith pierced? That’s neat! I was actually contemplating getting mine pierced bc I get a lot of migraines and I heard it might help to have that pierced since it’s an acupressure point. Even if it doesn’t help, at least I would have a cute piercing! I have 4 lobe piercings on each ear, 1 cartilage piercing in each ear, my rook in my left ear, and my belly button pierced 🙂 Lip piercings are really cute! I wouldn’t mind having my nose pierced either. I would add a few more holes to my ears, but my husband says my ears are already nothing but metal as it is LOL!

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            • When I lived closer it was much easier, but it’s at least two trips: one for consultation and the other to get it done. The conundrum!

              Yup! I got that in college a decade and a half ago. I remember the maintenance was worse than the actual piercing hehe. I’ve never heard it might help with migraines! If it does, I say go for it. I did have a transversal for a bit, but I went to a different place, and one of the piercings was too close to the edge of my ear. You can guess what happened next. It didn’t hurt, but I not have a chip in my ear from it 😦 I’d get it again, but I don’t think I can on the same side, and I wanted it to balance out the daith piercing.

              I used to have three lobe piercings on both sides (so six total). Then two cartilage piercings on either side and the daith piercing. I was dumb though an got the cartilage ones at the mall in addition to the lobe ones. Ironically, the cartilage piercings didn’t give me any problems, but I developed small keloids (I think that’s what they’re called) behind the second lobe piercings. I have super sensitive ears (and skin in general) so if I don’t have earrings with silver or gold posts, it’s breakout city. Hell, even a bracelet or necklace will mess me up.

              I’d love an nose piercing, the fore mentioned lip piercing, and possibly an eyebrow. Tell your husband more metal!!!

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              • Haha, it must be the same as the rook piercing then! When I got mine pierced, the piercing itself didn’t hurt, but about 3 days later the pain set in and I was like “Oh shit!” It is a sensitive spot, and I cleaned it like 3 times a day for 3 months, plus every time I went in the pool or ocean. It was probably a good year and a half before it stopped having random days where it would hurt! It’s so pretty, though, I would do it again! I want my daith in the other ear though, so I probably won’t get it done as well. I think that would look a little too crowded!

                Ah, your transversal migrated… what a pain! Haha, I got my cartilage piercings done when I was 17 at the mall too… I didn’t know any better and didn’t realize that getting those pierced with a gun was a bad idea! Luckily I never really had any issues. My skin is sensitive too! I do really well with stainless or surgical steel body jewelry. And I know what you mean about necklaces and bracelets! I get really itchy 😦 And yes, more metal is always better! 🙂

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                • I had a similar thing! It would heal then something would happen and I’d have to go through the arduous cleaning regimen again. I would love to get some piercings again, and I’ve been wanting a lip piercing for years! When I (finally) go for my tattoo I might talk to the guy there who pierces about that and see what my options are, like if there’s a way to have something unobservable while I’m at work. They can do wonders nowadays!

                  I think we all did the mall thing at one point lol. I had no idea that a gun could shatter cartilage, so I’m really happy the damage was mostly mitigated. I could get cosmetic surgery to have the ear swellings removed, but they’re not conspicuous, so I’m not overly worried about them. Hm, that could be a New Year’s resolution. Get the rest of my tattoos. Something I’ll actually enjoy doing!

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