Question of the Week: 12/4/16

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What Christmas/holiday song do you hate?

“Christmas” fucking “Shoes.”  That is the WORST goddamn song ever written.  Seriously??  Who the hell writes a song about someone’s mom dying on Christmas Day?!  What the hell is wrong with people?  Ughhhhh!  I won’t even post a link to that horrible thing here.  I absolutely refuse to listen to it, and I’m so happy I don’t work in retail where it could potentially come on the radio.  I’m also a Christmas music snob.  I’m not a fan of what plays on the airwaves this time of the year, and instead I opt for my own song list consisting of classical and (surprising to some) religious favorites.  I’m aware “Christmas Shoes” has a religious tone, but it still disgusts me that someone would foist that off as a holiday tune.


What holiday song is on your Nope List?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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52 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 12/4/16

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  2. i have never heard of that song and now I want to listen, but I suspect I would regret it – dilemma!
    I always hated Santa Claus is Coming to Town, it always seemed a bit sinister to me (I was a morose child). Even now when I’m the epitome of optimism and joy, it gives me the creeps. I’m fairly sure I’m alone in that though.

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  3. I *hate* Christmas Shoes with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. Morose topic, yes, but what jerk kid goes out shopping when his mother is dying? Why is he not home with her? I always pictured that mother opening one dying eye: “Where’s Johnny? I wanted to tell him I love him.” Her husband answers: “Out shoe shopping.” UGH. Words cannot accurately portray my pure and unadulterated hatred for that song.

    When I was little I didn’t like I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, because I thought the mom was cheating on her husband. Now I find it disturbing because I think that her husband is dressing up as Santa Claus for some sort of role-play and I just don’t want to think about that (haha). But there is no song that I will rage-turn-off faster than Christmas Shoes.

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    • YES ughhh, there are no words to express how much I detest that song. The first time I heard it, I was like, “Am I really hearing this. Did someone actually write a song about this? Is the radio actually playing it? What is WRONG with you??!” Like that is NOT a Christmas song; I’m sorry.

      Omg…you know about rule #34? If it exists, there’s a fetish? Yeaaaaaah, good ole St. Nick is not immune. There are people who are, um, obsessed with Santa Claus and don’t want to sit on his lap to ask for presents :O

      You and me both with Christmas Shoes. I’ll leave the room if I can’t turn it off.

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  4. I had never heard Christmas Shoes before. What a great way to kill off the joy of the season…

    Honestly, most Christmas songs get on my nerves a few weeks into December. They are so overplayed!

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    • It is hands down the worst song ever grrrr argh *rage* Like why would you do something like that?? I could rant about this for DAAAAAYS.

      It doesn’t help that every single mall/retail arena plays them nonstop starting at the beginning of November (some even sooner). I feel so bad for everyone forced to work retail during the holidays. I try to be extra nice to them if I do venture out. I do the majority of my shopping on the interwebs though. Much safer.

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      • I don’t blame you! It’s a horrible song… I’m not a fan of malls at all, but I refuse to go within 100 meter radius of one from Black Friday until Jan. I did all my shopping online this year. Thank you Amazon for saving me from the chaos. 🙂

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        • Online shopping is the best modern invention! I need to organize my shopping list and take care of it this weekend. So far, the only person I’ve bought for is my husband. My older brother just wants money, and I’ll probably get my younger one an Amazon gift card. My sisters in law (husband’s sisters) sent their Christmas lists, and my brother’s wife will be happy with a Kindle gift card though I got her that last year hm.

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    • I know, I usually try to do the “elevate what you like instead of bashing what you hate” hehe, but I figured it would be a nice twist to do something different. I had this question planned for a while, and I’ve noticed many people have, shall we say, not so favorite Christmas songs :p


  5. “Little. Drummer. Boy.” Possibly the most monotonous, annoying bit of “music” I have ever heard. And one that’s not necessarily a Christmas song: “My Favorite Things” feels like rubbing sandpaper on my brain.

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    • My friend runs a contest every year with that song! Around Thanksgiving she makes a post that if you hear it between then and Christmas, you lose the game, and it’s based on the honor system. I lose every year. Most versions are very monotonous, but there are a few I’ve heard that are pretty amazing 🙂

      “My Favorite Things” is one of those songs that’s not Christmas, but it’s associated with Christmas like The Nutcracker Suite. It IS played a lot around this time of the year. I think a lot of the Christmas song hate is due to hearing it over and over and over again ad naseaum.

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      • You might be right about the repetition, but I agree that arrangement has a lot to do with it, too. Years ago, I heard a live performance of Little Drummer Boy that was novel and energetic enough that I didn’t hate it, but otherwise… lol. Likewise, I realize some people don’t like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” — most of the time, it sounds like elevator music — but the second time “Hang a shining star upon the highest bough” comes up in The Carpenters’ version, her voice is so plaintive and rich, it gives me chills every time.

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        • There’s this version of Drummer Boy by Tori Amos that’s chill inducing. No drum. Just her and her piano in front of a live audience for a taping. I think the arrangement has a great deal to do with it. I’ve heard some of my favorite songs arranged in a way I didn’t like and it ruins the song for me, but then I’ll hear a song that I didn’t like performed in such a way and I’m hooked. I was always ambivalent towards The Holly and the Ivy, but then I heard Loreena McKennitt’s rendition of it in the minor key, and I absolutely love it!

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          • I looked up the Tory Amos live version — is this the one you mean? It’s almost not the same song.

            Then I looked up Loreena McKennitt’s Holly and the Ivy — it has a compelling epic fantasy vibe to it, I think, and I really love her voice. I’m not as drawn to the stylized stuff Amos does, but both of them certainly establish the importance of the arrangement. (

            Maybe I haven’t been listening as much as during previous years, but I heard the first carol of the season yesterday — Burl Ives’ “Holly, Jolly Christmas”! A childhood classic. Lol

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            • Tori is VERY stylized, and I can see her not being everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve listened to both her and Loreena McKennit since high school. I love that Holly and the Ivy version she does. That whole album is just fantastic. She does The Seven Rejoices of Mary, Emmanuel, Let Us the Infant Greet, and a bunch of others. There’s one song she does in French, too, Noel Nouvelet, which is lovely in addition to an instrumental medley of Bring a Torch/I Saw Three Ships. Incredibly talented lady.

              That song reminds me of the Rankin/Bass animations! I know it’s featured in one of them. I really should watch them before the holiday is over. I’m going to have a Question of the Week about Christmas specials coming up 🙂

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    • Ahhh now it’s stuck in my head! It’s the worst kind of ear worm. I’m not a fan of “silly” Christmas songs. I much prefer the more religious and (oddly) somber sort even though I myself am agnostic. I would throw those Christmas Shoes out a goddamn window and then set them on fire.

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      • Haha sorry! All the terrible songs get stuck in my head too!! I’m pretty much the same way with Christmas songs! I do enjoy some of the classic songs though, and I love the religious ones even though I am not religious at all either. HAHA oh yes set the Christmas Shoes on fire!! 😉

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          • I was raised Catholic Christian, so I know what you mean! 😉 I don’t really label myself as anything but if I had to, it would be atheist or agnostic atheist. Haha I am a Christmas goth too! When people who know me realize I like Christmas music, they are very surprised! 🙂

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            • I take the stance of I don’t know, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I like what Neil deGrasse Tyson says about if you don’t know the answer to something, it’s okay to say you don’t know rather than making something up. I don’t have an issue with religion so long as it doesn’t infringe upon others rights…which unfortunately, it often does :\

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              • I agree! There is nothing wrong with saying you don’t know something. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant man 🙂 I just kind of live and let live and whatever makes people happy and brings them comfort, I’m all for it! Religion is definitely a tricky subject sometimes.

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