Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot – XIX The Sun

<–XVIII The Moon                                                                                XX Judgment–>

This is my current Final Fantasy Friday post where I’ll be discussing which characters I think exemplify each card of the Major Arcana.  If this is your first time here, please head over to my Final Fantasy Tarot page for explanation.  Now onto the next card!

XIX The Sun


Eiko artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

The Sun is a card of triumph, simple pleasures, and truth.  In opposition to the Moon, which symbolizes inspiration from dreams and otherwordly visions, the Sun is much more in your face and wide awake; intellect and youthful energy. I had quite a time figuring this one out.  Final Fantasy boasts many characters with this quality, but I knew I needed someone who was not only childlike, but also a child.

Eiko literally flips the meaning of the Moon in giving Dagger clarity and closure on the princess’s oldest dreams.  The little girl is the truth giver, revealing Garnet’s origins, welcoming her home, even as Eiko herself enjoys the pleasure of companionship in the breaking of solitude.  While the sun’s light may not always fall on the happiest memories, it will still always show it plain, lighting a clear path, and giving you the courage to forge ahead armed with new revelations.

Alternates: Porom (IV), Relm (VI), Selphie (VIII), Rikku (X)

I was very close to picking Porom, since intellect and youthful energy are major components of the Sun card.  Because he’s an irascible, five-year-old mage in training, I thought he would make a good match, but my own bias came into play.  I’m not overly fond of Porom’s character (I like him even less in The After Years), and besides that, I’d already used Rydia from IV in The Moon entry.  Not that I’m averse to using the same game twice in a row, but since I had another (and imo better) option, I figured I’d use it.

Relm from VI would certainly fit the artistic side of the card, along with the youthful energy, and she could arguably fulfill some of the truth aspect in reference to Shadow, but FFVI was very good at keeping that vague.  Eiko’s traits are far clearer.

Selphie and Rikku from VIII and X respectively have that bright, optimistic aspect, and Rikku certainly is responsible for revealing some truths (for both Tidus and about Yuna), but while they’re both childlike/innocent in their way, I wanted someone who was actually a child.

No one guessed the card this week, but everyone who ventured did guess something right!

LightningEllen and Mr. Panda both went with Rikku who’s an alternate; Hungrygoriya went with Selphie who’s the same; and The Otaku Judge guessed Amarant(h) who is from the same game as Eiko.  I like when everyone wins 🙂

Next week is Judgment, and I’m kicking myself a bit, because I totally could’ve used Gabranth for that instead of the Justice card…but I suppose he fits that Major Arcana, as well, and I’m never one to turn down an intellectual challenge.  I do have something else in my notes (notice I said something and not someone), but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to go that route.  What this means is Judgment could be a person/character or it could be a place/thing.  Oh, and Judgment’s alternative name is The Angel, but that ship’s kind of sailed now hasn’t it?

Happy guessing!

<–XVIII The Moon                                                                                XX Judgment–>




12 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot – XIX The Sun

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  2. Ooh, makes sense to use an actual child like Eiko. Truth be told, I forgot about Eiko, even though I love FFIX. I guess she wasn’t as memorable to me in a game filled with some of my most beloved characters. Still a good choice, and so would have been Porom.

    Let’s see, Judgment? If you’re hinting that it’s a place/thing, I’ll guess Mount Ordeals from FFIV. It’s a place of judgment for Cecil, and he has to give up his darkness and be tested to become a paladin. It’s also a mountain, and there are totally mountains in the card. And paladins are holy knights, much like angels. Yea, I’ll go with that.

    Great job keeping up the series! Happy New Year!

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    • It took me a while to remember her, too! If you asked me who my favorite character in that game was I’d be hard pressed between Freya and Vivi. Ugh, such a great game. I just started thinking about the children of FF, and she really fit.

      Omg…this is a brilliant supposition. Cecil has been judging himself throughout the game, and ironically on Ordeals, he’s deemed worthy by that light. Much food for thought…

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    • Ah dammit, if I’d seen this earlier I would’ve told you to guess again! I haven’t played Tactics (yet) so I do not know of this Cid Randell. I’ll definitely agree that XII has a ton of judges. I’m slightly annoyed at myself for using Gabranth from there earlier, but I stand by my decision to make him Justice, however convoluted that supposition might be ;p

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  3. Yay! My winning streak continues 🙂 Also, I’m happy I know who Porom and Rydia are now.

    There’s some great judgement things in the XIII trilogy, just an FYI. I’m going to go with Sin though. I remember that the people of Spira believed they had to atone for their crimes to get Sin to vanish.

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