The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

I have been nominated for another blogger award by the lovely writer of Getting Through Anxiety!  Check out her blog (and the nomination post) here and the blog for her book Rest in Piece here 🙂  Thank you very much for the nomination!  I’m flattered, humbled, and appreciative all at once ♥



  • Thank whomever nominates your blog

  • Indulge yourself and answer any questions you feel happy to answer

  • Spread that radiance to some other awesome blogs to keep the light shining brightly.

  • Use these questions or make up your own to ask your nominees

  • Tell your nominees that they have been nominated.

  • Put your preferred logo award on display (I chose this one.  You can Google “Sunshine Blogger Award” and a multitude of images come up).

The Questions

1.) What’s your favorite TV show that you didn’t watch while it was airing, but have come to love? When did you start actually watching it? I’m actually notoriously bad at catching TV shows when they first air; I also often don’t immediately like things at first viewing.  In fact this paradigm extends to not only shows, but movies, books, and video games.  I either don’t like or have no interest in them.  The advantage for this is I’m usually able to binge watch the entire thing whenever I want (of course this also means I have to dodge spoilers), because by the time I get into it, it’s been out for a while.  If the show is still ongoing, I’ll often catch up quickly though.

I really can’t think of anything that’s completely stopped airing so I’ll just mention the ones I caught later.

  • Arrested Development – I watched the first two episodes and absolutely hated it.  I didn’t realize it was supposed to be utterly satirical and a parody of what a functional family was.  Once I picked up that it was dry, witty, sardonic humor, I absolutely loved it.  I started watching when the first three seasons were out.  I need to catch up on the fourth, especially since I’m hearing rumblings that a fifth is coming.
  • Bob’s Burgers – Again I didn’t like it originally, because I wasn’t expecting this dry comedy to be sandwiched between The Simpsons and Family Guy, shows whose comedy is far more overt and absurd, but BB definitely has it’s absurdities with the added bonus of cutting wit from various characters (Louise is my Patronus and Gene’s one liners are to die for).  I seem to have a pattern of needing to give dry comedies more than one chance, because even though it’s my favorite type of humor, I rarely expect anyone to do it well.  I started watching this on Netflix when the first five seasons were already out, and I’ve caught up on, since KissCartoon seems to now be defunct.
  • Doctor Who – How the hell did I forget about this?  I never didn’t have an interest in this, I just didn’t get to it until at least five or six seasons were out.  10/Tennant (how convenient is that??) is my favorite doctor.  Technically, since I started watching the reboot, I did start after the show finished airing.  I still need to catch up on Classic, so I can understand this Tom Baker craze,

2.) What’s a book that everyone raves about and you have no desire to read? Why don’t you want to read it? I can name two series. Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey *shudders*  Granted not everyone raves about them.  Many people understand the major issues with both series, but there are enough flailing fangirls that I believe they count.  I could forgive the poor writing, but I cannot condone anything that glorifies abusive relationships 😡

3.) What do you think is the ‘key to happiness?’ Having enough resources to take care of yourself and your dependents for practicality.  Being able to  reach the self-actualizing top of Maslowe’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Not measuring success by capitalistic goals.  I don’t have a  magical answer to this question, because I don’t believe out society is set up to benefit everyone, but this is too deep of a problem to go into here.

4.) What season best describes you and why? What holiday best describes you? Why?  Hm, winter is my favorite season, but I don’t know if it best describes me, although I can be cold and dark :p  For holiday I’d say Halloween, because it’s “be as your aren’t” night, and IRL I spend a lot of time donning my INFJ extrovert mask that is apparently good enough to convince people I’m outgoing.  Who knew I was this good of an actress.

You can answer the questions above if you like or you can answer the ones below.  Hell, if you’re feeling energetic, you can answer both!

Questions for Nominees

1. What’s your favorite story of all time? Media doesn’t matter.

2. What fictional world would you most want to live in and why?

3. What’s the most beautiful song you know?

4. What’s the most ridiculous/obsessive thing you’ve ever done for fandom/obsession?

Bonus Question: Would you rather have every Wednesday off or a three day weekend/four day work week?


*Feel free to ignore if you’ve been nominated/done this already or don’t feel like it.  I’ll usually try to check and see if the person I’m nominating has been already, but a Narcissist can slip*

  • Boba and Games – A sweet blog about tea and video games.  That already has light pouring out the wazoo.
  • Space, Time, and Raspberries – Wasn’t I just talking about the doctor?  Well add raspberries to the quantum mix.  This lovely blogger dazzled and enlightened me with her vow to make something beautiful in response to something sad.  If that’s not spreading sunshine, I don’t know what is.
  • RetroGame Man – He is a man who reviews retro games.  I am a (mostly) old school gamer.  Video games have gotten me through some of my darkest days.  How do you get through the darkness?  With light.
  • Behind the White Coat – She’s a doctor, which means she works tirelessly to help others experience light and life for as long as possible.
  • Evil Wizard, Esq. – At the risk of being destroyed by the omnipotent force of his evilness, I extend this offering.  You see the EWE bared a bit of his soul (?) in admitting to inklings of human feeling.  I know it was merely a ruse to make humanity let its guard down for the final strike, but little does he know I’ve hidden my own doomsday weapon in this blogger award mwahahahaha *kaboom*
  • I also nominate Mr. Panda, LightningEllen, The Well-Red Mage, The Otaku Judge, Retr0pia, Cheap Boss Attack, Defy the Majority, Hungrygoriya, I ♥ Old Video Games, Athene | AmbiGaming, iplayedthegame, The Writing Hufflepuff, The Ink Garden, Cupcakes and Machetes, Ignited Moth, and all my other blogger friends whom I cherish, adore, and have the best conversations with.  I love you all, and it would take quite long to write out a clever little thing for all of you.  Also dear gods I hope I didn’t forget anyone.  How embarrassing would that be?!  I’m not even going to tag you, because that seems to be hit or miss.  You’re all loyal readers, and if you want to do it, please feel free.  If I forgot you (SHAME!) please still feel free.  I’ll die of embarrassment later when I see your responses/posts.



28 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

  1. Thank you for the nomination! I’ll look into doing this one time permitting! Your answer to number 3 is pretty much identical to how I would answer it. Being able to look after yourself and those around you is the first port of call for happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Certainly! The time permitting thing is such a beast, and yeah…I just don’t know how to answer questions like that impractically at this juncture. Ten years ago I probably would’ve said something different. Maybe there is something to this age and wisdom thing lol.

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  2. Congratulations on your nomination! You are truly a little ray of sunshine, and you certainly make my days a little brighter (even if you think you’re cold and dark!) Thank you very much for nominating me for the award. I will happily put something together in the coming days, though you’ll have to excuse me if it comes a little late. Work is very busy right now, so I’m trying to find a good balance!

    I also feel like I need to watch Bob’s Burgers sometime. Everyone has had such good things to say!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I try not let too much of my doom and gloom spill onto the blog pages or the comments I leave. It’s quite messy to clean up :p

      No worry or rush! I actually was pretty late with my post. I was nominated a few weeks if not a month ago. I usually take note of the link and then try to schedule when I’ll get to them.

      It’s so funny if you like dry and absurd humor. Took me a bit as I said in the post, but now that I’ve watched it, I absolutely love it. It’s one of my go-tos as work when I need something funny to listen to 🙂

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  3. Thank you for including me in your nominations! *HUGS!*
    I love your answers. Bob’s Burgers is definitely a favorite of mine. I’m also really bad about watching tv shows (unless it is GoT, I never miss it.) 😛
    I totally agree about the Twilight/50 Shades disgust too. Never got on either of those bandwagons. Never will.
    Congrats on your award! You definitely deserve it! ❤

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  4. Congrats on the award and thank you for the nomination 😊. I totally agree with you on Fifty Shades of Grey in that I don’t like how it glorifies abusive relationships, and your answer to happiness in life is spot on. I’ll get around to writing up my own entry after I come back from vacation next week 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bahaha I remember that now :p Well like I said I’m like the winter: dark and cold, like literally. I’m black and my husband can attest to my freezing feet since I use his back to keep them warm mwahahaha! I constantly wear the grumpy pants, but they’re more of the wry humor grumpiness and not all out bitchiness. No need for me to be mean!

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  5. Congrats on your award! You deserve it! And thank you so much for the nomination! That is super nice of you! I will definitely answer your questions soon! 🙂 I have a couple blog posts I wanted to write first, then I will post the award!

    Haha, I love your answers by the way! I have never read 50 Shades of Grey either, never interested me one bit. I did read Twilight, and I was less than impressed. I gave it a shot because I do love vampires and after I read that I was like “What the hell kind of shallow shit was that?” I know a lot of people love it, but for me… nope.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I attempted to read Twilight a few years ago and didn’t even make it through the first few pages due to the poor writing. That I could forgive. People have different preferences for what they like and what’s palatable, but I just can’t stay silent on what the series (and fsog) condones. I think people love it because we’ve been conditioned to glorify those kinds of relationships. It’s some fucked up social commentary I’ll say that hehe.

      Take your time with it! I was so nicely nominated a few weeks ago, but didn’t get around to doing it until yesterday. I have a few more tags to post. I really appreciate people thinking of me and my little old blog, so I try to keep up and feel bad when I can’t, but conversely, I don’t take it as a slight when others can’t so maybe I should take my own advice :p

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      • Yeah I see what you mean… the relationships don’t make sense to me either and I found myself wanting to slap some sense into the main character! Ah well, to each their own I guess. And the writing was pretty bad, too. :/

        Aw I know what you mean! I try to keep up with everyone who reads my blog too, I just have to make time to get online and do it! I’m still in the process of reading all your entries by the way 🙂

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  6. Congratulations! You are certainly a sunny spot in the internet world 🙂

    And I agree 100% with your answer for the key to happiness. Being able to look around and be satisfied that you can care for yourself and your loved ones is important (and still sort of hard in today’s society).

    Thank you for the nomination! I’m looking forward to answering your questions and putting together a post for this in the coming days 😀

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  7. 1. Death Note.

    2. Any harem anime. Plain guys get a lot of attention from girls so I would have fun.

    3. Show Must Go On (Queen)

    4. Stayed connected to Dark Age of Camelot a whole day to clear a raid.

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    • *goes back to look at questions because her memory is terrible*

      I think I just added the Death Note manga to my TBR list. I think it might be because you were talking about it. I’m terrible at source information though.

      Harem animes do have the interesting distinction! You never see the REAL lookers like Fushugi Yuugi’s Hotihore or InyYasha’s Sesshumoru (whose names I’m probably butchering) as the guy, which makes no damn sense.

      Anything by Queen is by definition amazing. There will never be another Freddie Mercury.

      No shame in that kind of dedication!

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  8. You’re nailing it with these awards! And it’s all because you do such an awesome job! Congratulations on being a Sunshine Blogger and thank you so much for sharing the love with the nomination! I appreciate it and continue to admire the work you do! Keep it up!

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  9. Congrats on another award! Your awesome blog deserves the sunny spotlight 🙂

    Twilight and 50 Shades also make me shudder… IMO, the lock on happiness is broken and needs a decent locksmith not a key, haha.

    Since I like answering questions but am too lazy to post (thanks for the shout out by the way):

    1) The Disney version of Mulan. I loved the sarcastic dragon and little kid me was inspired by her story. I still have the VHS version of that movie *feels old*

    2) I’d say Hyrule, but only if I can get the Triforce before Gannon. He can keep Zelda though. That way I can take her castle and be incredibly powerful *evil laugh*

    3) The song that plays during the credit roll in FFX. It almost made me cry when I beat the game…

    4) I woke up at 3am to try and preorder a rare Amiibo, back in the dark days of their rarity. I didn’t win the online checkout battle and I was especially cranky at work that day, lol. I will also be getting a tattoo of a certain badass idol in a few long months.:)

    Bonus: Definitely the 3 day weekend. I’d prefer a 7 day weekend though. It can happen. I just need to win the lottery *ignores the laws of probability*

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree! Also I don’t think there’s a skeleton key/cure all, but I’d take the psychological approach and quote Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs if I wanted to start.

      I think they’re making a live action version of Mulan! That seems to be Disney’s new thing now. I’m optimistic about the live Beauty and the Beast, and well, The Lion King is too good of a movie to mess up no matter what they do.

      Hyrule is on my list of fantastic worlds to visit, too..

      Suteki de na! That song is gorgeous. I remember the first version of FFX I had came with a soundtrack disk, and I’d listen to that and “To Zanarkand” over and over again.

      Ah that sucks you didn’t get it! Then there’d be some reason for next day crankiness. I remember the days of online auctions, and people swooping in to outbid you at the last moment. One day I need to post my one fangirl adventure to New York (or close enough) one weekend on the chance I’d find a rare Sephiroth figure.

      I go back and forth with the three day weekend or off on Wednesday. On one hand, it would be nice to have that break in the middle of the week, but on the other hand, three days off in a row is pretty awesome.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m intrigued by the live action direction Disney is going. I just hope they don’t screw it up. You’re right though. It’s impossible to mess up the Lion King.

        Suteki de na is so moving! The combination of that and the sad ending had me choking back tears. *sniffs* To Zanarkand is also awesome.

        I was so frustrated that I didn’t get it, but I imported the widely available Japanese version of that Amiibo to spite North American retailers. I’m stubborn and nothing will stand in my way! Speaking of online auctions, eBay is a real pain for me now. A certain presidential shift is making the Canadian dollar fall further and everything on ebay is usually in USD… sigh. I would love to read about your adventure to find Sephiroth 🙂

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        • When I heard To Zanarkand in concert, I burst into tears in the concert hall. It’s not so prevalent in the game’s version, but there’s this gorgeous part in the middle with a lone cello, and ahhh it’s so forlorn and heart rending. I use that song on all my writer playlists especially if I’m writing scenes about longing for a lost love.

          Aw are you serious?? He’s making the Canadian dollar worse, too? It’s like a cascade of nonsense with that bozo lol.

          I will definitely draft a post about my chase of the black-caped man :p

          Liked by 1 person

          • America is our biggest trading partner so his protectionist US stance is hurting our economy. People who are in industries who depend on US exports are terrified about losing their jobs too 😦 I’m hoping our pretty boy Prime Minister can smooth things over with him, haha.


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