Final Fantasy Friday: Favorite Main Character

A Final Fantasy (et al) post to welcome you to the glory of Friday (if you don’t have weekends off then may this hopefully brighten the midst of your work week) with more located here!

Last week I posted a Final Fantasy poll, and it was a big hit.  It actually spawned at least one other post by my friend The Otaku Judge who decided to talk about his top three favorite Final Fantasies.  I replied with mine, which you can see if you check out the Judge’s post (which you should), and the results of my poll were pretty interesting.  There was a surprising tie between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX.  The surprise comes because in my experience, Final Fantasy VI is usually my favorite VII’s main competitor.  I actually like IX better than VI (it’s my second favorite) so this was a happy surprise.  They both received five votes.

This week’s poll is for favorite main character.  Now the term “main character” can be argued with semantics thrown about here and there, but with the exception of FFVI (where they’ll be two options) we’re going to go with the face value, agreed upon main character.  I’m going to start with FFIV, since I don’t think the first three had what you could call a main character, but feel free to disagree with me on this.  We can also of course discuss more of this in the comments.

Forgive me.  I don’t know the main characters for FFXI or FFXIV so feel free to add them in as “Other” if they’re your favorite.

I look forward to your responses!

24 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Favorite Main Character

    • I’m so happy that I’m talking to people who understand why Squall was the way he was, because it always made perfect sense to me. I studied psychology, and Final Fantasy has always been really good with nailing how people would act in certain situations. He had abandonment issues, so the way he was made total sense.

      That theory grows on me the more I think about it. I’m really going to consider it when I replay VIII.

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  1. I obviously went with Vaan from Final Fantasy XII. I didn’t get a chance to finish the game yet, but I loved how he played such an integral part in the story! Balthier and Fran would be nothing without him.

    And wow, who would actually choose Lightning from that awful Final Fantasy XIII disaster? She’s clearly some Femacho mashup of Squall and Cloud with no personality and a bitchy attitude problem. What was Squeenix thinking when they created that whole train wreck of a Final Fantasy Trilogy anyway?

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    • Of course! Vaan is hands down the best main character Squeenix ever conceived. He’s so important to the story, I couldn’t imagine FFXII without him or Penelo. Yeah I’ve heard about that Lightning chick. She’s just a rehash of Cloud with absolutely no personality of her own. Sheesh Squeenix, give us more characters like Vaan.

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  2. Thanks for the shout out and for inspiring me to write that top three. I was pleasantly surprised by all the attention that post got.

    My vote for best character goes to Zidane because he is less mopey than Cloud, Squall and Lightning.

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  3. I went with Zidane, and I’m glad he’s winning! So much FFIX love from voters! He’s my favorite because he’s not like the typical whiny or brooding protagonist. He’s having a good time and is a pretty cool thief. He goes through things too, so he’s not entirely one-dimensional. I also like VI’s protagonists and Cloud (pre-Advent Children). Not a big fan of Squall or Vaan though. The former is just annoying and the latter is hardly a main character.

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    • I’m happy to see IX winning, because until I met you wonderful folks, I had no idea it was so beloved. I spent a lot of times defending my second favorite game. Even though many people complained about Cloud and Squall as moody-broody, they didn’t didn’t like Zidane! It’s like what do you want??! I thought he was refreshing, though I don’t mind Cloud or Squall. They had their reasons for being the way they were, but I totally agree with you on Vaan. He really isn’t a main character at all. I wish they’d made Balthier and Fran the focus. Those two were way more interesting. I loved Fran’s accent. Balthier’s wasn’t bad either. He had the bad, British boy thing going on. I really need to replay that one, too. A FF fanatic’s work is never done D:

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