Final Fantasy Friday: There’s Always That One Song

A Final Fantasy (et al) post to welcome you to the glory of Friday (if you don’t have weekends off then may this hopefully brighten the midst of your work week) with more located here!

It’s later on Friday than I’d like it to be, but 11:00 still counts as FFF.  I had to take a dose of one of my prescriptions that causes drowsiness.  It’s a twice a day medicine, and I was initially taking it morning and evening, but I had the annoying side effect of passing out after work every day, so I switched it to after work and before bed.  I’ve been kind of under the weather lately though, so I think my after work dose today did me in (I also started taking something new for my asthma.  I swear it’s like symptom roulette).  Napping is great.  It’s also thankfully Friday, and this is a really easy Final Fantasy question for me.

Many of you already expressed this during the Favorite Soundtrack question, and I may have used this in one of my Questions of the Week, but…

What’s your all time favorite Final Fantasy song?  If it’s too painful to pick just one, I understand.

“One Winged Angel” from Final Fantasy VII, which I recently found out is always played either as an encore or part of the regular program at the Distant Worlds concerts, is unquestionably my favorite.  I love both the original with its lyrics lovingly borrowed from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana…

or the Advent Children version with its original Latin verse.

I adore that Nobuo Uematsu used Orff as an influence (the Carmina Burana lyrics fit so well), but I also love the dueling electric guitars in the Advent version.  Dueling guitars during a duel makes the music meta nor can I decide if my favorite line is “Veni fili veni mi fili hic veni da mihi mortem iterum” from Advent or the traditional “Veni veni venias, ne me mori facias.”  Even though I’m planning on having the latter “Ne me mori facias” tattooed on my arm, I do so love saying the first, and both lines are pretty heartbreaking.

It’s also the theme song for my favorite character so there’s that.

What’s your favorite song?  Leave a link in the comments if you want and let’s discuss more awesome music!

23 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: There’s Always That One Song

    • Oooh I need to look it up now! Ah it’s called Path of Repentance. I’m listening to it right now, and it’s quite beautiful. I’m a fan of The Travel Agency song. The odd offbeats just work out so well. FFX has such good music, which I was surprised and impressed with since Nobuo Uematsu didn’t have as much to do with it as he normally does, and he’s my favorite composer, but Masashi Hamazu held it together! Suteki de na is one of the most beautiful songs, and To Zanarkand always makes me cry when I hear it in concert.


    • I couldn’t agree more! They certainly evoke that sense of wonder and freedom. I like the airship theme from VI during the World of Ruin (I believe they’re different, and it’s the only Final Fantasy to have two airship themes). VI has that forlorn touch to it because it’s a world after the apocalypse.

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  1. I wish you all the best coping with all those unpleasant symptoms. They don’t sound fun at all 😦

    Mine is also One Winged Angel. I liked it since long before someone changed my misguided opinion of the Great General too 🙂

    Honoroable mentions (in no particular order): Yusnaan (Lightning Returns), Invisible Depths (FFXIII-2), Worlds Collide (FFXIII-2), Cosmo Canyon (FFVII), Crazy Motorcycle (FFVII), Maybe I’m a Lion (FFVIII), Otherworld (FFX), That song in the credits I can’t remember the name of (FFX), Blinded by Light (FFXIII), The Dead Dunes (Lightning Returns), Army of One (Lightning Returns), High Voltage (Lightning Returns), Within The Giant (FFIV), Mt Ordeals (FFIV). Oh and every variation of Lightning’s Theme over the course of three legendary games, haha. Final Fantasy has so much awesome music 😀

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    • Well this tells me I need to listen to the soundtrack to FFXII (and it’s sequels). I’ve been dying to buy the next Final Symphony to listen to and review (I did the first one years ago. It’s the only music review I have on my blog). The credit song from X is Suteki de na (Isn’t It Beautiful)!

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      • I think you know by now, but I’m incredibly biased toward loving anything from said trilogy of games, haha. 🙂 I’d definitely like to read your thoughts if you listen to soundtracks someday though!

        And thanks! I can never remember the name Suteki de na, but the song is really moving.

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  2. Odd, I thought I had told you once before, so forgive me if you already know what mine is. You’re Not Alone from FFIX will probably always be my favorite. It’s my favorite song from my favorite game in the series. It’s also a wonderful moment in the game, and I’m glad such a good emotional song was composed just for this part. I love it so much and love when Distant Worlds or any other FF concert covers this. It always ends up so beautiful.

    Obviously can’t go wrong with One-Winged Angel either!

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