The Mystery Blogger Award

Guess what?  It’s…

ketchup_time_mschaI was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by fellow writer and blogger Inkbiotic over a month ago.  It’s time to acknowledge that honor!


I never knew I was this mysterious.

The Mystery Blogger Award…

  • is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get.
  • is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.
  • was created by Okoto Enigma.


  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.

My Three Things

  1. I came about the name “The Shameful Narcissist” almost by accident.  I was talking with a coworker years ago and using my false, tongue-in-cheek bravado that I often employ as my brand of humor.  I referred to myself as a “shameful narcissist,” to which he replied, “Don’t you mean a shameless narcissist?”  I responded, “No, because I’m actually ashamed of my narcissism.”  I like the idea and the incongruence (because narcissist generally lack the ability to be ashamed of themselves and the horrible things they’re doing *cough cough*) so I went with it.  I honestly feel that if I wasn’t overly empathatic, I would be a gigantic narcissist, and that feeling what others feels really keeps me in check.
  2. If I had the money and time, I would be a perpetual student.  Due to current events I’ve been thinking about going back to school to study law so that I can advocate for people in danger of losing the protection of their rights, and I’ve also been thinking of studying astrophysics, which seems like utter opposites.  One concerns itself with the often down and dirty nitty-gritty whereas the other is grand, lofty, and about how the universe came into being.  Microcosm/macrocsm indeed, but they’re really just two different ways of trying to make the future better.  I’m reading Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time/The Universe in a Nutshell right now in addition to putting together a information spreadsheet about the 2018 midterm elections, so in a way I suppose I’m trying to do something with both.  I would love to have a Ph. D in English so that I could call myself Dr. Brown.  Hehe, if I studied astrophysics and quantum mechanics, I could make a reference or bad pun to Back to the Future :p
  3. I can’t decide whether or not I love coffee or tea more D:  Coffee helps me stay awake, but tea is so sophisticated.  Help!

Inkbiotic’s Questions

Where did the idea for your blog title come from? What does it mean?
Oh my lord this is hilarious, because I kind of answered this in my own answers above lol.  If you don’t remember, just go back and read that.  I threw “Speaks” on the end of it so you’d all know that I never shut up :p

What are your plans/ambitions for 2017?  I have many plans that have been best laid, and I’m hoping not all of them fail.

  • I want to finished editing The Broken Rose.  
  • I want to exceed my reading goal of 15 books (per my Goodreads).
  • I want to start reediting my original, paranormal romance novel The Serpent’s Tale in the hopes that I can get the courage to resubmit it to publishing agents.
  • I want to do the final edit on my short story The Threads of Sorrow so I can start subbing that again, too.
  • I want to upgrade my blog to premium so I can include audio.  It will make my blog more accessible to people who have vision problems or who’d like to be able to “read” my posts at work (I love when other bloggers have the audio options on essays.  It makes it easier to get through more things).  I also like the sound of my own voice (Shameful Narcissist, don’t blame me)
  • I want to edit and post the numerous videos I’ve recorded on my iPhone.
  • I want to record the video reviews I have planned.
  • I want to start the audio recording of Northern Lights (if my stupid voice would behave itself).
  • I want to catch up on my essay writing.

This is a small sampling and I’m sure most of it will spill into next year.

If you could download any file of knowledge to your brain (Matrix-style ‘I know kung fu!’) what would you choose?  Latin.  I want to know Latin.  If I could, I would download a ton of languages: Latin, German, Spanish, Gaelic, Japanese, brush up on my French.  I would love to be a polyglot.

What do you find difficult that other people find easy?  Bouncing back from rejection.  Not taking things personally.  Not being overly sensitive.  I’ve learned in my old age to not blame myself for this (as I was blamed by others), but I do wish I had a thicker skin.  I’m just amazed by people who can have the worst vitriol spit at them, and they still don’t back down.

What modern saying or common language error gets your hackles up?  “I could care less.”  Come on now!  I’ve stopped being a prescriptive grammarian because it smacks of elitism and privilege, but this one is really simple.  If you could care less, it means you do care, which makes no sense.  It’s just two more letters and an apostrophe.  One little syllable.

My Favorite Blog Post

My favorite post…hm, I really love “Heart of Darkness, Angel of Light – The Defense of Sephiroth” for obvious reasons, but I also really adore the more ubiquitous (for the game) essay of “The Seventh Is the Darkest – An FFVII Meta Examination,” which touches on the point of HoD but expands more on why Final Fantasy VII is so dark, delightful, and a parable for our increasingly turbulent times.  To be honest “Darkest” may be better written as it’s more recent, and writers tends to improve with age.  “The Seventh Is the Darkest” is also a potential name for a horror story I want to write, and I just love saying it (I’ve been repeating it to myself for the past five minutes…)


Gah, I’m supposed to nominate people.  Well I’m going to be mysterious and combative and not do it. Nope.  You can all feel free to do this tag if you wish to, just make sure you include the link for the original creator of it (not me!) that I linked to above.  I almost always forget to nominate someone and then I feel horrible about it later, so I’m going to take the coward’s way out and nominate no one and everyone at all!  Even if we’ve only interacted a few times, I cherish every single one of you (omg why does that sound so sinister??)

My Questions for You

  1. What’s your favorite brand of bottled water?
  2. What are your favorite video game consoles?  Can be past of present.
  3. What’s your favorite comic book based movie?  Who’s your favorite comic book hero (yep two questions in one, why not)?
  4. Are you a planning writer or an impromptu writer?
  5. Weird Question: What’s your favorite kind of hat?




38 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Congrats on your mystery blogger award! 🙂 I think I would be a perpetual student, too, if I had the finances. I have 2 college degrees now and am not really doing shit with either of them though! Haha. You have a lot of plans for yourself for 2017, and I hope you can get them accomplished! 🙂

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    • This seems to be the answer everyone is giving! It really tells me that we need to do better with providing education since so many yearn for it :\ I just want to know all the things, but I have to fit learning about them in between working to survive and writing to live.

      I’m not doing much with my degree or partial degree either hehe. I have a BA in psych and I went to get an MA in English. I guess I’m kind of using them both to facilitate writing since psych is ubiquitous and pretty important in fashioning characters, and I have to credit my English studies for teaching me so much not the least of which is abstract thinking and how to critique narratives, pick out tropes and motifs, and realize how things fit into the time they were written. Even though I’ll be paying for it forever, I just can’t regret going for it.

      So many plans!

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      • I agree! There are so many subjects I’m interested in but just not enough time or resources to learn them all! Right now I’m taking some online courses for computer programming, and I’m really enjoying them. It’s $25 a month, so I’m able to budget that.

        Aw, I know we are definitely not alone… there are so many people not using their degrees and it’s really sad! I blame it on the economy going to shit. I have an A.S. in Computer Graphics and Design and a B.S. in Psychology 😉 With how great of a writer you are, I can definitely see you getting your M.A. in English!

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  2. After so long, I finally know the origins of the great name: “The Shameful Narcissist”!

    It’s a shame education takes so much time and money. I’d like to go back in time and tell my younger self to go the Psychology route. I find the whole field of study very interesting, especially after I started learning about MBTI. I also want to become a psychiatrist to help people overcome their problems.

    I drink Coffee and tea, but I can’t live without coffee.

    I’ve had the honor of reading the draft version of The Threads of Sorrow, and if a damn publisher doesn’t see how awesome it is, I have little faith in the whole industry! I’m sure The Serpent’s Tale is also deserving of an almighty publisher’s stamp of approval. Rejection stings but don’t give up! No matter what it takes, I know you can get both of your epic stories published 🙂

    Sorry to keep rambling but I love answering questions too, haha:

    1)The same as my favourite brand of bottled air.
    2) N64. I grew up on it and I’ll never forget the Christmas morning Santa surprised me with one.
    3) I don’t really watch many movies or read comic books. I’ll go with Spiderman since that’s the last one I remember. My favourite comic book hero is Batman (he’s an INFJ)
    4) A Canadian toque, eh.

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    • Psych was great for so many random reasons that I never even thought of! I think with your experiences as an INFJ, you’d be able to help a lot of people. Hell I just figured out that’s what I am after 37 years, and now so many things fall into place. I’ve heard people bitch about labels, but they help us know what the hell is going on and how to deal with the issues at hand.

      I love them both, too! I just had some excellent coffee at Olive Garden. I even indulged in some cream and sugar hehe. I usually take my coffee black, but every now and then it’s nice to treat yourself.

      This encouragement means the world to me ♥ I do intend to give it another go if I have to kick myself in the ass multiple times. It’s why I’m planning out my rejection project plans, because at the very least I can make something beautiful and worthwhile for each one. I’ll post about that soon!

      Isn’t it so much cheaper?? I usually drink from the Brita filter in the fridge, but I’m not averse to tap water. Where I live the tap water tastes fine. Sometimes I’ll mix it with the filtered water, because if the latter is in the fridge, it’ll be too cold, and I’m weird and don’t like water that’s too cold especially in the winter.

      That is a fantastic surprise. Nintendo knows how to (literally) play the game :p

      I like how Spiderman is just an ordinary kid with ordinary problems trying to make a difference. Omg Batman is totally an INFJ :O I never really thought about that before. My favorite is Captain America even though I kind of put him in the same category as Zack from FFVII, the goody-two shoes, super soldier, but Cap (who well didn’t die *ahem*) learns that choices aren’t always so simple and he adapts to it. I think that’s why he doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as Zack whom I don’t hate by any means. He’s just…a puppy lol.

      Ah I googled this after I saw you wrote it. Adorable.

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      • I never thought four letters could change my life so much! It really does make things fall into place.

        I usually take my coffee black too. However, I tried something new a couple weeks ago that I love: putting chocolate milk and sugar in my coffee. I get strange looks from coffee shop employees when I order it, but it tastes awesome! I know, I’m weird… haha.

        Thank you for letting me read the draft version of Threads of Sorrow! 🙂 I know you can do it!

        I always laughed at the idea of bottled water, even more so when I noticed “Evian” spelled backwards is “naive”, haha.

        I like the “darker” heroes better. Fun fact: Canada has a version of practically every American thing. Yes, there is a Captain Canada, eh. 🙂

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        • That sounds like amazing coffee. Chocolate and coffee have always been fast friends, so I’m not surprised that it and chocolate milk go together. Psh to their judgments. You order what you like! Hell, I want to give it a try now. I’m still thinking of the amazing coffee I had from Olive Garden yesterday. It was fresh brewed with fresh cream and real sugar. Simple yet awesome. I downed two mugs.

          The Evian/Naive thing is hilarious, though it’s still pretty tasty water.

          Darker and anti-heroes are just more interesting. It’s this weird anomaly that I love Cap hehe. Really? That’s awesome! Is he the same character or does he have different traits?

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          • It is amazing! The IRL person I scammed into trying it said it was a bit sweet for them though *shrugs* I know as the customer I get whatever I demand, but I can’t help but empathize with the coffee shop employee’s judgments. Most of them get confused about how to enter it into their cash register, which I can tell is embarrassing to them. It also adds extra work for them since chocolate milk isn’t an option on their machine, so they have to go all the way to their fridge to get it. I feel bad for ordering it, but it’s too good to not order. Damn, I’m complicated… lol. I have downed many, many cups of this tasty coffee. That Olive garden one you had sounds really good too though 🙂

            I don’t follow comics as much as I want to, but I think Cap Canada is more of a little niche thing here. Wikipedia explains much better than me if you’re interested, lol:

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  3. Nice! I was wondering where your name came from… 🙂 I have faith in you and your stories, too!!! You can do it!!

    …Also, I’m going to cheat and just answer your questions haha

    1. Um… I have a reusable bottle, so I suppose tap water is my favorite bottled water (haha)
    2. Nooo!! Nooo!!! NOO!!!! haha I don’t know. I don’t know, I don’t buy consoles for console sake… It’s the games! But I really like Sony’s products, and of course the N64 was pretty iconic. Although I lost a lot of time to the NES and the PS2, as well, and… (*wanders off rambling about games*)
    3. The upcoming Wonder Woman movie is my favorite comic book movie (sans her kissing that guy because Wonder Woman don’t need no man, c’mon), because my favorite super hero is Wonder Woman. Although I love Superman and Captain America, as well 🙂
    4. A little bit of both. I usually have a beginning, and end, and a few middle pieces in mind, and then I just go about connecting the dots. My posts are usually either super planned or completely impromptu, though haha.
    5. My wide-brimmed straw hat with the blue ribbon around it!

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    • Everyone having reusable bottles makes my conservationist heart happy! I have one, too, but when I do venture to buy bottled water, I go for Fiji and I make sure I recycle it because #guilt.

      Ah that’s a good way to look at it! And many games now are cross platforms so in a way you don’t really have to have any loyalty to a particular console. I love the NES and SNES for old times sake and the PlayStation is my current console of choice, but again many of the games on it are available on the Xbox, which is a good, solid system, too. I like the hands free ability it offers.

      I’m hoping Wonder Woman will do good things for DC’s movie universe! I’m not a huge ran of their films, but I’ve heard excellent things about their shows. I suppose it keeps the universe in balance though since Marvel’s shows fall a bit flat for me, but I love their movies. I haven’t read enough comics to give an opinion that I wouldn’t be regurgitating hehe. Captain America is my favorite! He’s my second favorite captain right after Captain Picard whom I’ll love til the day I die :p

      I’m a planner (omg my notes…I almost want to post screenshots of them, because they defy description), but some of my best writing has come off of a tangent. Even though I plan and outline everything, I still never know what I’m going to get in the end, and I love the adventure. It’s safe because I have a path I can always return to, which gives me the freedom to explore the darker and uncharted parts of the woods.

      Ah I love this mental image! I was saying in my other responses that I sort of posted the hat thing randomly, but the responses have been great for making me picture people in these hats even though I don’t know what everyone looks like lmao. I just imagine characters wearing them in such a case :p

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  4. Congrats on the well deserved nomination! I look forward to all of your content in 2017 and beyond!

    …and since I’m a sucker for questions.

    1: What’s your favorite brand of bottled water?

    -Smart Water, I guess. I don’t usually buy bottled water since I have a filter on my fridge door.

    2: What are your favorite video game consoles? Can be past of present.

    -NES for nostalgia, the original PlayStation for maturing alongside me and providing a near endless supply of RPGs, the Dreamcast for daring to be different, and the SNES for being its amazing self.

    3: What’s your favorite comic book based movie? Who’s your favorite comic book hero (yep two questions in one, why not)?

    -My favorite comic-based film is a toss up between the more modern Deadpool and the classic Tim Burton Batman movies. My favorite superhero is The Flash, without question.

    4: Are you a planning writer or an impromptu writer?

    -A little bit of both. I always have an idea for something to write, but I don’t always have the time necessary to make it happen. Since I mostly write about games, particularly reviews, I always have notes and plan accordingly. Sometimes I just free-flow write.

    5: Weird Question: What’s your favorite kind of hat?

    -New Era fitted baseball caps, especially for the Baltimore Orioles. I love me some hats, but I don’t care for the revival of the snapback. Those things were uncomfortable as hell back in the 80’s and they sure haven’t gotten any better 30+ years later.

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    • How is Smart Water? I saw it in Target the other day when I needed a bottle, but I usually go for Fiji. I used to only drink Evian because I was really naive (groan…), but I must prefer those square bottles. I read the Smart Bottle label about how it has electrolytes, and I could I could was the quote from Idiocracy about “They’re what plants crave,” but if it’s a solid choice, I’d be willing to give it a try! I usually do a Brita filter at home and just fill up from the water cooler at work. If I do buy a bottle I always recycle it, because guilt is terrible.

      I agree with all the favorite consoles except the Dreamcast. Not that I have any hate for it. In fact Grandia II is one of my favorite non-Final Fantasy RPGs. I just never played it enough to have formed a strong connection to it. NES and SNES are on the same level for me. Nintendo just pretty much improved upon its own perfection with that console. The N64 is good, too, but, well, I’ve explained my personal headache issues with it. PlayStation and its iterations are my current go tos. I wish I could get into the Xbox though. I know it’s a solid system, and I have no time or patience for console wars. I grew out of that after NES vs. Sega lol.

      I think my comic book movie is Guardian of the Galaxy. I don’t read many comic books (yet), which means I have no real opinion about DC vs Marvel. This will probably fit into my viewpoint of console wars though. I’ve heard critiques of both, which means it’s something I need to experience for myself. Per movies though I have to say Captain America is my favorite. I love the way Chris Evans plays him. His character is so wholesome, and he remains amazingly unjaded even after he realizes the answers aren’t so simple. He stays true to his principles even when it’s difficult to, and Chris Evans himself is currently battled nazis on Twitter. You can’t make this shit up!

      The hat question was totally for me. It’s so funny/cute to imagine everyone who answers it in their hat. LightningEllen answered hers was a Canadian toque. What an adorable picture! I have this little messenger cap I wear about when I don’t feel like dealing with hair nonsense. I should do a random hat post and see if anyone else wants to get on board. This may be a Twitter post in a few minutes., though my cats are doing some pretty cute shit right now, and I can’t pass that up.

      Are you a Ravens fan at all, too? My husband has a friendly rivalry with another friend who’s from that area since he (husband) is a Steelers fan and they’re rival teams :p


      • Haha, I’m more a baseball guy but I do follow the Ravens when I can. I’m just not a diehard or anything. I know diehard Ravens fans hate the Steelers and I’ll do a little cringe whenever I see someone with Steelers gear on, so there’s clearly *something* going on there. I’m the same way as an Orioles fan whenever I see someone in Yankees gear. *irrational shudder*

        I don’t have a Marvel vs DC opinion, really. There are just way too many comics to read so I just stick with DC for superheroes and Image for everything else.

        I mainly play on PlayStation consoles now, particularly PS4 and Vita with a smattering of PS3 from time to time. I like RPGs and Japanese stuff and that’s the best place to find them on home consoles. I’ve fallen out of love with the Xbox brand as a whole, and that hurts to say as a 360 guy last gen. I just don’t have an interest in multiplayer competitive stuff, so that throws out a lot of their exclusives (Halo, Gears, Forza). The cross-platform stuff I just buy on PS4 now, since I only pay for PS Plus to play my MMOs. Might as well get those extra discounts! 360 has a small collection of solid JRPGs though, so if you get your hands on one there’s some things worth checking out (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Magna Carta, and Infinite Undiscovery).

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        • You sound like what an Eagles fan feels for a Cowboys fan lol. I’d love to see the Eagles win a Superbowl since I’m from the Philly area, but I’m not really a sports person. It doesn’t hold my interest, but I don’t begrudge people what they like, and this year I definitely saw it as a much needed distraction from things going on. I was even happy for Patriots fans when New England pulled off (another) win. I can’t really be upset at things that make people benevolently happy.

          Ah you’re right. Xbox does seem to be more for collaborate play, and I’m not really into that either. I’m a lone wolf when it comes to gaming. It really does seem like most games are going to cross consoles anyway so having the system that features the type of games you like just makes sense.

          I have Tales of Berseria on my backlog now thanks to the Evil Wizard lol. Ah Blue Dragon was created by Sakaguchi! I swear to God you’re like my freaking drug dealer since my drug of choice is JRPGs. I can quit anytime!!!


  5. Congrats on the Mystery Blogger Award!!
    I totally agree with you, it would be awesome to just be a student for the rest of your days and not build up a massive debt in student loans. I love school and learning so I’m with ya!
    Best of luck to you with your writing/editing goals for the year. 🙂

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    • The thought of it and the yearning for such an existence has at least given me another story idea lol. A world where there’s this major corporation sort of like Google that’s main purpose is to distribute and disseminate knowledge to everyone. The “big bad” is someone or a group that wants to keep information from people/for themselves. It’s kind of a twist on the “evil corporation and rebel splinter” group, because the corporation isn’t evil this time lol.

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  6. I have wanted to know your name for ages and wrote that question with you in mind, now I see that goes for many of your readers 🙂
    I won’t answer your questions, because my answers would be dull – don’t game, buy whatever water is cheapest then refill from the tap! – but I’m happy to finally know what a shameful narcissist is! 😀

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    • Aw I don’t think they will be dull! I tried to make a question for each type of media actually, because my WordPress friends are very eclectic in what they like. The hat question has been amusing, because I get to imagine what my mental image of some people looks like in said hat lol.

      I have a Brita filter at home and I just fill up my bottle from the water cooler at work, but if I do buy bottled water, I go for Fiji. I used to drink Evian, but Fiji just takes cleaner, and I always recycle the bottle. I don’t need that kind of guilt.

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      • My favourite ever hat was a bright turquoise woolly hat that a friend gave me, sadly it is filled with holes now. I like top hats, but I’m not sure I could carry one off, I suspect it would just look like I’d pinched it. 🙂

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  7. If I had the time and money, I would definitely go back to school too! I think I missed my calling to be a biologist. 😦
    Though even now, I can’t decide what area of that I would specialize in.
    If I could decide which profession for you, it would be astrophysicist. For purely selfish reasons, I know and am related to several lawyers but I do not have an astrophysicist on my side!

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    • I think you’d be a fantastic biologist! The thing I love about science is it’s facts and figures and it exists as it is regardless what bullshit you might throw at it. You may not believe in oxygen, but you’re breathing it. You may think gravity is only a theory, but I doubt you’re going to walk off a bridge. This is not to say I don’t have some wacky beliefs, but they’re more like “Eh maybe?” I’m not going to rub snake oil on my chest if I get the flu. I’m going to go to a doctor.

      I know several lawyers, too, but no astrophysicists either! I’m struggling a bit with Stephen Hawking’s book that was literally written for dummies hehe. I think I need to really need to brush up on my math. Actually…I think I read somewhere that NASA released all of it’s data to the public, though with the current regime going on, who knows if this is still available.

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      • Math is my worst subject. I got a little bit better at it in community college. But I was going for small business administration then because I had some idea of owning a business. To this day I don’t know what I was thinking because I don’t even know what type of business I would want to own. Plus, business classes were SO boring. That’s one of the main reasons I never look down on kids who want to wait a couple of years before they spend money on college. Figure out what you want from life first!

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        • Tbh I think it is much better to figure out what the hell you want to do and/or have an idea instead of being forced to go to college and choose. I don’t get this forcing teenagers to know what the hell they want to do with the rest of their lives when there are people three times their age still with their heads up their asses in that (and other) regards. I decided if I ever produce any spawn, I’ll let them know that they can take their time choosing college. They don’t have to go immediately. They’ll need to get a job or something, but I’ll support them while they’re making up their minds because I’m not just going to be a parent for 18 years lol.

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  8. Congratulations on the award!

    I HATE when people say, “I could care less!”. You’re right, it makes NO sense! The whole point of the phrase is that you don’t care at all and saying that you ‘could care less’ indicates, that you do in fact, care a great deal! People say it in TV shows ALL the time!

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    • Right?! I’ve become much more lenient in my grammar ways (not everyone has the privilege of being educated/can afford it, language also changes and the whole point of it is to be understood), but that one doesn’t make any sense. A close second is hypercorrection. When people say irregardless, but that sort of falls into the lack of education/knowledge frame. There are many intelligent people who have valid and salient points who don’t use “proper” grammar and conversely, there are people who do who are completely talking out of their you know whats lol.

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  9. Ooh, a mystery blogger. Such intrigue. I also enjoyed your answers to all of those questions. Answered like a truly mysterious person. I could care less, which means I care a lot about what you post! I think I’ve confused myself now.

    Seriously though, congratulations! You already know this, but you’re an amazing writer, and I admire all the work you do. You deserve the kind words and well-wishes! I wish you the best in accomplishing your 2017 goals. And just so you know, it definitely sucks to be rejected and have to bounce back, but we’ll definitely accept you! 🙂

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    • Aw thanks so much! I think I make a billion goals so that I can pick and choose what I’m going to focus on lol. That way there’s not just one or two things, but a variety of options. I don’t really expect to accomplish 15-20 huge things in a year, but if I get 5 things done, then I feel accomplished 🙂

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