The State of the Writer: 3/26/17

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A weekly post updated every Sunday discussing my current writing projects and where I stand with them.  This will include any and all work(s) in progress (WIP) be they creative writing, essays/analyses, or reviews of any type.

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction (FFVII) Novel
Current Word Count: 269,521
Prior Word Count: 270,139
Word Difference: -618
Status: Editing
Progress: 1st edit of Chapter 9

I couldn’t decide which pink, heart-shaped necklace I wanted to use either here or which one I now want to visualize for the story.  Prior to searching, I had a particular design in mind, but now that I’ve seen these, I’m left uncertain.  Sometimes visualization can bring more confusion than clarity.  Let me know which one is your preferred in the comments!

As declared in the progress report, I have started editing Chapter 9 after writing myself some extensive notes on how I want to proceed with not only this chapter, but the following.  Writers often write much more than they ever explicitly reveal, but they often use these shadow sentences to drive what winds up on the page.  It’s a way to avoid the dreaded “tell.”  You note your character’s fear of snakes then have them freeze at the sight of a serpent.  It makes the reader question if they have a phobia or if they’re assessing the situation.  Leaving some things up in the air makes for a more interesting read.  People can argue, debate and discuss and hope for more clues to be given.

I’m always wary to throw around the term “love” when it comes to any story.  In both life and writing it’s far better to show then just say words that fade into wind.  So by the time my characters do say them, it’s already been firmly established.  When the feeling starts is always amorphous just like in real life, but the speaking of it occurs long after it manifests.

Quote: A crack in the sky allowed light to fall so gleaming near Aeris’s throat.  Below the deep hollow framed by collar bones pulsed a pink diamond necklace.  It was shaped like a heart and bordered by smaller stones of similar type.  She fingered it, staring at the ghostly vision within the window pane.  It was one of a myriad, more than she could count, fashioned from finest jewels. 

Project: Game Review
Title: World of Final Fantasy
Status: Drafting
Current Word Count: 125


Besides some missed trophies, I think I can declare this game finished (unless they release some DLCs), so it’s time to write a review.  If I can work on it this week, I’ll post it for Final Fantasy Friday, though I’m in no way running out of questions for that.  In fact with every one I post, discussions lead to more potential ones.

What are you currently working on?  Is it a creative writing project, essay, review, or something else?  Have you just started something new or are you wrapping up a long term project?

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30 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 3/26/17

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  2. AHA! Fuck you WordPress! I’ve beat your shenanigans! (Read my Goodreads message if you haven’t yet lol.)
    I’ve told my husband that he is not allowed to tell me how Horizon Zero Dawn ends so that I have no excuse not to play it when he finishes.

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    • There you are! I replied to the GR message. WP once locked me out of my account because a post was flagged as linking to spam. It was a mistake, but I wasn’t able to access my blog for almost a day. They screwed over another friend of mine even worse. She was a published writer and she was using her blog to talk about her works (which a shit ton of people do), but apparently you can’t? I don’t even know, they weren’t very clear, but they shut down her blog. She had to fight with them to be allowed to get the stuff she needed on it. Ridiculous.

      I almost picked it up yesterday at Target, but there was no one in the department. I really wanted to ask them if they had a PS3 or a Wii U or a Switch. They could’ve made a fortune. Oh well lol.

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  3. I vote for top left or bottom right, although they are all very pretty!

    And I’m with you on characters saying “I love you.” It’s so much nicer to show/see the feelings people have, rather than expect “I love you” to be the glue that holds them together.

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    • ^goes to check* The top left one is the fanciest one imo! I also thin it’s the most unique…I also think it might be a ring lol. Either way I could describe a necklace looking like that. I think now my least favorite one is bottom left. I’m starting to lean towards top right, but I’m still undecided lol.

      If it’s not done right, it comes of so badly, and I really do want it to be said long after it’s already established so it’s barely even a thing to hear them say it, because they (and the reader) already know!

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  4. If you ever do a SephLight related fanfiction, Lightning would totally love a pink lightning bolt shaped necklace, haha.

    Missing trophies? You have to fix that! I love gathering PSN trophies. To date I have 10 Platinums and I’m hoping HZD will be my 11th. I’m really looking froward to your WoFF review! I own it for the Vita, but I want to experience more FF games before I start it.

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    • Coach makes one 😀 The power of the Google cannot be denied!

      Some of them are SO obscure. Like I have to defeat “many enemies with any type of Magitek armor.” How many is “many?” I like ones that are quantifiable. There’s one where I have to beat this one boss by finishing her with a particular character, and then there’s another where I have to master 100 Mirages, and I’m currently at 82. So I’ll probably still play WOFF in drips and drops.

      My grand plan was to play FFV and FFXIII next, but fate seems to have other plans for me. We have a PS3, but the laser doesn’t work. Fine, I thought, I’ll just buy a digital copy on PSN. Nope! They only have the sequels, not the original game. So I either have to replace the laser or replace the systems. I’m…actually thinking of replacing the system because it would be so much better to have two, and I saw a few on eBay for really, really cheap.

      I think that’s a good idea. You’ll get more out of the experience the more Final Fantasies you play since WOFF references so many of them. There IS a Lightning summon though AND a Snow one. When you play, you’ll have to tell me if Snow really has that kind of personality, because if he does, I’d want to kick him lol.

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      • They do?! 😀 Must resist urge to buy one… Google in an enabler, haha.

        Obscurity is no excuse! I have faith you can Platinum WoFF one day.

        Plans are so hard to follow! Don’t get me started on what an ass fate can be sometimes. I hope you get it all sorted out. I think my gaming plans are now: BoTW & HZD (throw Journey in there on a weekend sometime) > Finish FFIV > Dragon Age Origins & Finish Fallout 4 > Finish ReCore > Final Fantasy VI & Mass Effect. I’m sure that will change completely depending on my mood.

        I’m not sure how Snow is in WoFF, but there’s a reason why Lightning knocking him on his ass is one of my favourite GIFs 🙂

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        • Let me find it mwhahaha *temptation* Ah it was one of those bait and switch. I clicked the link, but it didn’t take me to the item directly. They probably had it at some point, but don’t anymore.

          You’ll definitely be able to knock Journey out in a weekend. It’s such a quick game, but you can extend it if you want to 100% it. Oh you’re looking into Final Fantasy VI?! That’s fantastic. It was my first Final Fantasy, and I’m DYING to hear what you think of Celes.

          Oh I wanted to know how he was in XIII :p I think I read/heard somewhere that he was some important person’s son or something like that. He’s kind of pretty, but not really MY type of pretty if that makes any sense.

          My goals are to start V at some point in the near future, fix my old or buy a new PS3 so I can play XIII. As of know those are my current short term plans. I also want to continue gathering my tools for streaming/let’s play for future projects.

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          • I’m so glad your evil plan backfired! I likely would have bought it too, haha.

            Yep, I’ve bumped VI up on my Final Fantasy to play list. I remember you mentioning how awesome Celes was. I don’t know much about VI, so I’m looking forward to it.

            You can try to guess FFXIII plot details all you want, but I’m not saying anything 🙂 I understand! Mr. Snow is definitely lacking in the silver-white hair department, haha. I like him though, even if he is a bit annoying at first.

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            • I’m really excited for you to play FFVI! It will always have a special place in my heart for being the game that introduced me to the best JRPG franchise ever! Until I played VI, I never thought anything would dethrone VI from my heart hehe, but I’m still super impressed with how it had a TON of main characters, yet none of them seemed extraneous. Square clearly gave some tips to Marvel for their future movies, but alas DC ignored them :p

              I actually am happy I know like no details about FFXIII’s plot. Wait…I think there is something I do know, but I’ve never really looked it up to confirm, but I’m not going to be surprised if there’s another major death in an FF game since they’ve played around with that since VII.

              Does he know nothing like Jon? :p

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              • Aw! I’m looking forward to VI even more now. The first Final Fantasy experience is always special! I heard there’s no clear main character and it sounds really interesting. Soon, I hope. 🙂

                Like I said, keep guessing plot details all you want. I’m not saying anything, haha.

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                • There really isn’t, but there kind of is (if that makes any sense lol). There’s a character that the story focuses on, but it does a great job of giving everyone their time in the limelight, and there are two parts to the game, and in the second part, the focus is on another character.

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  5. I am looking forward to your World of Final Fantasy review. I just posted an anime review so I guess my next article will be video game or movie related.

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