Console Capers

I have become a collector of consoles, or rather of “wishful” collector of one.  In cleaning up my Amazon wish list, I removed all of the books in favor of consoles, video games, recording equipment, etc.  I obviously still have my book list on Goodreads, and I figured people know me well enough to realize that Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift cards are still amazing and noble presents indeed without the need for specific titles (I’m starting to reconsider this as I believe Amazon will send you offers/deals based on what you have on your wish list, but that’s neither here nor there).

As I conceived of this post before I received my PS3 in the mail yesterday (pictures to come on Tuesday’s State of the Gamer post), I’ll still mention it in my list, but will leave it off the poll.

I’d like to be wise in the vein of Hungry Goriya who is the queen of game collection and not just jump at the first console I find for some exorbitant price (for example, the Sega Master System on Amazon is at a whooping $700!), but rather be more savvy, shop around, drive a harder bargain, utilize eBay.  There’s also Jay Street Video Games, which is hilariously right next door to the GameStop.

Nintendo Switch

If I manage to find one of those, I should trade Cheap Boss Attack!

Regular Retail: $299.99
Amazon: $375 – $19,499.99
eBay: $384.00

Easily the newest system on my list and the “it” item of the year.  People will be fighting over Nintendo’s newest offering this Christmas and the next just like the Wii.  Nor did you read that Amazon high price wrong.  Someone is legitimately trying to gouge some poor sucker for $20k (WTF?).  eBay is way more reasonable, and even Amazon has some used units for under $300.  I’ll probably try to snatch one up from Best Buy or Target (if I can ever catch someone in the electronics aisle).

Games I Most Want to Play

  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Super Bomberman R
  • Mario Odyssey

PlayStation 3

Regular Retail: $399.99
Amazon: $209.00

It makes sense that Nintendo and Sony would be the first systems on my list since they respectively allowed me to first play the game series I love the most: Final Fantasy, and the reason I was so hellbent on obtaining my own PS3 once again had to do with a Final Fantasy, too.

I think I’ve already talked about my adventures in PS3 buying, but if I haven’t, I’ll regale you with the story on Tuesday.  Suffice it to say, I now have one in my hot, little hand, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Granted, I’ll feel better once I set it up and it actually works.  I believe PS3s are backwards compatible in respect to PlayStation games (but not PlayStation 2 ones), so I may be able to give my old PS2 a rest.

Games I Most Want to Play

  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Mass Effect Trilogy
  • Suikoden I & II
  • Chrono Cross
  • Castlevania
  • Xenogears

From Suikoden to the end, all of these games are ones I downloaded from the PSN that I didn’t realize were PS3 only, so I’m pretty pumped.

Wii U

Regular Retail: $229.99
Amazon: $284.13

I may have an in on this system.  An old friend of mine from college told me she hasn’t played her in either a long time or ever, and she seems to be willing to give it to me.

Games I Most Want to Play

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

These games are only available on the Wii U (thanks to Cheap Boss Attack for helping me out with Xenoblade.  I kept thinking Xenosaga.  I knew it was Xeno-something).

Sega Master System

Amazon: $699.99
eBay: $125.00

The SMS is easily the oldest system on my list and also the most expensive due to that at least on Amazon.  Even still the price there is ridiculous, and eBay seems the much better option  I have Hungry Goriya to thank for introducing me to its glory.  I grew up a Nintendo girl through and through, taking part in the ridiculous console wars that I think I can be forgiven for due to my age.  There are people still involved in those, and they’re probably the same ones who fight over Android vs. iPhone (consensus: WHO CARES?).  Now as an adult, I want to experience some of the gaming I missed.

Games I Most Want to Play

  • Phantasy Star

PlayStation Vita

Retail: $299.99
Amazon: $207.99
eBay: $199.90

I’ve had this little handheld on my wish list for at least two years now.  It’s an upgrade from the PSP I already own.  What’s great about the PS Vita is you can play PS4 games on it by porting them over.  It’s similar to what you can do with the PS3 and the PSP.

Games I Most Want to Play

  • Final Fantasy II

Of course now that I’m writing this I can’t think of anymore of the games I want for this system *facepalm*

Nintendo 3DS

Retail: $199.99
Amazon: $227.03 – $$9999.99

Once again Amazon is ridiculous with what some people will charge, but on the other hand I just discovered there was a Galaxy version, and now I definitely want that (just switched what I have on my Amazon wish list).  I’ve wanted this system for a while since a particular game is only available for it (the first one on my list). Initially, I would’ve been satisfied with a 2DS, but (and this is going to sound so ridiculous), they don’t close, which I find odd, because the original DS does.  I think Nintendo wanted people to be more inclined to buy the 3DS even if they didn’t care about the 3D aspect, which I kind of don’t.

Games I Most Want to Play

  • Bravely Default
  • Etrian Odyssey
  • Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
  • Final Fantasy IV

Sega Genesis Classic

Retail: $49.99
Amazon: $48.95
eBay: $39.99

The equivalent to the NES Classic, which is waaaaay easier to find (thank you again LightningEllen ♥), and people are also not trying to gouge you for them.  As mentioned above I was a Nintendo girl, and I really feel I missed out on a lot of great games.  I have played Sonic of course, but from watching Hungry Goriya’s streams, I realize Sega had a lot of great (J)RPGs, too, and I want in on that.  Obviously the Classic only comes with a certain number of games, so I’ll probably have to put a legit Sega Genesis on my list soon.

Alright poll time!

What systems are next on your list to purchase?  Let’s discuss in the comments!









43 thoughts on “Console Capers

  1. Eventually I do plan on getting a Switch. I don’t have much else on the horizon. So I’ll give you a run down of what I do have.

    Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer (Launch version)
    Atari 2600 Woody (Four Switches. Wood paneling intact)
    Atari 2600 Vader (The Woody with a jet black faceplate where the wood paneling should be.)

    Intellivision (Original)

    Commodore 64 (The retro platform EVERYONE should own IMHO.)
    1541-II 5.25″ Floppy drive
    Datasette deck

    Sega Master System (Built in Hang On)

    Sega Dreamcast

    NES (Original version)

    Super NES (Junior version)

    Nintendo 64 (Standard Black. Added Expansion Pak)

    Game Cube (Purple. Has component connector port)

    Wii U (Deluxe)

    Nintendo 2DS

    Retromini X (Portable NES Clone)

    Retro GBA Adapter (Uses Super NES to power GBA carts on TV)
    RetroGen Adapter (Uses Super NES to power Sega Genesis carts on TV)

    Super Game Boy (Plays GB Games on Super NES)

    C64 DTV (Multiple C64 roms in a joystick. Can be modded into full fledged C64)

    Atari Flashback II ( Atari AIO console. Can be modded into mostly full fledged 2600)

    Atari Flashback Portable (Atari AIO handheld.)

    Gaming PC (Homebrew w DOSBox for running old games)

    Some day maybe I can add a Vectrex to the list. Or a Berzerk arcade cab. That game is still sick nearly four decades after release.

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    • Oh my lord. It’s like you live in console heaven! I need to earn my halo and wings hehe. Seriously, that’s an amazing collection, dude, AND you put them in alphabetical order o.O You have to have an awesome game room to contain them all. That’s a dream of mine. Currently, between my husband and I, we have the following:

      Ps3 (2)
      Nintendo Wii
      NES Classic
      Nintendo DS
      Game Cube

      So it’s pretty much Nintendo and Sony in here 🙂

      My husband also has NES and SNES emulators on his computer.


      • Well I don’t have a dedicated game room. I have a very limited quarters, so a lot of it isn’t hooked up simultaneously. My hope is I can get a nice horizontal shelving unit to go the length of one of the walls here. Then I can set up all of the stuff I own simultaneously to one display. Though I’ll need to get a few more switchboxes, and an upscaler too. I also need to get a capture card at some point so I can stream the console games. If I could afford it I’d move into a bigger place where I could have a dedicated game room. But that’s not happening any time soon. So for the time being it’s a handful of things hooked up, and swapping stuff out as need be.

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  2. I love collecting consoles! I have almost everything, but I’m definitely lacking in the Sega department. I do have a Genesis and I plan to pick up a Dreamcast, Game Gear, and SMS someday. The mighty HG got me interested in Sega things now too! Her LPs are so awesome 🙂

    20k for a Switch… Really!? That’s hilarious. Evil resellers never cease to amuse me (and lower my faith in humanity). Good luck with your collecting goals! I voted Wii U for your next one since you seem to have a good lead on one.

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    • I could’ve called the post Console Capers and Collections (I love alliterations. I am a dork :p) Like I said I was a Nintendo girl, and I definitely missed out. I was lucky enough to catch Hungry Goriya’s Twitch stream last night of Phantasy Star, and I have to admit the Sega Master System has better graphics than the original NES. NES has the variety of games, but SMS’s graphics are so stellar. Dreamcast was the first Sega system I owned, and I loved it. Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II were such great JRPGs. Hm, I need to see if I have Skies on my backlog…I do, and it’s ONLY for the Dreamcast *thinks about adding yet another console* HG is kind of the Sega queen though I think she’d disagree with that sentiment lol.

      Isn’t that ridiculous?? Now granted I DID once purchase a Sephiroth figurine that I sold for twice the amount, but that’s a collector’s item and not a recently released console. I think that’s really unethical to do. You know they purposely buy up a bunch of them so they can sell them for an astronomical amount later. Grrr, it makes my blood boil.

      The Wii U all depends on when my friend moves back or visits from Texas lol. AND if she remembers she said she’d give it to me. I’m not about to go reminding her. That would sound so rude to me. I may start lurking around eBay. It’s been a while since I’ve used that site. I don’t even think my sign on even works anymore.

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      • Alliterations are so awesome! (I’m a dork too, haha). I haven’t caught HG live yet, but I’m really enjoying watching her Youtube LPs and my incredibly slow pace. I’ve heard great things about Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II. I’ll have to add them to my never ending wishlist.

        There’s nothing wrong with flipping a rare figure! 🙂 But yeah, those evil resellers who buyout everything irk me too.

        I hope you wrangle up that fancy Wii U. I never remind people about stuff like that either, haha. I love eBay but I’m staying away until our Canadian dollar improves. The exchange rate is a bitch at the moment…

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        • I downloaded the Twitch app and it’s the only reason I’ve been semi-informed. I can’t wait for the next YouTube video, and I really need to catch up on Mr. Panda’s videos, too.

          Skies is *only* on Dreamcast, which is another console on my wish list (just added it yesterday and wish I’d thought of it before I posted this but oh well), but Grandia II is on the PlayStation.

          Like I get selling an older, rarer item for more money, but something that just came out? That’s just evil.

          Ugh, I wish I could say the exchange rate was going to get better soon, but well, things are what they are.

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  3. We have a Wii-U. My husband sold literally every game to it except for Smash Bros. He never plays it unless it’s for that one game. It’s actually hooked up in our room now so that we can watch Netflix at night. :3
    (His current loves are the PS4 and his computer. But he’s dying to get a Switch. I’ve had to be the bad wife and put my foot down that he can’t get one until we move.)

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    • Oh you can watch Netflix through that, too? I knew you could do it through the Wii, but I didn’t know the Wii U had that capability. I’ll watch that through my Kindle Fire sometimes, but I have to be in a place with wifi. Also, did not realize a Kindle Fire was technically considered an Android, but that’s how it’ll pop up on a bill, and Android plug work for it lol. I love it though. I kind of wish I had a data plan for it so I could download books, while I’m out, but it’s not *technically* necessary.

      Aw, it can be a housewarming present when you find a house!

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      • Yeah, it’s another reason my reading has taken a hit lately. My husband showed me the show An Idiot Abroad, it’s funny and educational. Even if he knows I want to read, he puts it on and I can’t help but watch it.
        The Kindle Fire actually has pretty impressive video and audio. I really don’t use it for anything but reading though.

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        • I’m really easily distracted, and my husband loves watching Futurama on Netflix, which I can’t help but pay attention to hehe. If I want to concentrate, I’ll put on my headphones and play music that I can zone out to (it’s better if it’s stuff without words).

          I’m really impressed with how good handheld/smart devices are at that sort of thing. Like most smartphones are phenomenal cameras/audio recorders. I use the Fire mostly for reading, but I will watch some Netflix sometimes ,and I downloaded this FF freemium game that I’m currently obsessed with, so I play that now. Still mostly reading, and I love that you can download book samples.

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  4. Wow! I tip my hat to your endeavor. I’m torn between Wii U and the Switch, because BotW is on WiiU, as well as a host of games I’d like to play. So now I’m sitting around waiting to see what else comes out on the Switch (read: if another Zelda title is released on the Switch) before buying… sadly not in the market for either right now as money is tight, but I’m living vicariously through others! If I find any good deals, I’ll send them your way!

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    • That is a difficult decision! I kind of want a Switch a little bit more because Super Bomberman R is on it, and I love that game series. The Wii U is still pretty expensive, too! Like it’s only $60 or so less than a Switch, but if there are more games you like on the Wii U that would be the system I’d look into. My “issue” is there are games I want to play on every system I listen alas!

      Thanks! I did just obtain a PS3, which I insisted was NOT a birthday present to my husband :p I kind of want a webcam a little more than another console though I wouldn’t complain either way.

      Hm, you’re a content creator, so if you ever decide to get a Patreon, I’d love to support you 🙂

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  5. I’ll probably get a Switch once ore games come out for it. The Wii U didn’t get enough must own titles for me to buy, but if I owned one the two games you mentioned would be top of my shopping list.

    The Vita is cool, although I am spending less time with it because many of its new releases also appear on the PS4. If you ever pick up Sony’s handheld you have to try out Persona 4 Golden.

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    • I can get behind that logic. Yeah, there’s only game for the Wii U that really interests me, and it’s only for the Wii U. That seems to be my “issue” hehe. It’s the same with the 3DS, but there are a bunch of games I know I’d enjoy for that.

      I forget what game was specific to the Vita, but yeah, I think at this point if it’s for the Vita it’s also for the PS4. I want an “upgraded” PSP though.

      I added Persona 4 Golden to my backlog! Cheap Boss Attack also recommended it, so it’s been on my radar for a while 🙂

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  6. So many good systems for you to get! I voted Switch, but I also think you’d have a blast with 3DS for all the RPGs alone, including the Bravely Default series and the Final Fantasy games you listed (plus Theatrhythm). Wii U would also be a good choice unless they bring all the games to Switch eventually as with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like Xenoblade Chronicles X or even Tokyo Mirage Sessions made it there. Switch has more RPGs on the horizon though. I want an NES Classic Edition, but apparently it’s being discontinued, so I’ll never get one. 😦 It’s okay though, haha. So many other great consoles to play, including the original NES. 😛

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    • I’ve wanted a 3DS for a long time just for Bravely Default alone, and now there’s a sequel to that so maybe that’ll be the one? I definitely want to hope on the Breath of the Wind train though, so I can hang with the cool kids :p That would be a good idea for them to bring all the Switch games to the Wii U. It would expand their gaming library, though it’s not like they need to make the system more marketable. They’re already doing that with the low supply, which is super annoying.

      I just saw the Well-Red Mage post about that! Ugh, I guess they want to concentrate their efforts on the Switch? But I seriously doubt they’re going to up production on that. Suddenly I own a rare console though lol.

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      • Yes, Bravely Second is the sequel, and I’m only two hours into it so I really need to play it. I loved Bravely Default though. Truly a spiritual Final Fantasy game. Hopefully, they can produce more Switches. I’m sure Nintendo’s working on it, but it is commonly conservative with supply. Bringing Wii U games on it certainly wouldn’t help, considering that many probably missed out on the Wii U.

        This is completely unrelated, but thanks for adding me on PS4! 😀

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  7. So many good systems! I have always been partial to Nintendo myself, but I will play pretty much any game and give any console a chance. My husband and I have so many consoles and games, it’s almost a sickness LOL! Seriously though… $20K for a Switch?! What is wrong with people?! I want one too, but I’m waiting to see what other games come out, and I’ll buy it when it’s readily available instead of from someone trying to rip me off! Then again, I said the same thing about the NES Classic, and now that’s discontinued… guess I’m screwed lol!

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