Final Fantasy Friday: The Sign of the Times

I’m seeing Wonder Woman tonight and have to work late due to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, which is why the scheduling function is my friend.

What’s your favorite Final Fantasy insignia?

You know…the picture that represents each game.

The one you like best doesn’t have to correspond to your favorite Final Fantasy, but if it does that’s okay, too.

*The Shameful Narcissist uses Sight*

I really don’t want to say VII, but…the insignia for VII almost perfectly mirrors the game: more than what it appears on the surface, up for debate on what it means.

At a casual glance, it’s clearly the meteor, but if you take a closer look, you notice there’s a little blip near the middle part of the tail.

Is it just a bit of the debris that makes up that part of it?  Or is it something more?  It’s actually in every iteration of the Final Fantasy VII logo.

It’s kind of flower shaped in Advent, which is a nice touch in and of itself, but it’s always there.  So, because I over-analyze everything most of all FFVII, I started to see the logo not as the meteor, but as the Planet flying through the cosmos, being chased by the meteor, which is what that smaller blip was.  From all proof I can find, though, I’m completely wrong about this; however, it is not an entirely unreasonable double entendre.

I was so close to picking FFX as my favorite logo.  Yuna sending is absolutely beautiful, and I love how it goes from her cool blue and purple to a brilliant gold.

It also looks like the risen waters shape something.

What’s your favorite logo?  Does it correspond to your favorite game?  What do you like about it?


24 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: The Sign of the Times

  1. Ff7 for me. Again just the nostalgia. Seeing FF7 for the first time made a big impact on me. That logo is forever burned in my retina along with the beautiful opening theme of the game playing in my head.

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    • YES. Omg that opening theme is so powerful. I think it’s my favorite one. Distant Worlds has an amazing version of it. I tell everyone even non-FF players/non-gamers that the song is the epitome of a train. Whenever I’m on a train it’s a toss up between that stuck in my had and the Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride,” lol.

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    • I like the one from IV with Golbez on it not Kain! I do think the Kain one is boring and the Golbez way more interesting. I guess they had two to contrast it between Cecil’s two brothers? IX’s is pretty boring, and I love that game, too. It was touted as the “return of the crystal,” which I agree, but disagree with. VI, VII, and VIII all have the crystal them…it’s just a bit more hidden, but it doesn’t make a very exciting insignia.

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  2. Definitely XIII for me. I can’t explain why without ruining the whole game, but it beautifully sums up the story that changed my life. And yes, I will praise this game every chance I get. Take that mindless internet haters!! 🙂

    Close second is FFX. I really like it for the reasons you explained perfectly.

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