30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 7

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Day 7: Favorite game couple.

I really love Ceil and Rosa from Final Fantasy IV. 

They’re probably my favorite canon couple though I don’t hate Dagger/Garnet and Zidane in the least; I just like the paladin and the white mage a little better.  Cecil starts out as a Dark Knight who believes he doesn’t deserve Rosa due to some of his heinous deeds (sounds like a paradigm I’m quite familiar with, doesn’t it?), but he learns to forgive himself as he continues along his life journey, and Rosa isn’t about to give up on him.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention Anju and Kafei from Majora’s Mask, because holy shit heartbreaking.  That picture of their faces as they wait for the world to end is so bittersweet.  If Link completes that quest at least they get to be together.

What’s the couple you love to love?  Let’s discuss in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 7

  1. Meryl and Solid Snake 4 eva! haha Also, my Grey Warden and Leliana 😉

    Anju and Kafei are such a heartbreaking couple; you’re right… and such a testament to the “love conquers all” story. I just wanted to see them happy together at the end of the game!!

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  2. Anju and Kafei was such an emotional quest. It spanned all 3 days and had me in tears when I finally figured out how to help them. The moon is about to destroy the world, but hey at least they get a few minutes together at last (Unless I’ve awakened the four giant people. Then it’s happily ever after when I beat the final boss 🙂 )

    My favourite couple is Serah and Snow from FFXIII. They are willing to do anything to be together, no matter what happens to them. With the help of Serah’s badass big sister, not even fate itself can keep those two apart! *sniffs*

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    • Ill fated couples are so heartbreaking ;_; I think Anju and Kafei were the most heartbreaking part of that game, and the way the camera focused on their faces as the moon fell was just perfect.

      I’ll have to pay attention to Serah and Snow’s relationship when I get to it 🙂

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    • Doooo it!! I’d recommend starting with FFVI or FFX if you’re not as used to JRPGs. VI is like the epitome of JRPGs, and to many it’s the quintessential Final Fantasy. My favorite is VII, but I wouldn’t recommend starting with that one for numerous reasons.

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  3. I had to think about it for a while because nothing came to mind right away but Master Chief and Cortana (Halo) are up there for me. As are Nate and Elena (Uncharted), Marcus and Anya (Gears), and of course Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

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  4. Those are such excellent choices! Also, I would have said Zidane and Garnet as best FF couple, but whoa, Anju and Kafei is an excellent choice too! I also like Link and Zelda when they’re together, which isn’t the case in every game. But it’s cute when they flirt with each other, especially when Zelda does it to Link.

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    • Ack I just “lied” and said Rosa and Cecil were the only canon couple I liked. I completely forgot about Zidane and Dagger. I remember the part when Eiko asked if they were together and Zidane answered that they were a team. I thought that was so cute. I think FFIX is the first game where the characters acted their ages without being moody and broody (at least not until later). Zidane is SUCH a sixteen year old boy lol.

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  5. I had a feeling you’d do something final fantasy 😉 I’m not familiar with many of the couples within final fantasy, so I was expecting Cloud/Aerith

    For me, lately I may have said in in other articles and comments, but Geralt and Triss in the witcher series. Triss puts herself in harms way to help Geralt, especially in Witcher 3.

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    • A few people were quite clever and threw up their favorite duos, not necessarily couples. I actually don’t like Clerith hehe or Zerith (Zack and Aerith) since I’m an Aeriseph (Aeris and Sephiroth) fan. I love ironic couples :p To each their own of course, but I always felt like Aeris would be more concerned with fulfilling her destiny as the last Ancient than being Cloud or Zack’s manic pixie dream girl, and I was annoyed that they pretty much made her that in Crisis Core, but enough of my ranting. Cecil and Rosa are really the only canon couple that I like. All the others are non-canon or up for speculation (I’d love to see FFXII’s Fran and Balthier).

      I have The Witcher on my TBR list! I’ve never played it; it would probably be a game I’d find a let’s play of though.

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