30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 9

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Day 9: Saddest game scene.

You know what I have to mention first…the first game scene to ever completely shock me, that was not only sad as fuck, but also became sadder when you found out more information about the creator.  But like most instances of death, it’s not really the act itself that’s sad, it’s the burial when you’re forced to reflect upon and deal with the reality of it.

This is universally considered one of the most if not the most iconic scene in video game history, which either grants it laud or earns it the derision that some give to what’s popular.  Knowing some of the background of what more than likely inspired them to go in this direction, I unequivocally would tell those deriding it to fuck off.  Ironically, I did not cry when I first saw this.  I was in too much shock; however, there are other scenes from other games that did bring me to tears.

In Child of Light when Aurora delivers some devastating news to a little girl, she plays the most beautifully plaintive song on her flute.  The child understand what truth is being conveyed, and she begins to weep.

Finally and surprisingly, Super Paper Mario’s ending, which I wrote a brief post about, made me cry my eyes out.  I did not expect that from a Mario game.  Even the end of Chapter 8 made me a bit misty.

What game scenes have brought the tears for you?  Let’s discuss and don’t be shy.

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26 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 9

    • Oh god…I don’t even want to think about what happens…I have a very bad feeling D:

      One of my friends accidentally spoiled a major scene in XV, but I kind of guessed it was going to happen because I’m a VII guru and Squeenix loooves throwing in commonalities with that game lol.


  1. The flower girl’s tragic death didn’t move me at all because I knew it was going to happen. I hate it when big spoilers ruin great games for me, like they did with FFVII. Oh well… I haven’t played Super Paper Mario yet but I’m looking forward to seeing this emotional ending 🙂

    I can’t tell you one of mine because it ruins a certain trilogy I keep rambling about (getting sick of me yet? 🙂 ). FFX’s ending had me in tears. Oh and the Last of Us just destroyed my emotions. I had a really hard time with the ending for painful childhood memory related reasons. I was a mess for days after I finished that depressing journey, haha.

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    • I would’ve been so annoyed if that had happened to me. I didn’t play VII until Christmas so it had been out for a few months, but I thankfully avoided that spoiler of spoilers. SPM has one in Chapter 8 and the end, ugh, I won’t give anything away, but there are some Aeriseph level feels.

      So many XIII secrets! Maybe I just have no heart, but X didn’t really hit me that hard. I felt bad for Yuna and how she kept whistling for him, and oh wait…yeah that did bring the waterworks, nevermind! Dammit, I almost convinced myself I didn’t’ have a heart. I think I have The Last of Us on my watch list, and, well just the title itself promises some pain.

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  2. You bring up a very good point about how, oftentimes, it isn’t even the actual death scene that brings on the tears, but rather the aftermath of it. Usually it’s seeing the ones who are left to mourn the character that really busts my heart up, whether it’s in games, movies, books, etc.
    I’m trying to think of a video game that made me cry but I’m drawing a blank right now. I guess maybe I just haven’t played enough of the deeper storyline kind of games. Never Alone had a part that has probably come the closest for me. (Spoilers) When the fox that is your companion through the whole game gets killed. I was shocked and really sad about it, but (more spoilers) the fox comes back as the spirit of a boy. Which was kind of weird, but cool at the same time. Though I missed the fox because I love animals and foxes are just so cute!

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    • Exactly. That’s when the death really hits you, and this is the same in real life. It’s like a sword that cuts twice. When you get the news and then the funeral.

      Whenever anyone kills an animal (in a story) that destroys me. I’ll say that Child of Light was a huge tearjerker throughout, and surprisingly the end of Super Paper Mario. I’m trying to think of any others, but alas I’m drawing a blank.

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  3. For me, the one that springs to mind is the ending of Among The Sleep. Anything that involves children being harmed utterly destroys me, and once the ending came around and I understood why the child had been seeing all these horrors I absolutely broke down.

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  4. Aeriths death was very dad. Even though when I played i already knew through spoilers that it was going to happen, but still.

    For me there’s a particular scene at the start of Xenoblade Chronicles that I won’t spoil since in another comment you mentioned you hadn’t played, but that hit me hard. Was surprising how hard it hit me considering how early in the game it was. People will know what I’m talking about.

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  6. I legitimately teared up during some Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games. Great story games can do that to me. For the big FFVII scene, I played it long after knowing the spoiler, unfortunately. Still, that scene is so powerful when Aeris’ Theme plays, so it was still emotional for me. That’s how legendary that moment is – even if you know what happens, the scene tugs at your heartstrings.

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    • I’m a sucker for a good story, too. It honestly doesn’t take much for me to turn on the waterworks, so that’s not saying much hehe.

      The FFVII scene is iconic. Even non-gamers are familiar with it. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the most if not the most iconic scenes in video game history. I think I saw a top 10 of the saddest and/or most iconic scenes, and it was number one. Everything about it is just atmospheric and epic. You almost think it’s not going to happen and when it does, you’re convinced it isn’t real, just one of Cloud’s many hallucinations (and I have some more wacky theories about what might have happened), but then you realize it is. What’s funny is it’s not like Squeenix hasn’t killed characters before, but Aeris’s death is just…indescribable.

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