Final Fantasy Friday: Someone Grab a Cane

Am I still going to do this in he midst of my 30 Day Video Game Challenge?  Yes  Yes, I am, but since we just had a question that dealt with the same thing across the scope of video-gamedom, I’m not going to use the same response, and I should make a caveat that no one else can either, but I think only Cheap Boss Attack picked the same character I did (“the” Tama ughhhhhh), and he’s a resourceful guy who’s played more Final Fantasy and Squeenix games than I have anyway  So this week’s question is…

Who is the most annoying character?

As much as I love Final Fantasy IV, it has some of my least favorite main characters.  I’ve already expressed my disgust of Edward, rolled my eyes at Edge, and applauded Porom for whacking her brother Palom upside the head numerous times.

I forget whom I was in a conversation with (a common occurrence), but we were discussing how difficult it is for child characters not to be annoying, and it’s true.  I don’t find children particularly annoying, no more so than I find particular adults, but child characters are either overly precocious, overly hyper, or a combination of both.  It’s difficult to write children/youths, which is ironic since all of us who are adults have lived through that experience.  Because we view that age through the lens of (often) rosy nostalgia with a mind more mature, it’s harder to put ourselves back in that place.

I’ve written a few child characters.  One in my original novel whom I’ll admit now is very annoying and lately in the Northern Lights flashback with Sephiroth and Aeris.  With the flower girl, I did some observation of three year old behavior and asked some of my parent friends, so I’d like to think I portrayed her as more than an annoying, little brat.

So on the subject of annoying, little brats, whom do I find to be the most annoying character…

Ignore the fact that this is an awesome picture by an awesome artist, Yuffie annoyed the fuck out of me.  It wasn’t even that she stole all your materia; it was more she had that overly hyper, manic pixie dream girl motif going on without anyone to expend it on.  To top that off she was a princess whose father was trying to control her to make it even more cliched (no wonder Disney and Squeenix worked so well together).  The only, and I repeat only situation where I found myself liking her was my favorite (FFVII) fanfiction Slumbering Mountains by mihoyanagi, but since that’s not canon, it doesn’t really count in this regard.

Tidus from FFX is a really close second, but he’s passing fair in a fight whereas I rarely if ever used Yuffie.  I guess I do kind of like the Yuffentine ship even though it’s kind of creepy with him being so much older than she is.  I don’t actively seek out that pairing, but it’s a side ship in Slumbering Mountains (the main of course being Aeriseph), and I like the double unity of opposites it represents.

So what character would you like to yank off the stage with an overly large cane?  Since this is a bit of a “negative” question, be nice to each other in the comments, though you’re all pretty excellent with that 🙂


30 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Someone Grab a Cane

  1. There is a 97.2145% chance my answer is still Fi from Skyward Sword… There’s a great spoof on her on YouTube by Dorkly and it just sums up my thoughts on her so well (sums up in a hysterical manner… I know my post sums up my distaste, too haha).

    I don’t know Yuffie, but judging from this (admittedly great) picture (by a very talented artist), she is not the type of person I would want to spend time with, either…

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    • Unless your “Lightning Shelter” is complete, you best tread carefully there, my friend 🙂 But OMG Hope is SO damn annoying… The whiny little kid, Tidus, and Zell are tied for me.

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      • I’d avoid the Thunder Plains if I were you :p

        Hope just looks annoying. I am definitely getting that whiny kid vibe from him. Oddly enough Zell didn’t bother me too much! I don’t know if it was because he had to be pretty bad ass to get that face tattoo or his overzealous, almost puppy nature reminded me of Zack, though I don’t really like Zack, so this makes no sense lol. I wish Tidus would drown, but that f**ker can hold his breath for a really long time *grumbles*

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        • I don’t hate Hope (he has a good reason for being whiny) but he still annoys me greatly. If that makes any sense at all, haha. I like Zell’s face ink, I just don’t like his personality. It’s hard to drown the Blitzball guy, but there has to be a way lol

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  2. My mind immediately went to Yuffie too, but also Cait Sith. I never really got him – he’s Reed, a Shinra businessman, but he spoke bizarrely and his moogle was weird. And by the time Advent Children came around, why did Reed still need Cait Sith? Is he a closet furry? So many questions!!!

    Also, all the citizens of Zozo 😥

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