30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 11

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Day 11: Gaming system of choice.

I’ve been a fan of the Big N my entire life, and I always will be, but Final Fantasy VII turned me into a Sony girl.  The PlayStation has been my main gaming system for years; however, I’m an equal opportunity gamer, and I want to see what I missed out on in my youth, so I’ve been looking into consoles like Sega Master System and Genesis.

Did I answer the question?  I guess I didn’t.  In a pinch, I guess I’d probably go with the PlayStation, because I can play pretty much all of my favorite games on those systems.

What’s your console of choice?

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26 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 11

      • I was planning on getting the Scorpio (X) anyway but the MS presentation was a bit underwhelming. A friend that I watched it with had a good line at the end of it when the rest of us were kind of meh on it, “Xbox is like a CAR. it’s a well oiled machine, it has a business plan and it won’t really let you down or get you excited” I know I’ll like it but there was nothing that really wowed me except the original Xbox back compat announcement, that was awesome. I do hope Sony excites tomorrow though.

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        • I missed the Scorpio. What is it going to do that the Xbone doesn’t do now? Not a smart ass question, a genuine one hehe. The internet/text discussions lack vocal inflection, so just want to clarify that I’m actually interested in knowing.

          I’m curious about Sony, too. I’m short on data on my phone though *grumble* I don’t want to go over my limit so I might have to wait until I get home from work to see what they presented.

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          • That’s the thing they didn’t do a good job of explaining but basically it is a more powerful Xbox One where every game will be presented in its best possible console running form (so like a PS4 Pro). The tech should provide devs with the ability to make better looking/better running versions of games but these games are still playable on the XB1 base model so it’s not getting exclusives (not that they ever implied it would). It does do some possibly cool things for users that don’t have a 4K tv where the box renders in the highest resolution possible and then downscales to the users display. So for instance, Forza 7 is being developed for 4k 60fps and if you don’t have a 4K tv it will natively render at 4K but the super sample down to 1080p. But I’m not sure how that is better than just rendering in 1080. It is also smaller (even than the S model) and has a high end cooling system. It’s a pretty piece of tech though.

            Sony is tomorrow night, I just hope their stream is solid, I’ve had issues with getting good streams from then the last two years.

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  1. I’m lucky enough to own almost everything (I want to expand my Sega collection too). I’d like to say I play them equally, but Sony is emerging as my favourite lately. I still can’t believe I chose to finish HZD over the new Zelda game… The Nintendo 64 is my childhood favourite though. It got me hooked on gaming 🙂

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  2. I used to be all about Nintendo until the GameCube came out, and then I was so annoyed I had to start my collection *again* that I… just didn’t. My brother had a Playstation 2, and he told me it was this wonderful thing called “reverse compatible,” so I eventually wound up with a PSOne – and then eventually a PS2. I think that was the only time I got a used system for Christmas? But I loved it to pieces and it really converted me into a Sony girl. Honestly, if Zelda was available on another platform, I probably wouldn’t buy another Nintendo system… which hurts me right in the nostalgia, but there you go.

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    • I don’t think they realize how important backwards compatibility is or they do so they’ll resell you your old games as digital copies*fumes* It’s so irritating. It’s one of the things I like about the PS2, you can play PSone games on it. I think you can play them on PS3, too, but you can’t play PS2 games…it makes no sense lol. I think you can play GameCube games on the Wii, but yeah since they moved from cartridges to disks between the N64 and the GC, it’ a no go.

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      • Yeah, the PS3 can play PSOne discs, and a few can play PS2 discs, and the Wii can play GameCube discs, but that’s about it. I think having backward compatibility can be difficult because of the hardware involved (or the programming? I forget, but I read something about that somewhere… vague for the win haha). And some don’t believe gamers actually would use backward compatibility enough for it to be cost effective, but… it’s nice to have the option, isn’t it? Blu-ray players can play DVDs, so why can’t my PS4 play my other Playstation games?

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        • I have no idea why they’d think we wouldn’t use backwards compatibility. Do they not realize how big the retro gaming market is? Not only that, many people buy games for replayability so have the means to play them on a new system is a big draw. I get the game makers want to make as much money as possible by forcing you to buy a new system for certain games, but that either alienates a certain set that can’t afford it or pushes back when they can. True games are leisure activities, but for a lot of kids and adults, too, it’s a very necessary escape/diversion.

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          • I don’t know. It’s manpower and money… I’m willing to entertain the “gamers don’t actually know what they want” theory, but can you imagine if PS4 opened up its library for all the Playstations ever? I mean, from a completely not-game perspective, I’d LOVE to take screenshots of some of my favorite older Playstation games haha

            I mean, the alternative is what I have – my PS2 is in my closet since I can’t hook it up, and I have like a billion input channels because I refuse to get rid of any of my consoles. It’s inconvenient, but it works. So maybe that’s why the devs aren’t fussed about it? People can still, in theory, play their old games?

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            • I mean I guess we don’t know what we want? I know SOME things I want (I have quite an extensive list of what I want/wanted from the FFVII Remake), but just like any trend, you never know what’s going to be trendy/take off until you experience it. Gamers do want accessibility and co-opt games are a bigger deal now, so have more access to that is a big plus. I know one of the major reasons I want a Switch is so that I can play Mario Kart with friends.

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              • Same here for the Switch!!

                You never know until you try, and when it comes to games…. sometimes it pays to *not* listen to gamers, because we can’t always articulate what we want. We say we want “difficult” games, but we really mean “depth,” and so forth…

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  3. I’m fortunate enough to own every modern console and both major handhelds, but I feel most at home on a PlayStation platform. I grew up a Nintendo kid and that changed during the N64 era as I become primarily interested in RPGs. We both know how much that console was lacking in the RPG department. I still liked the N64, then the GameCube, etc., and Nintendo’s handhelds have always had incredible libraries of games, but PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, the Vita, and now the PS4 are delivering RPGs in spades.

    I do game on everything, though. I was mostly a 360 last-gen, as far as consoles go. I was a big WoW player, so I didn’t feel the need for a 2nd console when I was mostly invested in an MMO. The 360 introduced me to Mass Effect, BioShock, Assassin’s Creed, Batman Arkham, Dragon Age, and had a few solid RPGs to much around in. I did go Xbox One instead of PS4 at launch since nothing PlayStation showed looked appealing. My girlfriend and I each own an Xbox One, but only I have a PS4, so Xbox One is our preferred platform for multiplayer gaming. It’s where we spent countless hours in Destiny, NeverWinter, Elder Scrolls Online, and dabbled in Warframe. It’s also where we’ll play Destiny 2 and that new Monster Hunter they showed off at E3 earlier today.

    Nine times out of ten, though, I’m on a PlayStation platform. The others are there when they serve their purpose, be it a Nintendo exclusive or a multiplayer game.

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    • PlayStation is really the system to go to for RPGs. I remember giving my RA a case of Woodchuck cider for his PSone, note that alcohol was forbidden on my campus lol. I wanted to be able to play FFVII when my roommate was away. I liked the N64, but my stupid motion induced migraines that ONLY happen with weird camera angles limited me on the games I could play. I never even got through the Mario game that came with it, though I did play a bit of Banjo Kazooie.

      I seem to wind up on PS consoles and Sony or Nintendo handhelds. Thankfully most RPGs cross consoles except for a few like Lost Odyssey, though I’m surprised it’s not available on PC. I forget to connect Xbox with Microsoft, but I guess in this case, they wanted you to use their system.

      Oh and now that mobile games are becoming a thing, I do that, too. It’s like every electronic device allows you to game hehe.

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  5. I know you absolutely won’t believe me when I say this, but Nintendo. 🙂

    Seriously though, I grew up with every Nintendo system, and I’m currently loving my Switch. There’s no doubt it’s my favorite company. If I were to name a single favorite system, it would have to be the N64. So many fond memories and nostalgia from the good old console.

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