The State of the Gamer: 6/13/17

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A weekly post updated every Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have quite a backlog of games to either play or watch, and I’m hoping a weekly article will assist with my progress as my other accountable posts have done with reading and writing.
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Currently Playing: 2

Title: Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Release Date: June 29, 2016
Date Purchased: March 21, 2017
Date Started: March 27, 2017

If I had the time and PS4 usage, I’d start Type-0.  I used to make my definite gaming day Wednesdays when my husband went bowling, but it’s the off season for that, so I don’t really have a designated gaming night.  So as it is, I’m still playing this, but not religiously.  It’s more I’ll boot it up on my Kindle if I have some time before bed.

Title: The Room Three
Genre: Puzzle, Mystery
Developer: Fireproof Games
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Release Date: 2015
Date Purchased: May 28, 2017
Date Started: May 28, 2017

I think I’m almost at the end of this.  I really hope they keep making games.  The execution is brilliant.

Games Currently Watching

Title: Phantasy Star
Series: Phantasy Star
Genre: RPG – Fantasy/Science Fiction
Developer: Sega
Original Platforms: Sega Master System
Other Platforms: Sega Genesis, Wii Virtual Console
Original Release Date: December 20, 1987
Let’s Player: Hungry Goriya
Date Started: March 24, 2017

I…don’t think there was an update this week?  14 was the last if I’m not mistaken.

Title: Mass Effect III
Series: Mass Effect
Genre: Action RPG – Sci-Fi
Developer: BioWare
Original Platform(s): Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3
Original Release Date: March 6, 2012
Let’s Player: Olizandri
Date Started: January 23, 2017

So I watched the part where Shepherd goes into the geth virtual reality and learns the truth about their quarian creators.  She makes the right decision to allow them to upload the Reaper enhancements, and she’s able to have Tali persuade the fleet to stand down.  Everybody wins!

Title: Out of This World/Another World & Heart of the Alien
Series: N/A
Genre: Cinematic platformer, action-adventure
Developer: Delphine Software
Original Platform(s): Various
Original Release Date: 1991
Let’s Player: MikeNnemonic
Date Started: May 13, 2017

*expletive deleted* I’m putting this on my day planner to watch right now.  Done.  I don’t think it’ll take many more watches to complete.  Maybe I’ll start watching two games at a time, too.  I really want to watch all of Zelda in chronological order now that I’ve read Hyrule Historia.

.Games Added to Playlist: 3

  1. Dark Rose Valkyrie – I’m on the fence about this one.  CBA says it’s really slow in the plot development department, and after five hours it’s still dragging along.  If I think of the other RPGs I’ve played or seen, five hours makes a huge difference narrative wise, even if you have to grind.  Maybe not the original Final Fantasy, but for anything modern, that’s a huge letdown.
  2. Neverwinter Nights – Discovering old Bioware RPGs is always an adventure, one spurred along by The Dragon’s Tea Party’s post. 
  3. Rakuen – I was talking about this with someone in the comments, and I’m notorious for not noting that information down.  Whomever you are, thank you for putting me onto this!  I think it was on my “Saddest Video Game” post.

Total Games in Backlog: 115
Change from Last Week: +3

Games Added to Watch List: 1

  1. Among the Sleep – This is another add to come from my “Saddest Video Game” post by iplayedthegame.  Apparently, the reveal at the end of what’s causing the horror is heartbreaking.  I love when my Fridge Horror is delivered to me with a bucket to catch my tears.

Total Games on Watch List: 27
Change from Last Week: +1

Games Purchased This Week: 0


Obviously E3 happened this week, and I felt, well not let down per se, but it felt a little lackluster.  We watched livestreams on YouTube when we could catch them, but a few times we mixed up 2016 with 2017.  I thought the preview for Kojima’s Death Stranding was this year, but regardless holy shit is that amazing.  When is is coming out?  Also wtf Squeenix?  Final Fantasy Fishing??  It’s almost like many of the companies presented their big projects last year and didn’t have much to show this.  Now I’m not making this a major judgment because these projects are huge and will take some time to implement.  The FFVII Remake is probably going to be another three years *sigh*  God of War looks good and will definitely be going on my watch list.

Is my assessment skewed?  Am I being too harsh?  What did you think of E3?

I’ll have a surprise for you guys next week 🙂  I would’ve had it today, but circumstances didn’t permit.

What are you currently playing and/or watching? Is it something new or old?  Is it a first time run or a replay?  What’s the genre?  Would you recommend it?  What’s on your radar to play next?

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22 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 6/13/17

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  2. The mere concept of Final Fantasy XV fishing is just hilarious. I guess it could be relaxing? Honestly, they just have to cast a Thundaga spell and go collect the fish. 🙂 Overall, E3 was good. Two of my pipe dreams came true. Also, the new Assassin’s Creed game looks very promising. I was surprised by that. Now I need to really work on my backlog before an avalanche of good games come out!

    I’m super hyped for this surprise you speak of 😀

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  3. Among the Sleep is a short game so that one shouldn’t take you too long to watch.

    I bought a Switch over the weekend (got lucky and one of the Targets near me had a few), so I’ve started Zelda.

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  4. Ahh, I suck. It was my birthday this weekend so I was a bit busy and didn’t have time to post the update until now! I’ve got one more episode worth of footage to cut and ready for the internet. After that, I’m stuck waiting for new computer parts to arrive before I can record any more. Hopefully they come quickly so I can finish this LP.

    Among the Sleep is a scary, scary game. Along with the whole thing being heartbreaking, it has lots of jumpy atmosphere and throwbacks to things that scared me in horror movies in my childhood. I hope you absolutely love watching it.

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  5. My wife was excited for FFXV fishing, at least. She threatened to get VR just for it. Seriously, they could have a FFXV cooking game, and she’d want it. Or how about the other characters’ hobbies, like Prompto’s photography. Wait… I would so play a game where you just run around and take pictures in the Final Fantasy world. Final Fantasy Snap?!

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