30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 14

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Day 14:  Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.

Oh boy did you ask the magic question.  All of my wallpaper (except for work) is gaming related, and I always make sure I have a different wallpaper for every device lol.  Guess what game it relates to?

This is my laptop’s current background:

and this is the picture on my phone:

What are some of your gaming backgrounds?  I realize this might be a difficult question to answer since WP doesn’t support visual comments, but you could post a link there, or I can see it if you do the video game challenge yourself!

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27 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 14

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  2. Nice! 🙂 I used to have a Super Meat Boy background on one of my old computers (it was just a closeup of Meat Boy’s face). I always meant to get some red post-it notes to stick on the edges of the monitor so he’d have his little Meat Boy nubbin arms and legs. lol Other than that I think the only other video game background I’ve done was a Binding of Isaac one on my laptop at one point.

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  3. I like that picture you have on your laptop. And your phone one is fierce!!

    My gaming wallpaper continues to be Morrigan facing the Warden, arms crossed, sunglasses on, with the caption “Deal With It” prominently across the top haha. The last one I had was a fanart of Zelda and Midna standing next to each other in Hyrule, to which I added the caption “One cannot exist without the other.” Because… I ship them? I’m a horrible person, I know haha

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  4. I unfortunately haven’t had a purely gaming wallpaper in a long time, but one I fondly remember was from when Chrono Trigger DS came out. I was obsessed with the 12,000 B.C. Antiquity era area, and got a wallpaper of those floating islands. It’s still one of my most favorite images and worlds in gaming.

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  6. My pink haired shero is on my work phones, personal phone, work computer, home computer, laptop, tablet, and I got her as a PS3 background as a trophy reward in FFXIII. 😀 I test phones for a living and have like 40+ I share with my team. They always know which one I’m using by checking the background, haha.

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    • I’m so shy about my Sephiroth love, though I seriously much just talk about him without realizing it, because my old boss used to sing a few lines from One Winged Angel to me sometimes lol. Though we are friends on Facebook so that’s probably how she knew lol. I’m always afraid someone’s going to ask, “So who is that?” and then I’m going to fumble over my words trying to explain it or I’ll get someone who might know who he is say, “Um, isn’t he the villain,” and then it’s just Awkward City.

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      • I can see how that would be totally awkward! Once I got my tattoo all my shyness about idolizing a fictional pink haired character disappeared, haha.

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        • Speaking of which, I was in a position where I needed to defend your shero today! *rolls eyes so hard* That cosplay I tagged you in? Well, I got it from a friend who had some disparaging things to say about her. So I asked “Why do you feel this way?” But wen it took him hours to answer, I realized he kind of wasn’t worth my time, but then another friend of mine eventually replied and said if you’re making a judgment without finishing the game, then you’re missing a lot.

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          • Aw! Thank you for defending my shero 😀 I loved that cosplay (it almost made me buy a Lightning costume for me. There’s no way I could pull it of though, lol). But yeah, I know all too well that almost every veteran Final Fantasy fan seems to hate Lightning and FFXIII. Many see her defense mechanisms at the beginning of the first game, and then stick to their assumption that she’s just a boring fem Cloud clone. She just doesn’t know how to handle her emotions, and she pushes people away to hide her own weaknesses. In my wrong opinion, Lightning and all of the characters (yes, even including Hope) don’t deserve the amount of mindless hate they get. People are quick to judge them, but all of them grow over the entire trilogy. Anyone who hates on them without playing all three of the games first does not have an informed opinion (or has a closed mind that will never change). People hate on games all the time, but FFXIII just seems to get torn apart constantly…

            Honestly, I can’t bring myself to look in the comments sections of anything related to FFXIII anymore. There’s always at least one group bad mouthing Lightning and/or shitting on the narrative that means the world to me. I know it’s only a trilogy of video games, but these comments make me very sad. 😦 I didn’t ask to love the FF trilogy everyone hates but I do. To me, the trilogy’s overall theme is that no matter what fate does to you, you can always find the strength to keep fighting for what you believe in. The haters can hate all they want, but this message changed my life. Lightning will always be my source of strength and symbol of hope.

            On an unrelated note, there was a cancelation and my tattoo is getting finished next Friday!! 😀 (Oh and sorry for rambling all over your blog again too).

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            • I’ve come to the conclusion that “pulling something off” is entirely subjective, and if you want to do a cosplay of your favorite character, you should totally do it! One of the cosplayers I follow posted something about how to do makeup to look like any character. I know nothing about how to contour, but apparently, if you can learn how to do that, you can pretty much do ANYTHING. I love watching videos about it, because I swear these people are wizards lol. I just learned the best way to put on fake eyelashes maybe a few months ago, and it’s utterly counter to how they tell you. I’d say I need lessons on how to be a girl, but there are plenty of guys who wear makeup so I need to be inclusive!

              Ugh, his comment annoyed me, because I knew it was just a brush off, because he didn’t understand the character, and I freaking know if Lightning were male, he wouldn’t have the same point of view. It’s not like Final Fantasy hasn’t had aloof, guarded characters before, and I’ll be able to speak to Lightning’s situatio more when I play, but just from what you’re told me, she’s the INFJ Queen and such hiding your emotions is paramount. When someone doesn’t get a character that I feel akin to, I feel like they don’t get me, because the character usually shows all of the traits I have even if I don’t show them. It makes me not want to open up to those people, because if they’re going to judge an analogue that harshly, how are they doing to treat the real thing.

              I see the hatred FFVII gets online, and it’s one of the more beloved Final Fantasies. I can’t imagine loving a game that seems to be universally hated and it’s not even for a good reason!

              I don’t go to the comments section either, because I know it’s just going to ruin my day. You have all of these people with their shallow, shitty opinions that have absolutely no depth. If you don’t like a game because it’s not for you that’s fine. IF you played it and you have an informed opinion that’s fine, too. But don’t just say “This sucks!!1111!” and expect me to treat your opinion like gold.

              The fate theme seems to run through Final Fantasy, and that sounds like the “No fate but what we make” from Terminator. It’s like the opposite of FFVII’s “Fate is monstrous and empty” theme, which Sephiroth succumbs to, but Cloud fights again. Even still, it’s the Planet that makes the decision in the end with Aeris intervening to save humanity

              Honestly, at this point, people are hating on it because it’s the cool thing to do.

              Yasss tattoo! And ramble away. While I don’t have to avoid ever part of the internet for FFVII, there’s still the “overrated” crowd to dodge.

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              • Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂 I’ve struggled with self-image loathing (a result of being bullied a lot as a kid I guess) so that’s probably the root cause of my unconfidence. I also have no idea how to use makeup and never wear it. I’m a terrible woman, haha. Cosplaying looks like fun though! I may work on my skillz, someday. It’s amazing what some people can do.

                It’s not easy loving FFXIII, but I’ll keep doing it, dammit! 🙂 If any troll is dumb enough to call FFVII overrated, they usually pay for it. I find a lot of RPGs touch on the fate thing. FFXIII’s take on it resonated with me at a time when I needed it the most. The games could in fact be terrible, but I enjoy them no matter what the internet says.

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                • Ugh, me too. I always thought once I because an adult, all of that uncertainty would disappear, but it’s JUST starting to happen and I guess I’ve technically been an adult for a while. I had to use YouTube to figure ANYTHING out lol. It’s a surprising resource for it with most of the people telling you exactly the products to get, too. Makeup is expensive though. Like good foundation is around $40!! I remember one time I spent more than I even want to admit for a Halloween costume. Most department stores with makeup counters will do your makeup for free though so if you ever want to try it without spending loads of cash you can always go that route 🙂

                  I need to step up my replay so I can give an informed opinion and help you fight the trolls lol. I think I said I was going to play it sooner rather than later though. I don’t think Type-0 is very long…actually, I have to make sure I own XIII :O

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                  • I should totally drop by a makeup counter, point to my arm, and tell them to make me look that, haha.

                    I’m very excited to read your opinions on FFXIII whenever you get to it. I sure could use some backup, but I’d also understand if you hate the games. I always like reading the opinions of people I respect, even if they differ from mine.

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                    • You could probably bring in a picture of her and have them do it! And tell you how to do it 😀 There are also probably tutorials on YouTube for how to do your makeup to look like Lightning *nods* I found one for Elsa from Frozen and a (not very good) one for Sephiroth. The girl doing the tutorial said his lips looked dry in Advent. Um what are you talking about? No they didn’t, they were like this perfect shade of pink. The nerve of some people…

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                    • Lightning Ellen may very well become a reality, someday, 🙂

                      *gasps* How dare anyone call the Great General less than perfect!

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