30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 16

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Game with the best cut scenes.

You all know I have to say Final Fantasy VII, though it’s obviously not the only game with great cut scenes.  I’m not going to post the most famous cut scene in the land since the Remake is coming out…eventually, and amazingly, that scene is now spoiler territory again for those who didn’t play the first time around, but it occurred 20 years ago, and is still counted amongst the best and most shocking scenes in video game history.

All of the Final Fantasies have amazing cut scenes to be honest, ever since they started them in FFVII and even the ones added to older FFs are stellar.  I’m particularly fond of the opening to Final Fantasy IV.

And this one for FFVI always gives me chills.

For non-Final Fantasy there are too many in Mass Effect to count, especially Mass Effect 2.  I’m trying to remember what the name of the green skinned asari was, but she had a thing for Shepherd, and the look on her face when she made a bit of a pass at her was heartbreaking and beautiful.

Then of course there’s the cut scene in Twilight Princess when the eponymous Midna’s true form is revealed.

I was just as speechless as Link.

What’s your favorite cut scene?  Let me know in the comments, and yes, I accept links 😉

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17 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 16

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  2. FF IX and Parasite Eve are ones that always pop in to my head when a question like this comes up. From a technical level, Blizzard’s Diablo and Starcraft scenes are excellent as well and the Halo 2 Anniversary edition cutscenes (which were remade) are also phenomenal.

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    • That opening scene to Parasite Eve is absolutely breathtaking. The snowy street then your introduction to Eve herself. Squeenix likes setting their games in New York on the city’s analogue hehe. Midgar from FFVII is based on that metropolis. Huh…that’s interesting because in Avengers that’s the city where the battle where Loki took place and this world is known as Midgard in Norse Mythology. So weird hehe.

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  3. I love the twilight princess one too! I love Midna and her true form is great. One of my favourite cuts scenes is when you first go into Rapture in Bioshock and sort of fly above the underwater city. It’s a bit basic but when it first came out I remember being really in awe of it

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  4. Square Enix is great with the cut scenes. I also loved the ones in World of Warcraft, HZD, and Fire Emblem Awakening. There’s too many great ones to choose from 🙂

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  5. In general, love the FF cutscenes! A lot of the older ones stand the test of time! Square was always ahead of its game when it came to graphics, which is why a lot of them look so great. If I had to choose one cutscene, I’m really fond of the FFX “Suteki da ne” scene, cheesy as it is. Second place is them laughing… HA HA HA! HA HA HA!

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    • They really are high quality! I think FFVII was the first game I ever played that had cut scenes, and even though you can see the dating on them now, they were still pretty damn advanced.

      That song is so beautiful! Even though they’re also not my favorite couple lol. I guess I don’t like when they shoehorn them in? Like obviously Tidus, the fish out of water, is going to be the love interest for the beautiful, self-sacrificing summoner. It didn’t bother me as much in FFIX even though princess and thief is just as contrived if not more so. I guess because of the more fairy tale nature of the game? Or because I like both Zidane and Dagger whereas I don’t like Tidus that much for X and I don’t like Rinoa that much for VIII.

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