30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 17

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Favorite antagonist.

We all know who my favorite antagonist is, and if you’ve been here for longer than a minute, you also know that I don’t consider him to be the true antagonist of the narrative.

Tell me about your favorite antagonist and why you love them!

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13 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 17

  1. I really loved the jaw-dropping realization of how to defeat Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid, but he was just a boss fight and his mechanics were more interesting than the character. I love the antagonist from FFXV, who probably battles it out with Kefka for my top spot.

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  2. It’s all Jenova’s fault and Hojo is an ass 🙂

    Bowser is definitely my favourite. He makes me laugh, I admire his tenacity, and I love his dragon-like qualities.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more!

      I love how Nintendo went from having Bowser be just a villain you had to beat to the villainous comic relief. I really love good comic relief villains (Joker anyone?), and it’s not that easy to pull off and have them remain menacing. Granted Bowser is not scary menacing (Nintendo is geared towards the younger crowd), but he’s still pretty huge and intimidating.

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  4. Hehe, love your answer! My favorite antagonist is Bowser, because he has a comic relief side to him in the RPGs. Sometimes, as in Super Mario RPG and in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, he joins up with the plumbers to fight a greater evil. And he has kids and joins in parties and sports! I like that he’s a flexible villain, and that he’s never truly scarily evil – just a big turtle with a penchant for kidnapping (and wanting cake for some reason).

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    • Bowser is still going strong after what 30 years?? I love when they can successfully make a villain both villainous and comic relief e.g. The Joker and Kefka. Graned tin the later games, Bowser is not quite so menacing, and I like that he’s a playable character in Super Paper Mario.

      If I were guaranteed cake for kidnapping, I’d do it, too!

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