30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 19

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Day 19: Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

This is the final scene from Super Paper Mario.  I’d never leave that hill…but if I had to have a city to go back to I’d choose…

…the Lindblum Theatre District.  I like the arts, but if I was feeling more in the need of technological advancement, I’d have to go with…

…the Citadel from Mass Effect.  Yes, I’m aware some really bad things happen there (hell, bad things happen everywhere), but I’ve had ideas for a vast, technologically advanced city of the future for a long time, and the Citadel is literally a gigantic metropolis in space.

Where would you reside in video game land?

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16 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 19

  1. Sunleth Waterscape in FFXIII would be my preference. It’s such a beautiful forest area. I would be quite happy hiding out there for the rest of my life, haha. Oddly enough, the “inside the moon” area of Majora’s Mask is a tranquil spot too (if you ignore the crazy mask boss lurking there)

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    • The Majora’s Mask one is so incongruent! The moon is so horrifying from the outside, but the inside is like that? I wonder it it’s not really inside the moon, but rather you’re teleported to some other dimension #crackpottheories

      Final Fantasy, especially the latter ones, has some amazing spot. I know there were plenty in X, especially if you love the beach :p

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  2. Yes, I think the dying almost immediately would be a problem in many video game worlds, and so I would live in Second Life where I would live forever and basically just do all the same things I do now, except I would actually go outside sometimes because that world is absolutely insane and I’m pretty sure is populated almost entirely by anthropomorphic purple zebras in bondage gear.

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      • It’s kind of like if you mashed an MMO and The Sims together, but everything is just a wide open wild frontier where you can do or build anything you can think of if you put the time and/or money into it. It has a whole functioning economy with virtual money that can be directly traded for real money, but you basically need to either get a full time virtual job or spend a ton of real money if you want to do anything there. Certainly interesting in theory, but not fun enough to compete with actual games or actual life.

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  4. Let’s see… The Dales from Inquisition, or maybe the Caribbean from Black Flag (san pirates and corsets?). Or maybe Zelda’s castle in Twilight Princess… Although I think living on the Citadel would be interesting until Shepard had to go blow it up to save the galaxy…

    I love that hill, too!

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