30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 20

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Day 20: Favorite genre.

RPGs are number one in my book.  I love games that tell a story.  Second is puzzle games, since I also love games that make you think, though obviously any game that tells a story should also make you think.  I find puzzle games incredibly useful for playing before I have to write or edit something, because it gets my problem solving circuits all fired up.  Third would be platformers, though I seem to have lost some of my skills with those over the years, probably because I haven’t played as many as I used to.

What genre holds the highest esteem for you?

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39 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 20

  1. Like you, I love to lose myself in another world. One ripe with looting, exp gain and a story that would make the very gods weep in appreciation. All hail the RPG!

    I hate puzzle games though. Sorry, haha!

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  2. Hooray for RPGs! I’m also a fan of action-adventure games, and I do like a good puzzle game 🙂 I said fantasy for my day 20, but since that seems to be “questionable” as a genre, I figured I’d be a little safer with those three 😉

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    • Game genres aren’t like book genres, are they? I’m actually trying to compile a list of viable game genres for a planned post about how to define good gamplay. With games, you can have fantasy RPGs, fantasy action games, fantasy puzzle games, fantasy FPS’s. It’s almost like you need two genres to define them; it’s why I’ll usually do that in my Gamer State post.

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  3. I’d say action RPGs are probably my favourite, but I like playing almost everything. Anything with a good story and/or fun gameplay is all I really want 🙂

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  5. Definitely RPGs. I used to *love* 2d fighters, especially the SNK stuff like King of Fighters 98 and Samurai Shodown. I’m not sure why, but I rarely touch them anymore. I’m also a sucker for adventure and horror games, but there are so many terrible cash grabs in the latter camp.

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    • The last 2D fighter I was really into was Street Fighter II, and I was only marginally good at that one. I at least felt like I was doing more than just button mashing though. I played a tiny bit of the Tekken that was out at the time (don’t even bother asking me the number lol), and I liked Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Clay Fighter, and Soul Caliber 2, so…I guess I did play a bit more than just SFII, but that was definitely my favorite of the bunch. I just remember Soul Caliber having that one creepy character who never talked; he just hissed and bowed.

      Horror is one of the hardest genres to pull of successfully. You have to really understand how to get under peoples’ skin and of course everything is subjective. For a scaredy-cat like me Mother Brain is Metroid is terrifying, but that doesn’t hold for most gamers, though nearly everyone will agree that Dead Space is scary as fuck.


      • Haha, I think you’re referring to Voldo in Soul Calibur. Weird dude in bondage gear, thongs, and has knives on his hands?

        Horror is definitely a tricky genre. I hate predictable jump-scare garbage and prefer more mind-fuck horror or games with disturbing atmosphere, like Claire, Silent Hill, The Evil Within, and Resident Evil VII.

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        • Yes! That dude. Such a creeper hehe. I liked using him though just because he was so weird.

          I much prefer the mind fuck, cosmic horror type thing even though holy shit scary! Though sometimes you can have that and good jump scares like Dead Space was brilliant with it, and though I haven’t seen it yet, the first Alien was big on that, too AND it had the eerie atmosphere. I don’t like them to be honest, because whoohoo anxiety, and it takes me a long time to come down. I also hate anything involved with chasing. I remember watching Zelda Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass and I had to cover my eyes when the phantoms were alerted in the dungeon. You can imagine how much I *love* the Wall Masters.


  6. I so wish that I were into games so that I could post meaningful replies here. What genre is that game where the character goes around a maze chanting ‘waka-waka-waka-waka’?
    I love reading the things you post, though. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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  7. If you had asked me this 10 years ago, I’d probably answer RPGs but I’ve found that I have less and less time to devote to anything and shorter experiences have become my go to. With that said, maybe adventure games are now my go to. They generally give me the story fix and can offer a wide array of gameplay styles.

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    • I, too, have noticed I have way less time to devote to the games/genre I love. RPGs are as involved as a good book, and time is in short supply for me. It’s one of the conversations I’ve had with the coworker who gave me the 360. I pretty much have to schedule out my playing time. Ugh being an adult sucks.

      Nothing wrong with a good adventure game! They do offer a variety of styles and you don’t have to devote as much time to them as RPGs with their need to level up.

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  9. I’m gonna cheat and name the top 3 genres that I always pick when naming them. My top 3 are platformers, RPGs, and point-and-click adventure games. I grew up with platformers so that’s a given, and some of my favorite games are the epic RPGs. I like point-and-clicks because I love story-driven games that incorporate logic puzzles into them. It’s a niche taste, but it’s part of a genre that is slowly coming back thanks to the Telltale games series, Life is Strange, and Thimbleweed Park.

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