30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 21

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Day 21: Game with the best story.

You guys already know I’m going to say Final Fantasy VII. 

“Silence like a cancer grows…” -The Sound of Silence

From my notes:

VII is a story of secrets, shadows, and silence, but it is the silence that echoes so deep. This is a narrative that seeks to fill the ubiquitous emptiness by ironically presenting it in full. Not only its characters, but also we are hollowed out by what is never said and never revealed, but many of these things are integral truth that in silence can only destroy.

FFVII is the story that not only captured, but held my attention for 20 years and over half my life.  It is the number one inspiration for all of my writing whether that writing is fictional, fantastic, essay or critic.  It came to me after the worst tragedy of my life, and while I can’t say it filled the void, it made me realize I wasn’t alone in the darkness of my own thoughts.  Even though I didn’t know all the details of much of VII’s own major inspiration at the time (and there’s no way in hell that event didn’t change the story, because it was going to be something entirely different before it became what is what, and events like that change you.  Yes, I’m being vague), I still knew there was something special about this game.  Even before I played it, it forced me to go beyond my normal genre since VII is firmly science fantasy or, as I used to call it, the fusion of fantasy and sci-fi.  From a game I had no interest in playing to my life’s obsession, VII’s story was the first narrative to make me question the meaning of the word “terrorist,” because the term is entirely dependent on point of view.  It also made and still makes me either face or push down dark truths about myself and what I would do if confronted with certain situations.  I always insist that I know I wouldn’t be fooled, but in all honesty, I don’t know and it scares me.  Do we really truly understand the darkness that could lie seething in our own deepest cores?  Or do we only think we do?

Puppy time!!!

I needed a drastic subject change, because that got way too deep way too fast, but that’s my relationship with VII.  There were almost some tears shed!  WTF, I don’t have emotions like some commoner *sniff*  Look at dem ears above though.  He could probably take off flying ♥

FFVII isn’t the only game whose story I love.  I have to give props to the Legend of Zelda series especially with all the timelines and loops, Mass Effect of course, Child of Light with its fairy tale atmosphere, Super Paper Mario with the ending that literally made me cry, but Final Fantasy VII has the best story to me, but more importantly for me.

What’s your favorite game story?  Why do you hold it so close to your heart?  Feel free to share as much or as little as you want!

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34 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 21

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  2. My favorite story-heavy games are Planescape: Torment, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and Undertale. What I look for in an experience like that is how much it utilizes the medium to tell its story. It’s more than just being written well; these are stories that could not work in any other medium – without that interactive component, they couldn’t sustain themselves. It’s why I feel the AAA industry’s approach of trying to make them into films (i.e. most of Naughty Dog’s output after Uncharted), ultimately misses the point of the medium.

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    • I have 999 on my backlog and I think I have Undertale…yup I do! Okay, I just added Planescape. It sounds like something I would really like.

      I think it’s because the tech to do so is still relatively new, so they’re going all out to give games this amazing cinematography. I’m not as upset about that since a lot of the games I play are the type of RPGs where you’re more following along a character’s story rather than the character is more of your avatar, but I definitely understand that video games are supposed to be interactive, and it’s the interactive nature that often serves to pull you deeper in.

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  3. The Zero Escape trilogy has an awesome story. Very clever plot packed with twists. It’s also a rare example of a story that works because it is a video game. It wouldn’t work as well as a movie/book because the interactivity plays a big part of the experience.

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    • I like that. It sounds like the game really utilizes the medium it’s rendered in. I definitely like games that *could* be books or movies, but if a creator can make it so that a game has to be a game otherwise it won’t work, that’s quite an accomplishment.

      Ah okay, I just looked this game up. I have it on my backlog. Ah, it’s a DS game. Looks like you could play it on iPhone, too. I wonder if it’s available on Android…

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  4. Stories are beautiful things! You never know which one will touch you when you need it the most 🙂 People will always get different meanings from different narratives so I make sure to at least respect stories I’m not a fan of.

    Other than the trilogy I keep rambling about, Horizon Zero Dawn’s story is still with me and it’s ending was 2nd time a game made me break down and cry. It was the best paced story I’ve ever seen in a game. The writer’s revealed everything perfectly. Honorable mention to The Last of Us. I’ll never forget that depressing journey.

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  6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has one of my favorite stories ever, regardless of medium. I like mysteries and this game is chock full of them. More importantly, the original trilogy of the game has an superb storyline filled with such epic twists and turns that all come together in the finale. It’s a visual novel adventure, yet I’ve replayed it at least 5 times. I can’t get enough of it! I incorporated it into our video game wedding alongside the “big” franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy, which says how important the game series is to my wife and me.

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    • I’ve seen the memes all over the internet, and it’s been on my backlog for a while! That’s a shame about the 4th, but at least there were three good ones prior.

      It must be a good game if you incorporated it into your wedding along with those big hitters 😀

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      • One of the more hardcore gamers at our wedding gave us huge props for including Ace Attorney since that was an obscure pick in a sea of other more mainstream series. It felt good, haha. The 4th one does things to the characters that I didn’t appreciate, but the 5th and 6th entries thankfully “fix” it. I wish they retconned the developments, but at least they “fixed” it.

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  7. OMG that basset hound puppy is so cute! Look at those ears! ❤ I love basset hounds so much but I'm pretty allergic to them. It sucks because I love dogs, and I'm fine around some breeds and start getting sick around others. It has to do with their dander and some sort of protein present in their saliva 😦

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