Final Fantasy Friday: Negative Traits

Final Fantasy Friday

Alright, it’s time to get nasty…

Who is your least favorite main character?

I’m sorry, but he’s annoying as fuck.  It’s not the stranger in a strange land motif, which is not only common, but often an integral part of the Monomyth/Hero’s Journey.  It’s also not the fact that he was sensitive as a child and had “daddy issues.”  I was and remain hypersensitive, and Tidus’s dad is a total douche nozzle.  My annoyance and dislike probably hinges on his voice/voice acting, and I know that’s incredibly shallow.

He’s also…kind of useless.  Okay, I concede that because he is a stranger in a strange land, he has no qualms about bucking tradition to question the faith (literally), because he *spoiler* falls in love with Yuna and doesn’t want her to die. *end spoiler*  Without his fresh insight, the cycle would’ve arguably continued as it always had, though as a counterpoint, there was Auron, *spoiler* the Unsent, *end spoiler* who knew the truth about Sin and that the summoner’s pilgrimage could have been avoided.  Then the narrative could’ve focused on Yuna (as it should have!) coming to realize the truth about Yevon and the Fayth without the shoehorned romance angle, since Auron already knew the truth.

Though without Tidus, we don’t have the time travel/time loop aspect, which is a throwback to the very first Final Fantasy.  Just…make Tidus a less annoying character.  At least he’s halfway decent in a fight *grumble*

What main character do you like the least?  Because this is a decidedly negative post, you must give some reasons for your dislike.  No just bashing characters and no flame wars.  There have to be reasons beyond “they suck!”  All of the regulars here are good, so I know you’ll present exemplary behavior for any noobies 😉


8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Negative Traits

  1. I kind of can’t stand Squall. He’s the least interesting character and the faux-emo feel he gives off drives me insane. It doesn’t help that I don’t like many of the game mechanics in VIII so, it all gets magnified at Squall but still, I can’t stand him.

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    • Aw, well this is going to be a respect your opinion and appreciate you gave reasons why you feel that way, and I can see where you’re coming from with your dislike. A lot of people don’t like his moody-broodiness. I chalk that up to his abandonment issues and serious introversion, but he is pretty mean especially in the beginning. I’m super introvert, too, but I come off as outgoing until I run out of social mana. Squall really just lives in his head. He’s pretty fascinating to a psych dork like me hehe.

      FFVIII has probably the weirdest mechanics in the Final Fantasy series. I’ll agree with that. I was okay with them once I got used to them, but it took a while, and I relied on the GF and died a lot. I’m glad Squeenix is at least insightful enough to change the game mechanics with each iteration, so even if you don’t like one, you’ll probably like the next (except now that it’s all active battle ugh).

      At least the card game is good though :p

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    • Oh man, I don’t want to start a flame war over how much I hate him, because I know there are people who are fans, but everything you said I completely agree with. Like I said, the “daddy issues” aren’t a problem, because I’ve seen excellent characters, in Final Fantasy as well, who have daddy issues, and they’re not nearly that annoying. He’s just so…ugh. Like Vaan of FFXII is useless, but I didn’t dislike him nearly as much.


  2. To be honest, I’ve only played the first six Final Fantasy installments, and I can’t really say any of the respective protagonists were annoying. I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to pick Tidus when asked this question, though (Squall seems to be another popular choice).

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    • None of them are really annoying! At least none of the MCs like the character the story is focused on, which is debatable in VI, though I think it’s Terra and possibly Celes in the second part.

      Tidus and Squall are the popular choices for it hehe. Squall has similar characteristics to myself, so he doesn’t bother me as much. Insofar as I understand why he’s the way he is, but Tidus just irks me.

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  3. Truthfully, I don’t really hate any of the MCs I’ve come across, thus far. I always see the good in fictional people… I can’t help it! But yeah, Tidus is really annoying, and Vaan is really boring so they tie for my least favourite, haha.

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    • Tidus and Vaan are the blonde pretty boys who kind of serve little to no purpose lol. At least Cloud knew how to swing a sword and Zidane was the charming thief. I wish they’d made Baltheir the main character. That would’ve been brilliant for the re-release.

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