The State of the Gamer: 7/18/17

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A weekly post updated every Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have quite a backlog of games to either play or watch, and I’m hoping a weekly article will assist with my progress as my other accountable posts have done with reading and writing.
I have an account at Grouvee, which is a essentially Goodreads for gamers, so please feel free to friend me there!
Original source of the banner art is located here.

Currently Playing: 4

Title: Final Fantasy Type-0
Series: Final Fantasy/Fabula Nova Crystallis
Genre: Action RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation 4
Release Date: October 27, 2011
Date Purchased: May 18, 2017
Date Started: June 18, 2017

Progress: Chapter 2

No progress this week.  I’m still at the school and still trying to find time to play.

Title: Final Fantasy V
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square
Platform: PlayStation
Release Date: December 6, 1992
Date Purchased: Unknown
Date Started: June 17, 2017

Progress: Walz Castle

I’m still at Walz Castle, but I managed to loot the basement and snag myself 3000 GP and an Elf Cloak.  That stupid harpy down there attacked me three or four times, but I was able to run away, though it killed/knocked out two of my characters.  I attempted to fight/obtain Shiva, but she and her cohorts kicked my ass even though I took the advice on GameFAQS of switching everyone to a Black Mage and casting Ice.  I’m going to do some leveling and give it another try.  I might look up another walkthrough and see if there are any more tips, or I may just continue on to Walz Tower and come back for her later.

Title: Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Release Date: June 29, 2016
Date Purchased: March 21, 2017
Date Started: March 27, 2017

Progress: Rank 28

I had some trouble yesterday with the game crashing during one of the new Vortex missions, the Aquapolis, even after I restarted the Kindle.  There was a nice long while where I wasn’t having this kind of trouble, but it seems like the instability is back.  I drew a TON of new characters though. I’m going to keep Gau (FFVI), Freya (FFIX), and maybe Sabin (FFVI).

Not much to say about the story line.  I’m on Dinardo, but I’m just traveling through the caves at the moment hoping to find a town.  I have a few Missions that center around this continent.

Title: The Room Three
Genre: Puzzle, Mystery
Developer: Fireproof Games
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Release Date: 2015
Date Purchased: May 28, 2017
Date Started: May 28, 2017
Date Finished (1): July 4, 2017
Playing Duration: 37 days

Progress: First ending completed

I looked up how to get the other endings, and it was as I suspected.  I haven’t had time to go back and obtain the items I need for it, but I’ll try to do that this week.

Games Currently Watching: 2

Title: Phantasy Star
Series: Phantasy Star
Genre: RPG – Fantasy/Science Fiction
Developer: Sega
Original Platforms: Sega Master System
Other Platforms: Sega Genesis, Wii Virtual Console
Original Release Date: December 20, 1987
Let’s Player: Hungry Goriya
Date Started: March 24, 2017

Progress: Ongoing

I haven’t watched any of this this week D:  I think I’m like three videos behind so that will be a nice half hour or so of catch up.

Title: Mass Effect III
Series: Mass Effect
Genre: Action RPG – Sci-Fi
Developer: BioWare
Original Platform(s): Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3
Original Release Date: March 6, 2012
Let’s Player: Olizandri
Date Started: January 23, 2017

Progress: 88%

I have my progress at 88%, but I really only have one more video to watch for the main story.  The rest of them are DLCs.  I’m kind of heartbroken about what happened in the last video.  *Spoiler*  Admiral Anderson died ;_;  I loved his character, and I loved his father-like relationship to Shepherd.  His final line to her “You did good child…” ripped me apart.  I’ll have more to explore about this in my review, but yeah, the feels were real ya’ll *end spoiler*

Games Added to Backlog: 2

Title: Never Alone/Kisimi Ingithchuna
Developer: Upper One Games
Release Date: November 18, 2014
Date Added: July 13, 2017
Recommended By: The Well-Red Mage

I’m happy the WRM’s review reminded me about this.  I saw the trailer for it game years ago (far longer ago than when I started doing these status posts), so of course I forgot about it.  The graphics look beautiful, and there’s a chapter that features the northern lights *dreamy eyes*

Title: Until Dawn
Developer: Supermassive Games
Release Date: August 25, 2015
Date Added: July 16, 2017
Recommended By: N/A

My husband started playing this the other day, and I looked like something I could get into, even though it’s a horror game.  It seems to be more point, click, and choice as opposed to action.  So long as I’m not being chased by anything that I myself need to run from (aka so long as I can close my eyes) I think I can handle it.  If not, to a Let’s Play!

Total Games in Backlog: 121
Change from Last Week: +2

Games Added to Watch List: 0

Total Games on Watch List: 32
Change from Last Week: 0

Games Purchased This Week: 0


I think I found a prospect for a new banner, so I’ll try to work on that this week.  Also, you’ll notice I have more details on the games I’ve added this week.  I’ve started updating this in draft daily, so I have more time for those details.  I’ve been trying to find a decent game organization app, but that appears to be nigh on impossible.  Most of them either want to charge you up front or charge you on the sly after you already have the app.  It’s irritating.  I like Grouvee, but I wish there was an app for it that tied in with the website similar to Goodreads.  Any suggestions would be most welcome!

So I  watched Castlevania on Netflix at the recommendation of my big brother who has yet to steer me wrong!  Holy shit was it amazing.  This is how a video game should be adapted to visual media, because games are generally far too involved to be fully explored in at most a three hour time frame.  It’s been green lit for another season with 12 episodes, which guarantees I’m not getting rid of Netflix anytime soon.  Also Alucard…

Nuff. Said.

I didn’t know that his actual name is Adrian Tepes, which just makes him a thousand times cooler, because everyone with the name “Adrian” no matter how it’s spelled is awesome.  And he has a really long sword ♥♥♥

What are you currently playing and/or watching? Is it something new or old?  Is it a first time run or a replay?  What’s the genre?  Would you recommend it?  What’s on your radar to play next?

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50 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 7/18/17

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  2. Loved Until Dawn. Choices impact the flow of things and make it worth playing through/watching a few times.

    I’m catching up on select SGDQ2017 speed runs and working my way through the last 2 Blackwell games. I have the FFXII remaster arriving soon and want to jump into that before school starts back up on August 14th.

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    • I could definitely see playing through Until Dawn a few times. It’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book..

      Summers are never long enough…I need to order FFXII myself, though I’m wondering if I should since I already have a ton of games to play. Sometimes you just want a game for the sake of having it though so that when you want to play it, you don’t have to wait.


  3. I’m pretty in love with VGCollect for a game archive. It has an app as well, but I can’t seem to get it working on my phone. It might be that my phone is older and the app doesn’t have what it needs to run, but who knows? I like that site especially because it lets you put in exactly what you have for each game (cart only, manual, box, inserts, etc.) so it’s a really handy tool for me.

    Things I’m hoping to play next include Psychic World for the Master System, as well as Dragon Crystal. I streamed some Dragon Crystal the other night and the game is a rogue-like. I’ve never played one of those before, so I felt trolled most of the time when I’d put on cursed equipment or accidentally level down from drinking the wrong potion. Fun stuff nonetheless! I wish you the best with getting caught up on things and getting through the games you’re invested in.

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    • Oh that sounds so promising! The web application is free; it looks like it’s $3.28 on Android. What an odd number for a price lol. I don’t think the app is as up and up as the website, but I might look into this. I like Grouvee, but I like it when you also have an app option that ties to the site. It’s odd that there isn’t a lot of those for video games.

      The wrong potion sounds almost like Faxanadu! Where you’d be poisoned. I’m every so slowly getting through them, though it often seems like I concentrate on one at a time.

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      • Haha this is like wrong potion in Faxanadu to the max. I find it hilarious and laugh so much while playing Dragon Crystal that I’ve been itching to sit down with it again. Work busyness has reared its ugly head again!

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  4. My brother likes Until Dawn. It is one of those games that you’ll play a lot and before you know it, it’s one of those “recycled games” that he plays when he’s tired of what he was playing. There are numerous games in that category.

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    • No lie there. We pretty much just watched it completely through. I do like that they made it a Netflix series and not a theatrical release. Game movies don’t do well, and I truly feel that making them a series like this is so much better. I think there’s far too much in most video games to fit in 2 or 3 hours, so you invariably cut out some integral parts. I can’t wait for the remaining eight episodes.

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    • I was thinking of you while watching it, because it is definitely grimdark! I’ve played the games minimally and like 30 years ago lol. It scared me when I was a kid, because I was an even bigger wuss puss than I am now. But what I like is that you didn’t need to have played the game at all to get what was going on. Oh, I know it was definitely a nostalgic feast for people who played it. My one friend said the cyclops was dead on, and the teleporting thing that Alucard did is a move he has in Symphony of the Night. I freaking love when a show works like that: nostalgic goodness for some peeps, but palatable to newbies to the fandom.

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      • I totally agree! I wasn’t allowed to talk while watching it (I had a couple of questions!) because my husband was so into it that he couldn’t look away for a second. (He got SO excited about that Alucard move!) Fortunately, the show answered all of my questions anyway lol.

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        • I love when they make things that both satisfy old fans and make it easy for new fans to pick up. A lot of book readers absolutely abhor the show Game of Thrones, and while some of them are just super elitist, a few of them have some valid points. But Castlevania seems to be universally loved, and it’s the most violent anime a lot of people have ever seen.

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  5. You are almost to the story part where I quit in Brave Exvius. I think I’ll watch Castlevania this weekend. I never played the games before but I’ve heard great things about the show. I also agree that everyone with the name Adrian is awesome, regardless of the spelling 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m still doing okay in terms of being able to take on the story enemies/bosses. Some of the Vortex ones are beyond me, and there’s a new mission there that keeps causing the game to crash *grumble* I’m going to see what happens when it updates after tonight. Hopefully they’ll fix the stability issues again.

      Well…we DO have a certain charm 😀

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  6. I don’t have Netflix, so I’ll just vicariously live through your viewing of Castlevania. And I really want to play Before Dawn! I’m looking for short games to play in between the RPGs I have in my to-play pile, and Before Dawn seems like a right length for me surviving a horror game, and seems to have a good story to boot.

    Your comment about Adrian reminds me of Zero Punctuation’s review of “Braid”… 😉

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    • Netflix is kind of like Apple. Useful but evil. It has great original series, but the owner was kind of okay with anti net neutrality until he was called out so much he changed his tune. It’s messed up because when they were smaller, of course they were for it, but now that they’ve raking in the moneys, they’ve forgotten where they come from.

      I’ll have to check out his review lol.

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  7. Ah! I love Never Alone (and Until Dawn)!! I’ve really been wanting to play Never Alone again lately. It was such a cool game. I loved the little educational videos in it, and the game itself is gorgeous and oddly calming.
    Castlevania was awesome. I can’t wait for more episodes!! 😀

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  8. I kind of loved that Castlevania was only four episodes and they were each only about 25 minutes long. Excellent pace to it all, even if it was really just a teaser.

    I deleted Brave Exvius off my phone. It kept crashing on me and well, I have other things to play.

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    • I can’t wait for the eight more. Netflix better hurry up.

      Ugh, that is SO annoying. There’s this one Vortex mission that continually crashes no matter how often I reset and when you restart, you’re not even in it anymore. It’s still doing it even after the weekly update. So irritating.

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