Final Fantasy Friday: Final…Legends???

Final Fantasy Friday

Though there is far more rivalry among the games within the series themselves, I’ve still come across a few people who decide to cast shade upon Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda depending on which one they prefer.  I, personally, find this quite ridiculous in the same way I find someone like me judging an FPS game to be a poor play.  Each series brings different things to the table in terms of game technicalities, and they both tell epic tales.  Zelda is pure fantasy, while Final Fantasy (a bit ironically) has elements of sci-fi in it and could be better considered science fantasy.

This week’s question shows another periodic departure from my normal fare.  I’ve done it before here, and I shall do it again in the future, not because I’ve run out of Final Fantasy questions, but rather because it is possible for two (or *shock* more) epic game series to coexist.

What this in mind…

Who is your favorite Legend of Zelda character?

This topic came up in the comments of my Cecil Harvey assessment last week.  I’m…pretty sure I’ve either posted about this here, because I’m getting a picture in my mind (because it’s already in my picture library), but Midna is my favorite character and the best princess (yup I said it.  Let’s fight!).

She’s so beautiful that Link is speechless not because he never says anything, but because the titular Twilight Princess is so stunning.

I read somewhere how Midna’s garb was more eastern in inspiration compared to Zelda whose clothing is more like a western princess.

I don’t fault Princess Zelda for this in the least (she’s written that way), but even when Midna’s realm is overthrown by the evil Zant and she herself is changed into an impish form, the ruler of the Twili still manages to do what’s necessary to save her people.  Zelda is usually another mitigating factor in the battle to defeat Ganon (though I’m happy that in later iterations, she has more of an active role), but Midna in her imp form is Link’s literal “ride or die chick,” a phrase I’ve never used before this day :p

Also The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the only game in the series to invoke two princesses in its title…

…and like all epic games, it’s generated some truly amazing cosplay.

Who is your favorite Zelda character?  Are they also in your favorite game?  Let’s discuss in the comments!



22 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Final…Legends???

  1. Midna. Midna Midna Midna Midna.
    For all the reasons you said. And she just so happens to be in my favorite Zelda game 😀

    I actually also really like Nabooru, even though she’s not really a companion character. Even though it was short, I thought her character arc was interesting, and I really enjoyed the Iron Knuckle fight when she was in the armor, especially since she forgot to pick up her weapon at first (teehee). I always pictured her as opposing Ganon from the beginning, not for some noble reason, but because she would have been in charge if not for him. And then she wound up being a sage! (spoilers?)

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    • Midna is the best princess ♥ I wish she were in more than just the one game, but I don’t see how she could be given how that story ended.

      Omg he’s adorable. It always broke my heart whenever he’d make that scared noise hen the enemies got him D:


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  3. Midna is awesome! ❤ My favorite Zelda character, who also happens to be my favorite character period, is Link. I've probably explained this already, but I like how he's a flexible character who can be molded into new settings and situations while still keeping this epic lore of being the Hero of Time. Plus he links the player to the game, which is super cool. Also, he wears green, and I always approve of that.

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