Final Fantasy Friday: Light Motifs

Final Fantasy Friday

We’ve been without a music question for far too long, and since it’s a bit too late for me to do another character assessment (alas!).  Those take a momentous amount of time.  I think I did the last (and first) one in around three hours.  I’ll probably do quite a few in the weeks to come since I’ll be on vacation, so you should leave your suggestions for whom I should do next in the comments!  I was planning on going through every character one game at at time starting with IV, but you all should know by now, my position can be swayed, and I try to keep my minions followers happy 😉

What’s your favorite character theme?

Now, I could say Sephiroth, since “One Winged Angel” could be considered his leitmotif, but he technically has another song associated with him, “Those Chosen By the Planet,” which is the one you first hear in the basement of the mansion with the bells and the drums that sound like a beating heart (a common feature in VII’s music for an eerie but obvious reason).  Then the bass drops, and what’s been appropriately dubbed “the music of evil” comes through on an organ with strings in the background.  Give a listen to this version here.  The organ is replaced by sepulchral voices, but this in no way diminishes the effect (in fact it’s possible the organ in the original game is supposed to represent such voices).

OWA became his leitmotif as the song most associated with him, but since I can use Sephiroth and his song as an answer for favorite final boss music, I can give another answer here (I just couldn’t resist talking about him for a little bit :p)

As rich as Final Fantasy IV is in plot, it’s sadly lacking in leitmotifs, save for Rydia who alone has her own theme.  I guess she deserves it, considering what happened to her home town and family ;_;  I also think they skipped over the concept in FFVIII for some reason or my memory is failing me, which is entirely possible.  I’m not noticing it in FFV so far, so I’m going to take a chance and say that Final Fantasy VI introduced the ubiquitous concept even going so far as to have each character’s theme be part of the lengthy and lovely ending medley.

As usual, I’m at sixes and sevens with myself (quite literally) with which leitmotif is my favorite, and since I can’t quite decide which one I love the best, I’ll just go with these two.

It makes sense that one of my favorite themes is for my favorite female main character, and this is an awesome rendition (with one of the most heartbreaking scenes from the game in tow).  It’s from an album by TPR who does “melancholy” remixes of numerous games: the Final Fantasies, Legend of Zeldas, and many more.  Great to listen to while editing or just relaxing.

Then there’s this…

As if “Tifa’s Theme” wasn’t melancholy enough…

I actually think it’s sadder than Aeris’s leitmotif, but of course this is entirely subjective.  I’ve attempted to learn them both and made decent headway with the flower maid’s theme until time and chronic fatigue made me give it up.  Tifa’s song is a bit more complicated.  I love how forlorn it is.  Yes, I did just ascribe a joyful emotion to something sorrowful.  There’s just something about sad music.  It stirs up strange emotions.  I can’t say it’s happiness…it’s more like a happiness at experiencing sorrow through music in a sort of vicarious grief.  Even if I shed some tears it’s more of a release and less of a grieving, and there is a joy in it.

What’s your favorite leitmotif/character theme?  Does it coincide with your favorite character?  Let’s discuss the intricacies of music!



13 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Light Motifs

  1. I don’t think I can possibly choose one, but I can say that it would come from IV or VI. As for IV, while Rydia’s theme of course jumps immediately to mind, I don’t think it lacks for leitmotifs other than that – while it may be shared, Cecil and Rosa have a “love leitmotif” that is strung through all of their scenes together. Kain has his own – Suspicion – which while not as prominent, is still attached to him. Golbez has his own sinister leitmotif as well. But Rydia’s is always the first that comes to mind when IV is brought up!

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    • You’re absolutely right, and I completely forgot about those! Cecil and Rosa do have the “Theme of Love,” and Golbez has that ominous organ music so associated with villains. I’m drawing a blank on what Kain’s theme sounds like, have to look for that on YouTube. I think I remember Rydia’s because it’s literally called “Rydia’s Theme” :p

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  2. I’d have to go with a three way tie of: The Promise (Serah’s Theme) in XIII, Unguarded Future (Lightning’s Theme) in XIII-2, and Final Words (Snow’s Theme) from Lightning Returns. Have I mentioned I love the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy before? 😀

    For FF character analysis suggestions: I would LOVE to see you do a Lightning one someday. Also Yuna, Kimahri, Auron, Barret, and Squall would be cool to see too 🙂

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    • I really need to listen to XIII’s soundtrack, but I like to play the game first, because I feel like the music has more meaning when you see the scene it’s from. Like Aeris’s Theme would be beautiful no matter what, but it’s even more so AND poignant because I know the character/situation.

      *adds to suggestion list* Squall will be fun. I’ve written about him a lot because I’ve had to defend him, so I already have some ideas about his zodiac and psychology 😉

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