Final Fantasy Friday: Humanity Is Overrated

Final Fantasy Friday

Personally I prefer cats…or dogs…or rats…or a teakettle, but this post isn’t about my rampant and growing misanthropy, but rather…

Who is your favorite non-human/non-humanoid character?

I have to throw in the caveat of “non-humanoid,” since you sneaky Petes could easily throw in Fran as your favorite non-human character.

Because if we’re going to play that game, I could claim that Sephiroth isn’t all human due to his alien cells, and declare myself the cleverest in the land (trust me…I could make the Great General fit anywhere *wink wink nudge nudge*); so this question is geared towards truly non-human characters, ones who couldn’t pass for homo sapiens just by covering their ears, dyeing their hair, throwing on some shades, and/or not admitting they’re a ghost, a Cetra, or from the moon.  Of course if you make a good case as to why your favorite isn’t human/humanoid, I’ll probably just go with it (I’m thinking of a lot of the characters in Final Fantasy IX), and with that being mentioned, I’m fairly certain my favorite non-human character is Freya Crescent.

Whenever I play FFIX I always give her an English accent (yes, I read the dialogue aloud), and I’m sure you’re thinking if I’m going to do that with anyone, it should be Garnet/Dagger.  What are you trying to say???  Well, I give Dagger one, too!  Her voice is higher though whereas Freya’s is throatier.  Doing voices is fun.

Freya is such a tragic character (which I suppose must be the fate of all who share the surname of “Crescent”), and her loyalty knows no bounds, though now that I’m older, grumpier, and more feminist, I’m slightly vexed that her whole character arc was about chasing a man who completely forgot about her.  I mean Freya is a Dragon Knight for goodness’ sake!  She’s not some fainting flower or damsel in distress, or rather her distress is due to her beloved forgetting about her.  Though Freya is obviously there and present throughout the majority of the game, in terms of her personal quest, she shares a sorrowful paradigm with another lady (which is what Freya means; “lady”) Lucrecia from FFVII in that she’s unremembered by the one she holds most dear.

A fitting quote for a character who’s named after the Norse goddess associated with death and the heavenly afterlife.

Red XIII/Nanaki gets an honorable mention, because he’s one of the most noble characters in the entire franchise, and also I fucking love this picture of him.

He looks more feline here, a beautiful mixture that oscillates between lion, tiger, and wildcat.  Some artists depict him as more doglike,  but I could believe Squeenix made his species ambiguous between the two.  Red or rather Nanaki, as I prefer to call him (since Red XIII is the title/number that dickhead Hojo gave him), is probably my second favorite non-human/humanoid character, though I suppose you could argue that since Freya is more humanoid that Nanaki is my favorite *shrug*

Have at it in the comments or just let me know your favorite inhuman!


28 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Humanity Is Overrated

  1. Red is an awesome character, although I usually rename him Dave. Others? Earthworm Jim. Globox from the Rayman series as he’s so goofy. Midna from Twilight Princess. Link’s hairdo (doesn’t look human to me). Ori. The minions from Dungeon Keeper.

    It’s difficult to pick an all time favourite, but Murray the Skull from the wonderful Curse of Monkey Island is right up there.

    For Final Fantasy, it would always be Red/Dave. Cool character. And only a teenager!

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  2. I’ve never much thought about it before, but I suppose Red XIII is my favorite if push comes to shove. Although I do also like Cid as an Oglop in FF IX. Outside of Final Fantasy though, I’d easily go with Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank.

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  3. This is more than adequately, satisfyingly spot on. Damn accurate, if I may be so bold. With greed (acquisition of resources, physical&mental) being the prime motivator for our species survival, it’s hard to appreciate our existence (yeah, we’re assholes). But then again, philosophically speaking, maybe we, with our lit AF words and relatively high intelligence (average, according to Sci-Fi), are the only ones able to create a livable existence for all conscientious entities (until the next cycle (mass effect reference, booyah)). So, what I’m trying to tell you, is that I have nothing else to tell you than anecdotal crap. K, thx, bai

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