The State of the Gamer: 9/26/17

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A weekly post updated every Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have quite a backlog of games to either play or watch, and I’m hoping a weekly article will assist with my progress as my other accountable posts have done with reading and writing.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a essentially Goodreads for gamers, so please feel free to friend me there!

Currently Playing: 2

Title: Final Fantasy Type-0
Series: Final Fantasy/Fabula Nova Crystallis
Genre: Action RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation 4
Release Date: October 27, 2011
Date Purchased: May 18, 2017
Date Started: June 18, 2017

Progress: Chapter 2 – All the leveling

I have three more characters left to level.  Even though it’s been over a month, I still can’t complain about the method!

Title: Final Fantasy V
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square
Platform: PlayStation
Release Date: December 6, 1992
Date Purchased: Unknown
Date Started: June 17, 2017

Progress: Karnak Castle

I added writing up instructions for getting out of Karnak with all the treasures to my to-do list.  I should be able to do that by the weekend so I can institute my master plan.

Ongoing Games: 2

Title: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Series: Mario Kart
Genre: Racing/Driving
Developer: Nintendo
Platform(s): Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Release Dates: April 28, 2017 (Switch), May 29, 2014 (Wii U)
Date Purchased: August 21, 2017
Date Started: August 26 2017

Progress: 200cc

Haven’t played at all this week!  Haven’t even picked up my Switch to finish up the Octopath Traveler demo.  I’ll need to remedy this.

Title: Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
Series: Final Fantasy
Genre: RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Release Date: June 29, 2016
Date Purchased: March 21, 2017
Date Started: March 27, 2017

Progress: Rank 33

I haven’t played this at all this week either!  What the hell have I been doing?  Oh yes, I’ve been updating my blog and making more work for myself as a writer *headdesk*  I’d meant to fire up FFBE last night, but my Kindle was dead, and the cord is in that annoying phase where it has to sit in just such a way in order to charge, so it’s a pain to try to do so and use it at the same time.

Currently Watching: 1

Title: BioShock
Series: BioShock
Genre: First Person Shooter – Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Developers: Irrational Games & 2K Australia
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, iOS
Original Release Date: August 21, 2007
Let’s Player: Christopher Odd
Total Number of Videos: 33
Date Started: August 28, 2017

Progress: 73%

“Would you kindly…”  Chris has two episodes named this; one of them is all in caps, so I know it’s serous business.  I’m about three episodes away from it, but too tired to watch any of the Let’s Play tonight.  Would you kindly bring me a nightcap so that I might go to bed?

Games Added to Backlog: 1

  1. Angels With Scaly Wings – Leave it me to have the very first dating SIM I ever have be one with sentient dragons, but the Final Fourteenth Mage sold it well.  Not only is it a dating SIM, there’s a mystery element to it, and just makes my puzzle solving side want to come out and play!  Now to just figure out what system it’s on, as nothing pops up for that on Grouvee.  To the Google I go!
  2. Gravity Rush – a Vita game on TSN’s list?  What’s this about???

Total Games in Backlog: 143
Change from Last Week: +2

Games Added to Watch List: 2

  1. Observer – Another recommendation by my good friend Cheap Boss Attack for a cyberpunk horror game.  Halloween is coming up, so I think this would be a good watch in October when I finish up BioShock.
  2. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – I watched this game years ago when my husband played it, but I want to watch the rest, and I think a refresher would be necessary.

Total Games on Watch List: 39
Change from Last Week: +2

Games Purchased This Week: 0


Guess who now has a PS Vita?  This Narcissist!  The same coworker who gave me the Xbox 360 sold me his PS Vita for $50.  I still have to pay him (and pay for the candles I bought from Avon.  That doesn’t have anything to do with gaming obviously, but I have to remember to take out enough cash for both).  He also gave a 16G memory card, a game called Gravity Rush in addition to a really neat zip up case and a screen protector.  So let me know what other Vita games I should add!  I know I can play PS3 and PS4 games through it, so I’m pretty pumped!

I’m also soon to be the proud owner of a 3DS once everything has been transferred off of it.  I’ll need to buy a cord, but those are like $8 on Amazon, so no biggie there.  I’m excited.  I’ll finally get to play Bravely Default 😀

This weekend I went over to a friend’s house to play card and board games.  We wound up playing this game called Pandemic: Contagion where you are literally a disease trying to infect the cities of the world until you wipe them out and humanity with it mwahahahah!

*ahem* It’s one of the many iterations around the same theme where others have you playing the WHO whereas in the one we played, the WHO were our sworn enemy.  My friend won both times, but it was a whole lot of fun and definitely something I’d play again.

They also gave me this…


There’s this new gaming center in a mall around 30 minutes from me called Round One, and they have EVERYTHING.  Untranslated aka still Japanese DDR, karaoke rooms, bowling, pretty much every game known to man.  It’s like Dave and Busters on steroids.  I want to go for DDR and karaoke, because it’s been forever since I’ve done either one of those, even though I own several DDRs.  I miss doing it, but alas my health!  Anyway, according to my friend, there were “good but bad” employees there who might have been making the games way too easy, and as a result the entirety of the back of their couch was filled with these types of toys.  There was a hamster on their end table that was bigger than both of my cats put together.  I saw the little dino, and squeed like there was no tomorrow, and since they had so many toys, they gave him to me.  He looks a lot like Bub or Bob from Bubble Bobble, don’t you think?  Aaaaaaand now I can’t get the background music out of my head.

What are you currently playing and/or watching? Is it something new or old?  Is it a first time run or a replay?  What’s the genre?  Would you recommend it?  What’s on your radar to play next?

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6 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 9/26/17

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  2. Congrats on the fancy new gaming hardware! And that potato is super adorable!! 🙂

    I think I’ll be playing Dragon Age Origins until the end of time… I finished the main game a few weeks ago, but I still have a bunch of DLC packs to get through. I recently finished Leliana’s Song and the bard is even more badass than I thought!

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