Final Fantasy Friday: The Creepiest

Final Fantasy Friday

We all know what time of the year it is, and as a bonus we get a Friday the 13th in October to make the spookiest season even spookier.

Now, I know this is the second weekend of October.  I never claimed to have a good sense of time, but for the rest of the month, I’ll gear my questions more towards the eerie and off settling aspects of my favorite franchise.  With that in mind…

What is the scariest monster/enemy?

Final Fantasy boasts quite a few creepy creatures in its extensive history.  There’s the Final Fantasy VIII’s Fake President (…I want to say something so badly) after he reveals his true form.

Also known as Gerogero, which I’m not even sure how to pronounce

Then there’s that monster you sometimes run into in the basement of the Shinra Mansion in Final Fantasy VII.  Now according to the internet (which I just scoured), TSN is delusion and this creature doesn’t exist, but I remember running into this terrifying fucker in the first screen of the basement in the same hallway as Vincent’s room.  You don’t find it every time, but it has a similar appearance to Gerogero, but somehow scarier.  I wish I could remember what it was called, but when I get to FFVII in my replay, I’ll garner some courage and see if I can draw it out.

These ghoulish goons are pretty offputting, but the most terrifying monster in the Final Fantasy franchise can only be an eldritch abomination ripped straight from the nightmares of Lovecraft, trickling down from the cold stars above….

I’ve waxed poetically about this entity (which I refer to as “it” never “she”) in The Seventh Is the Darkest and Heart of Darkness.  Final Fantasy has its share of aliens, and many of its characters can claim that lineage (albeit usually only half), but it’s what’s not revealed about Jenova that adds to its horror.  It never speaks.  It never divulges what it wants.  It just mutates, destroys, and consumes.  We don’t even know the nature of its true form, it’s appearance arguably being a corpse-like mockery of the last person/Cetra who came in contact with it before it was sealed away.  It’s also possible it has no true form, and, like The Thing it shares many attributes with, can only mimic appearances.  If you’re not as creeped out as me, that’s perfectly fine, but think on this: how often, in not only game scenes but music, do you hear the beating of that hideous heart?

What monster/enemy is your go to for creepfest?  Let’s talk spooky in the comments!


20 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: The Creepiest

    • I’ve only seen pictures of cosplays of Pyramid Head, but just those are creepy enough, and holy shit yes…the leviathan in SOMA is terrifying so are the viper fish. Both of them have the screaming faces on them, suggesting they assimilated their victims. All of the monsters in that game are horrifying especially knowing their origins.

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  1. For Final Fantasy, definitely Jenova. No question about that, at all. For other games: Broodmother from DA Origins and the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4 freak me the heck out!! *shudders*

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  2. I’m having a hard time thinking of something creepier than Jenova, the whole concept of her is very disturbing. A good runner up for me is Anima from FFX, Semour’s freaky summon (also my favorite summon in all of FF).

    From something else, the dog in Resident Evil. If you’ve played RE you know the one I’m talking about.

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  3. For my money, the Skull Eaters from Final Fantasy V. They’re just a recolor of the squirrel enemy, but little Aether playing on his GBA always thought, given the name, that they had skulls in their hands in place of nuts. And the way they would multiply when hit with magic, and the way they were almost intangible, and the way they could one-hit kill most of your characters…. yeah. Those stressed me out more than any other FF enemy.

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    • I haven’t come across those guys yet, but they did do a rehash of those enemies in World of Final Fantasy. They’re not super creepy there, but considering what I was terrified of as a child (and still am as an adult), I have no stones to throw for what anyone is afraid of.

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  4. The fake president does look scary. He wouldn’t look out of place in a Resident Evil game. Jenova on the other hand looks quite sexy. Guess I have twisted taste haha.

    Final Fantasy creatures that strike fear? I would go for the Tonberry. They may look cute, but I cannot help but feel terror when they show up. They soak up a ton of damage and then kill me in one stab.

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    • I suppose I can just say “to each their own” lol. It’s something I’ve heard before, and, well, I’m horrified, but then again that’s what it’s trying to do and you’ve FALLEN FOR IT o.O

      You know what. I completely agree with that. The way they inch ever closer and stab you, especially in FFVIII. They could literally one shot a character like that.

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  5. So Gravity Rush 2, which is not a horror series or really known for being creepy in any way, had the damn creepiest boss I’ve ever fought. Obviously inspired by Akira, but just having to fight this monstrosity made me feel wrong in so many ways.

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