Final Fantasy Friday: The Crossover

Final Fantasy Friday

I have been playing a lot of video games lately.  I know…I abandon you all for a month, say I’m going to be writing a novel, but instead I play all the games.  I didn’t plan it that way, but when you suddenly come into four new systems in less than six months, you have the need to use them (plus Super Mario Odyssey though).

An indie creator and the Big N gave us Mario + Rabbids, and the wedding of Disney and Squeenix gave us Kingdom Hearts with a variety of ever confusing numbers and excruciating waits for the third one (?).  I apologize; I’ve actually never played KH (action RPG and whatnot), but I certainly loved watching my husband get his ass kicked by Sephiroth in the Radiant Garden.

No, but that outfit suits you ♥

This brings me to this week’s question…

What other game or franchise would you crossover with Final Fantasy?

This is one of those questions I didn’t have an answer to before I post it, but for some reason all I can think about is Assassin’s Creed.  You’ll have to forgive me since the only one I’ve ever played is Origins, so I only know the most minimum of details; however, I think a guild of assassins would be quite enriched with the addition of my one-winged obsession up there.   Assassin’s Fantasy or Final Creed would work for different but acceptable reasons.  Final Creed is growing on me more though.  It’s kind of like “final oath,” and it could have to do with the oaths the assassins take that could have some magical factor/geis involved with them, and possibly the plot is the main character attempting to do something that breaks the oath, but for a good reason, and hey, we may have a story here!

I wonder how a Legend of Zelda crossover would work.  Final Legend is a kick ass name, too.  What about Metroid?  Mother Brain and Jenova certainly have that creep, hive-mind factor going on, and don’t the metroids themselves suck out life energy?

I haven’t really worked out the semantics of gameplay or anything like that since none of the others are RPGs, but I like the narrative options and would love to hear your suggestions in the comments.  Fanfiction anyone?

What games (or any other media) would you cross over with Final Fantasy, or let me know any other crossovers you think are cohesive!  Also, since Disney owns Marvel, it’s possible that my two favorite characters could technically end up in the same game 😀

32 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: The Crossover

  1. Ultima X Final Fantasy. The soul of Lord British sends The Avatar to each of the major FF Timelines to recruit major characters to come back with him to Britannia to save it from ruin. It turns out that when The Avatar merged with the Guardian to destroy him at the end of Ultima IX this opened a void in which Chaos (The evil entity from the original Final Fantasy) was freed into the land. He lied dormant for decades, before infecting Lord British’s next of kin, and plunging the world into an iron-fisted dictatorship regime. Wracked with guilt The Avatar accepts, and goes on the dangerous, and laborious trek to assemble Final Fantasy’s greatest heroes across all eras to join his party.

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  2. I’d reall like to see a crossover between FF and the board game Imperial Assault. IA is a Star Wars Board game where one player takes the role of the Empire Forces, while the rest take on a hero of the rebellion. From there its a turn based tactics game with a mission based structure. What I want is that same gameplay and structure, but replace Empire with Shinra, and Rebellion with Avalanche.

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    • This is absolutely brilliant. It reminds me of a game I played where one player was the zombie, and the rest were trying to avoid him and his zombie minions. It’s like instead of having an NPC Big Bad, you have a player one. Love this idea. You could pretty much use any of the Final Fantasies for it, too!

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  3. I have a Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Age crossover fan fiction idea bouncing around in my head. It’s called Dragon Fantasy Origins XIII. So far, I’ve only been giggling at amusing character interaction scenes I’ve been dreaming up, haha. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write something about it one day.

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      • You’ll have to let me know what you think of that ship. I am usually 100% against ALL stupid fanfiction ships people stick my shero in 😦 It’s okay to be single… seriously internet. Sigh… I just have to deal with it. People can see characters however they want to.

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        • I usually abhor any kind of cross over shipping, but I think because this is one that I thought about before (narcissism alert), I’m really curious to see how its handled. Honestly, I don’t think I’d do a romantic ship with them. It would be more of a competitive partnership that would end with mutual respect.

          That’s pretty much what I say. People ship Sephiroth with Tifa. That’s just so weird to me because he killed her father! I mean *cough* I ship him with Aeris, and he killed her, but it’s one thing to forgive someone for what they did to you personally; it’s quite another thing to forgive them for murdering someone you love.

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          • Noctis Lightning is another ship I found today. I don’t know Noctis, but that seems awful to me, haha. Sephiroth and Lightning seem like they would be an equal couple, which I think is great! It’s just my version of Lightning rolls solo, and I’m cranky about my views, haha. People can have their fun though! I don’t have to read anything I disapprove of 🙂

            Ew! Tifa and Sephiroth seem so wrong for each other. Very good point! I would personally find it much easier to forgive someone who murdered me. I don’t think I would EVER be able to forgive someone who murdered a person I love 😦

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            • I wish you could see my face. Um…what? I mean, yeah…people can ship whom they want, but I’m gonna judge. I’m gonna judge hard. Noctis is like Hope with darker hair or at least that’s how I see him.

              I honestly can’t see your shero paired up with anyone either. She seems like a solo lady who wouldn’t be able to stomach anyone’s BS for long. That’s exactly what I think. It doesn’t affect me so long as people aren’t forcing me to read or interact with it. But god help you if you ask me my opinion 😀

              Right?? It’s just…I don’t see the connection there. Don’t get me wrong, I know Aeriseph is a bit weird since he killed her, but…there’s still a connection between those two characters overtly and possibly covertly (both of them being in the labs at the same time). TIfa and Sephiroth met in Nibelheim, and the only history they have is him killing her father and burning her town to the ground. Not…a great icebreaker (well…I mean fire is, but ugh, pun fail!). Exactly! This is why I’m thinking of having Cloud make an appearance in my alt-universe at some point. The dynamic would be so convoluted, because on one hand, no forgiveness for killing Aeris, but Aeris is alive again…but with him?! Omg, I just love torturing characters so much mwahahaha.

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              • #Judging 🙂

                Burning down a village is definitely an ice breaker, haha. I’d love to see how you write Cloud! He would freak out at Aeriseph, and it would be so very amusing to read 😀

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    • The answer you’re looking for is World of Final Fantasy! It already exists 😀 That’s literally what I thought when I played it. I was like, “This is Final Fantasy meets Pokemon,” and it really works. The creatures you catch can even “evolve.” If you haven’t played it, I highly recommend!

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  4. Funny enough, Final Fantasy HAS crossed over with Assassin’s Creed, thanks to FFXV’s Assassin’s Festival. It’s such a silly crossover, but my wife loved it so much. I’d love to see the series crossover with Zelda. I’d love for it to be like Kingdom Hearts, except with Zelda mechanics and playing as Link. Imagine going through Final Fantasy themed worlds solving puzzles and exploring dungeons, but with a Zelda twist. My second choice would be Ace Attorney, which is one of my favorite series. It’s a game about lawyers solving murder mysteries in the courtroom. I’d love to see legal disputes between FFVII characters. I’m already thinking Cloud gets accused of killing Aeris, and their lawyers must put the clues together to pin it on Sephiroth. Day one buy if it ever happened!

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    • I think I heard about the FFXV crossover, and I’d probably love it, too lol. That would be brilliant as a Zelda game o.O I know quite a few people who’d play an FF if it were more like Zelda since they’re not as fond of the random battles or turn based, though the later ones are less like that now. I think Zelda’s pure fantasy and Final Fantasy’s (ironically) science fantasy would be a nice combination.

      AHHHH okay, so the Ace Attorney thing reminds me of the story behind my Sephiroth RP on Facebook, and that’s making me flail. It’s set in Midgar after the events of the original game and everyone has been brought back for another chance and their interactions with each other lol. Sephiroth and Aeris are together, and Seph’s background is that he *was* tried for crimes against humanity, but he had a great lawyer (er me like I think of myself as he lawyer *hides*) and she was able to have him acquitted 😀 I haven’t updated that page in forever and I really should, but it’s certainly fodder for more fanfiction ideas.

      Actually…there’s a bit of a debate between whether or not Cloud DID kill Aeris o.O There was this video froma few years ago that I wrote an angry response to, because I thought was preposterous, and it incited my nerd rage lol. Now…I’m not sure. The points are actually pretty compelling, but it’s not without it’s flaws. It reminds me of the Squall is Dead theory. It’s interesting to think about, might be true, but has some issues.

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      • That’s so awesome that your story behind the RP involves lawyers and trials. I really want to see it now!

        I’ve never heard of that debate actually, but it sounds intriguing. I’ve never thought that, and it’s way more fitting that it was Sephiroth, simply based on what their characters represented in the greater scheme of things. Speaking of the Squall is dead theory, I think it’s hilarious, and I admit that part of it is my overall disdain for FFVIII’s plothole-filled story.

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        • Welllll it’s not so much explicitly there, but I do mention it in some of my updates lol. If you’re interested this is the link to the page, though as I said it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update, and there used to be more people I’d go back and forth with, but you know how that can be with time constraints, so I just enjoy posted when I get a moment and just thinking of different scenarios. It’s a decent way to exercise the writing muscles 🙂

          Oh! I think I might have it on my blog, though it’s an old post. Let me see… *rummages about* Nope, I must have posted it on the collaborative blog I used to right for that’s now defunct. Oh well lol. If you look up Who Killed Aeris on YouTube, it comes up though!

          Bahaha, I remember your disdain for that game. That theory actually helps fill in the plot holes though lol, though I suppose you could see that as just as bad.

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  5. Hm, how’s about just having a GOOD Final Fantasy and Disney crossover instead of the one we were given…? Say, like a T-rated game…or something pushing the limits of E-10…with the worldbuilding of something like Final Fantasy X…with the gameplay of what KH is now…and the plot of something a little more like what the first three Kingdom Hearts games were.


    That’s heaven.

    But. I’d love to see a TRUE Assassin’s Creed/Final Fantasy crossover with its own unique story, not just guest characters and some borrowed game mechanics.

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    • I have not played any of the Kingdom Hearts, so I can’t give an opinion on this alas. Do you mean the latest one they’re releasing? I prefer turn based to action RPGs, so I’ve never played them, though they’re on my list to watch…eventually. They’re probably not going to have them rated too high since it is Disney. Final Fantasy, at least VII and beyond (and some versions of IV) are more mature, but Disney is VERY picky with how their characters are portrayed, so it can be dicey.

      That would be amazing, because my favorite character Sephiroth would be a kick ass assassin ♥♥♥

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