Final Fantasy Friday – Winter Fantasy

Final Fantasy Friday

It’s been snowing a lot around here lately (as in three times in one week).  Now while I’m sure it would be nothing to my Canada friends, we usually don’t see significant snow until January or February, because the seasons have kind of shifted.  Dare I hope for a White Christmas this year??  I don’t recall ever seeing one, though the records say there was indeed a snowy holiday in the area when I was old enough to remember it.  Fun fact about TSN, I used to be terrified of snow.

My vocabulary wasn’t so, ah, colorful when I was under five, but I did used to say, “No snow!” with a childish lisp, and I refused to have anything to do with the white stuff.  And since we’re talking about shit I used to be afraid of, let me not forget to mention cats.  My mother had an old friend who had this tuxedo named Spunky, and they’d have to put him away if she ever brought me over.  I think it’s because cats are very slinky, tend to appear out of nowhere, and I’ve always been easily startled/frightened.

Now of course I love snow and cats.

Note: This would not have been possible when I was five. 

Second Note:  After this is when I dropped my iPhone…the one I’d just gotten for Christmas a month ago.  Yeah.

Anyway all of this has been leading up to the question of…

What is your favorite Final Fantasy winter music?

If you’d asked me this a week ago, I would’ve unequivocally said the Voices of the Lifestream version of “Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow),” which is so much better than the original music that I wish they’d use this version in the Remake.

But then I discovered an hour long video of holiday video game music, and the very first song on it is the “Starlight Celebration” from FFXIV, a game I hope to get for Christmas.

If this doesn’t epitomize the wonders of winter, I don’t know what does.  It has a Danny Elfman/Edward Scissorhands mien to it.

I figured I’d share the hour long video instead of just XIV’s song in case you’d like  to hear the other songs.  It’s a pretty good mix from a variety of games (not just Final Fantasy).

So what’s your favorite wintry video game music?  Does the music correspond to your favorite wintry part of said game?   Let’s discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday – Winter Fantasy

  1. I don’t like snow or ice levels, but I tend to love the music in them. The only FF one I can remember right now is FFX’s snow mountain, and since it’s a great track, I’ll go with that. I also love winter music from Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, and Adventure Island II. The N64 did holiday songs well!

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