Creative Christmas – The Helper’s Reward

Tis the Christmas season (or Advent to be theologically accurate), and in the spirit of the season, the lovely blogger over at Later Levels has decided to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas a few days earlier with 12 gaming related questions for all of us good, little gaming elves out there.  These are my responses.

🎄   27 December 2017:   Your help must have worked, because it’s now Christmas morning and presents are under the tree! There’s a fancy box with your name on it; which gaming-related item are you hoping is inside?

My very own PS4!!!

I’d also accept a Wii U.

I know you’re all probably shocked that it’s not something Sephiroth related, but I pretty much have all of the Sephiroth statues, three Masamunes, a one-wing pin, numerous pairs of knee high boots, and anything else I want, I just buy myself.  The systems though are expensive and would take much grinding to earn enough gil to purchase on my own, whereas everything else is more than feasible so long as I don’t obtain it all at once.

What present would fulfill your wildest gaming holiday dreams?  Is it a game or system itself, or is it a fandom item?  Let’s talk gaming presents in the comments!

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