Final Fantasy Friday – The Switch That Isn’t Nintendo

Final Fantasy Friday

It’s the last (Final Fantasy) Friday of the year, and whenever a new one is nigh, the trite “New Year, New You” is often thrust upon us.  I, for one, plan to remain the same awesome me, and any resolutions I have won’t be predicated upon the idea that there’s something “wrong” with my appearance that needs to change ere I be considered a worthwhile human.  While there are things I’d like to do, they fall more in the realm of “I want to be able to more kill a man with a kick to the throat if necessary” or “I think I need to be better equipped to outrun a zombie” than anything aesthetic.  BUT the hackneyed phrase has inspired this year’s final question…

Which (Final Fantasy) character would you trade lives with?

I suppose I could’ve worded this, “Who has the coolest life?” but I like invoking the “switch” (see pun in the title).

Hm.  This is another question for which I don’t have a preconceived answer, though I can safely say I wouldn’t trade lives with a single damn person in Final Fantasy VII.  That’s right out.  Final Fantasy VIII is too emo for my liking…and shit, neither FFIX nor FFX are much better for the trade off.  None of the FFs prior are much good either are they?  I haven’t finished V, but it still has all the telltale typical tragic Final Fantasy signs.  With all this in mind, I think I have my answer:


Sexy bunny, sky pirate with a cool accent?  Yes please.  The (much hotter) Chewie equivalent to Balthier’s Han (seriously, now that I’m more into Star Wars I’m seeing how much all of Final Fantasy is just filled with similar symbolism, geez), and (imo) the ones who should’ve been the main characters, though I suppose if we’re going to continue along the SW line, that wouldn’t be appropriate, would it?

What Final Fantasy character would you switch lives with?  It doesn’t have to be a main/playable character either.  As always if FF isn’t your thing, feel free to draw from any other video game world!

10 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday – The Switch That Isn’t Nintendo

  1. A happy early new year to you!

    I’m happy to see you choose someone like Fran. I’d have to agree with you that her problems pale in comparison to many other characters in the Final Fantasy games. I’m honestly not sure who I’d choose to trade with, but maybe Beatrix from FFIX? She’s pretty cool too.

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    • Ah I didn’t even think about Beatrix! She’s an enemy you never actually beat and are lucky she decides to side with you, because she’s such a bad ass that she can take on your entire party single handedly and wipe the floor with you easily. Also being the general of an all female army would be pretty damn amazing.

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