Creative Christmas – New Year Swag

Tis the Christmas season (or Advent to be theologically accurate), and in the spirit of the season, the lovely blogger over at Later Levels has decided to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas a few days earlier with 12 gaming related questions for all of us good, little gaming elves out there.  These are my responses.

👗   30 December 2017:   You’ve been invited to a swanky New Year’s Eve party but have nothing suitable to wear! Which video game character do you call to ask if you can borrow an outfit?

Luckily for me, I’ve already talked about this in my Fashionistas and Fancy Fellows post!  Of course they’re all from Final Fantasy, though I’ve noticed my favorite series either dresses its characters in the best get-ups…

Runway model quality

Picture Source: Sephiroth from FFVII by AHague

…and the worst…

Seriously…what the fuck is this?

So I’d either raid Sephiroth’s closet (you know he has to have a ton of those black leather coats with the silver buckles.  I mean that’s standard Goth wear), borrow Lulu’s awesome belt dress,

Picture Source: Lulu by SoraNamae

beg a boon of the garish gambler,

Fancy AF

and for non-Final Fantasy, pretty much anyone from Mass Effect.  Shepherd’s little black dress is perfect for a NYE party,

and Liara’s regular every day where is stylin’

Just in case I have to kill a man.

If I wanted more colorful, I’d go for characters from FFVI, since they’re quite a motley crew (even without Kefka), and it almost looks like their outfits were cobbled together piecemeal from any scraps, sashes, and scarves they could find in sort of a fashion forward Bohemian, buuut since I claimed the title of Christmas Goth, you know I’m going to lean more towards VII with a possible splash of red.

Vincent is a perfect example

Picture and Cosplay Source: Exploration – Vincent Valentine cosplay by Grenier-Illiane

Super picture heavy post huh?  What video game character would you borrow an outfit from to craft your prefect New Year’s Eve outfit?  Would it be just one character or would you borrow from a few?  In the same game?  Franchise?  Or total crossover?  Now that I’m thinking about it, I could see myself doing a Sephiroth/Lulu outfit crossover with the top being a corset like Lulu, an overcoat and crossing straps like Seph’s, and leather pants.  Holy shit…I may have to make this happen o.O

10 thoughts on “Creative Christmas – New Year Swag

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  2. Liara is the best Mass Effect character ever! I would definitely borrow the Midnight Mauve outfit from my shero in Lightning Returns. Most of the outfits in that game are HORRIBLE, but that’s the one dress I’d willingly wear, haha.

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