PSA: See stolen content from content creators? Content theft!

I believe the issue is now resolved, but it still warrants sharing!

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Today, I had an unpleasant surprise this morning on the train to work. I found out that two websites actually stole my content! This was such a let down since the amount of content that was stolen from me is more than just one article. It’s almost all my articles from December. While I was working on contacting other sites and blogs that got content stolen, a good blogging friend of mine Drakulus wrote this article. And it’s actually a great lesson to learn. 

What do you if you come across stolen content? Do you ignore it? Or do you do something about it? What if the stolen content you come across is yours? 

WordPress is a great place to publish content of all sorts. Some people like to use it as a diary. While others, like myself, us it to express their love for gaming by reviewing games, writing…

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24 thoughts on “PSA: See stolen content from content creators? Content theft!

  1. Under international copyright law, whatever you write/create is automatically copyrighted. You just have to prove it’s yours, which is usually easy to do. Stick a copyright widget on your site for a start, that can deter people. It’s bloody illegal to do this, I tells ya!

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  2. It’s gross and we’ve had it happen at various sites I’ve wrote for over the years. We even had one who backdated their post after we called them out on it to say they had posted it first. Thankfully our EIC had taken screens of the offending piece before hand and that shut them down and got them to remove it after we threatened legal action.

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    • Geez. I’ve heard of it happening to YouTubers. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it happens at WordPress, too. I’m glad you were able to get your content back. Another thing I’ve heard about is people stealing fanfictions, which I’d have to imagine is really hard to do anything about since fanfictions a shaky status anyway. I think it’s easier to report fan art, since that’s considered more authentic *sigh* Content on your site shouldn’t even be a question that it’s yours. Professional Moron posted something about how if you write something, it’s automatically copyrighted under international laws.

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