The “Final” State of the Reader

<–The State of the Reader: 1/3/18          The State of the Reader: 1/31/18–>

Update:  Okay…so maybe I was a bit too hasty (I even say it down below).  Due to popular demand (and yes, I count 2-3 comments as “popular.”  Your opinions are very important to me), I’m going to keep this post, but it’ll be more compact, just what I’ve finished in the duration and what I’m currently reading.  That should take me two hours or less every other week, which is really all I ask for. 

I’m sorry for seeming capricious.  I don’t normally make decisions this quickly, and I think it was more my chronic fatigue talking.  I was extremely exhausted last night and just didn’t have the energy to do the post.  I think if that happens again, I’ll just say that instead of just completely nixing something that generates such good conversation.  The next SOTR post will be in two weeks with whatever new format I decide to go with.

On a positive note, I can say that I’ve used the term “final” just like my favorite game 😀

<–The State of the Reader: 1/3/18

A weekly post I was updating every Wednesday then every other Wednesday detailing my current reading projects and what new titles I added to my to-read list.  You can still friend me on Goodreads where I have an account.

I don’t usually make decisions like this so quickly, but as I was doing my evening reading, tired as usual, I started to consider what benefit this post actually brings.  Obviously I love talking about books/reading, but I can do that when I post my reviews. This post sometimes takes me over three hours even with the modifications, and by the time it’s up it’s late.  I usually have nothing else pertinent on the days I do it, because it takes so long, and since I’m trying to catch up on all my reviews and play all the games, I had to do some account taking.

“But TSN,” you shout, “didn’t you move to a biweekly schedule in order to make more time?”

Yes, dear friends, I did, but I’m fighting a never ending battle with time and fatigue…and they’re winning.  The rules of war constantly change.

“Are you going to nix the State of the Gamer and State of the Writer posts, too?!”

As of now, no.  SOTG doesn’t take nearly as long as SOTR did, and I do SOTW every other Sunday, which is a weekend.  Also since I schedule out my reading as opposed to scheduling out my gaming, I’m going to keep up with the former without needing a weekly or biweekly status update.

I’ll continue to update my progress on Goodreads every Wednesday again, since that takes like five minutes, and of course you can message me there if you want to talk books.  There’s also Twitter and my contacts, which should both be under my About section.

By doing this, I’ll free up an immense amount of time, which I can then use to catch up on my myriad reviews, watch LPs, play games, write, etc. so I think it’s in both my and my blog’s best interest.  It also gives me more time to interact with all of you lovely people since I’ve started checking the WordPress reader on a daily basis instead of relying on the weekly email explosion, which can take me over a week to clear up.

I love the idea of status posts, and they’re great so long as they don’t take up too much of your time, but when posting about what you’re going to do takes more time than you actually doing it, it might be time to consider other options.

And that, as they say, is that.

Or not…I can be so damn capricious.

<–The State of the Reader: 1/3/18          The State of the Reader: 1/31/18–>

33 thoughts on “The “Final” State of the Reader

  1. The end of an era… sniffs. I could tell these took a lot of time so I support your decision to axe this series. I hope you enjoy that extra time to the fullest 🙂

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    • Weeeellll, er, um, ahem, I…um, well I was being a bit TOO capricious yesterday and I, well, just updated. I think it was the chronic fatigue talking and making me a grumpier Taurus than normal. I’m going to keep it in a way that will only take me two hours or less.

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      • It really is. Some people just don’t know how much work has go into running a blog. It is a job. I’ve spent hours in front of my laptop writing about various mods for my weekly list and researching everything takes hours of my time. It’s not easy and it’s one of the reasons why I stopped doing weekly post because I would ignore other things that I wanted to do.

        I hope moving works out for me too :).

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        • Anything that you’re going to do right is going to take planning, and I can tell how much work you put into your blog, so it’s paying off. You can almost always tell the people who put a lot of work into their blogs. It’s not always aesthetics either. Most of the gaming blogs I follow put a lot of effort it, which makes sense…we’re gamers and passionate about that shit.

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    • I completely didn’t even think about how many people do really like this. I play a narcissist, but I’m really not that narcissistic lol. I think I’m going to try to continue it , but I’ll just talk about the books I’ve finished and am currently reading while leaving out the rest. I do love talking books with book buddies, and it would be nice to keep up even if it is biweekly. I’m so capricious! I think what happened was I was tired last night, and was just like “Fuck it, I’m done!” But then looking at the comments, I’m like, “Hm, maybe I can make this work.”

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      • Haha! Well whatever you decide to do, I’m sure most people will support you. I can only imagine how much time it takes up. But like you said, you could cut out some sections of it and keep a few that you find more interesting. Then maybe it won’t be so work intensive.

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    • Running a blog is like a full time job! But…with some of the comments I’ve received, I think I’m going to try to do a version of this still. It’s only going to have the books I finish and am currently reading, but I think I can do that every other week and have it just take a two hours. I didn’t realize how many people really liked it, and I DO love talking books on a regular basis.

      How is school going? I’m actually taking an online HTML/CSS class so I can do more with the blog. Its free on and is really good for a free course.

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      • I start again on Monday and have assignments already, so I’m starting to feel the stress again. I’ve been working on a couple of blog posts but haven’t finished them yet. 😦 I will have to check out that course though! I would really like to learn html/css and it would be useful both for blogging and law stuff.

        And I certainly look forward to more book talk, as long as you are comfortable with it; you put a lot of work into this blog and it shows! Rest time is important too though. My boyfriend was in the hospital last week with a-fib, so maybe I’m just easily concerned about people pushing themselves too hard at the moment, ha!

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        • College doesn’t waste any time 😦

          I really like it even though I’m not, er, quite doing everything. I really just want to know enough to be able to alter my blog site.

          Thanks! I am going to continue the SOTR post. This is why I don’t make hasty decisions lol. I was just so tired and didn’t feel like doing it, so I made up a reason on the fly instead of using an excuse. I hate not fulfilling promises even if they’re on to myself I suppose.

          Well…that’s an interesting coincidence. I had to go to the ER in November for the same. It had been happening all weekend and I want to the doctor on Monday. They sent me right to the ER. I was quite vexed, but it was for the best I suppose. I was doing so much to stay awake/alert because I was just so tired. Now I’m being careful with my caffeine and medication. I hope your BF is okay, too! Stress and too much caffeine wreaks havoc on you ;_;

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          • I did remember you had a similar episode, though the fact yours went on that long makes it all the scarier. :/ My boyfriend also pushes himself pretty hard and drinks too much coffee, heh . . . They had to put him under and shock him to get back into normal rhythm, ugh. So far he’s been ok . . . He was also sick at the time, so maybe that was a factor? Anyway, I hope you’ve been doing ok too!

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            • Whoa! Mine might have been longer, but your BF’s sounds like it was way more intense 😦 I’m glad he’s okay after that, and it’s interesting you mention the shock, because I was just listening to something about TV myths. We’ve all seen where a doctor or EMT will shock someone with no pulse and suddenly their heart starts beating again, but that’s not how it works. Thank goodness for science YouTube channels, because medical sitcoms just don’t cut it for accurate information :p

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  3. Really sorry to hear you’re struggling. Your blogs are always a joy to read, and I hope you do continue writing plenty about books (those are my favourite posts) but do what you need to do to look after yourself. Take care, sending peace and strength vibes your way ~~~~~>

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  4. Phew! I’m glad that I was late to the party for this post and got to see right away that SOTR isn’t going to be completely exiled to the abyss, just shortened. 🙂 I really enjoy these posts, but I totally understand. You gotta do what you gotta do, and time can be a cruel, cruel mistress. I think you’re making a good call doing quicker versions of these posts so that it doesn’t become so overwhelming with everything else you’ve got going on. Looking forward to reading whatever sort of posts come to follow, though! ❤

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