Final Fantasy Friday – Town Tunes

Final Fantasy Friday

Once I thought up an alliterative title I just had to go with this question.  I was going to open this post stating it’s been a while since we’ve had a music question, but then I noticed Winter Fantasy was not long ago in the queue, so we’re just going to go with the fact that I love music, especially video game music, especially Final Fantasy music.  With that in mind…

What is your favorite town music?

All of the Final Fantasy town music has such a “homey” sound to it.  I wish I’d done better in music theory to be better able to explain what exactly that entails, but I do support a creator on Patreon 8-bit Music Theory who could.  I believe you’re allowed one request a month if you’re a supporter, so I might utilize that.

After listening to some amazing music, my initial choice remains the same it’s been for over 20 years: Final Fantasy VI’s “Kids Run Through the City.”

The repeat of the first verse when that haunting under-melody comes in almost always brings a tear to my eye and this is in the original as in non-orchestrated version.  There are more gorgeous covers of this song than I can shake a stick at, but RebeccaETripp is the one currently on my editing music playlist, but there’s still something about the the original.

Honorable mentions have to go to the following: FFIV – Baron Castle; FFV – Harvest (Kerwin Town Theme); FFVII – Mining Town; FFVIII – Balamb GARDEN ~ Ami (the orchestrated version of the song); FFIX – Frontier Village Dali & Sleepless City ~ Treno; FFX – The Travel Agency; and finally (heh) FFXII – Nalbina Fortress Town.

Some of these aren’t specifically town themes you say?

Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a human

Here’s a picture of human Twilight Sparkle shrugging, ’cause I don’t know what to tell you.

Image Source: Smug Shrug by semehammer

I might have played a bit fast and loose with the “town theme” rules, but I considered anything that takes place in a populated locale where you weren’t susceptible to enemy attacks fair game.

What’s your favorite town theme?  The games started to have more than one as their numbers went up, which has a 100% approval rating with me, as it provides some variety.  Does your favorite town them coincide with your favorite game or is it different like mine?  Let’s talk town tunes in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday – Town Tunes

  1. Galdin Quay from Final Fantasy XV has taken first spot in my favourite town themes in Final Fantasy games. It’s such a chill, resort-like theme that I love whistling to.

    My original number one was Frontier Village ~ Dali, followed by Costa del Sol and Balamb town.

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    • I’ll have to check that one out! Final Fantasy always has solid town music, though I could’ve also gone with Kakariko Village from Twilight Princess. There’s this orchestrated version that’s hands down my favorite town theme ever.

      I forgot about Costa del Sol! I love the version by the 1Up Mushrooms on Voices of the LIfestream. It literally sounds like the music you might hear played by a Mariachi band. It’s super chill.


      • Omg you listened to the Voice of the Lifestream soundtrack too?! Ahhh I loved that soundtrack! Yeah, the Costa del Sol theme on the soundtrack is boss.

        Have you checked out the MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII soundtrack from The Materia Collective? They got some dope tracks too! If you have Spotify, you should check it out!

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        • Oh my lord yes. The “Frozen in Snow” is one of my favorite songs, and better than the original song! I didn’t really like Costa del Sol until I heard it played by them either. Such a masterpiece.

          YES! Ah, I actually just downloaded a few of the songs from there the other day. Tifa’s song is gorgeous. I wound up just buying them off of iTunes. I really need to get into Spotify. I’d save so much money on music, though now that I can listen to YouTube at work, I don’t have to worry as much about using too much data 😀

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  2. Luxerion in Lightning Returns. It has a hint of hope and a sense of urgency. Captures the mood perfectly! Battles happen in every town in LR though…. The world is not safe and needs its badass savior, haha. I can’t wait to get there again this year during my 2nd playthrough of the trilogy 😀

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    • I realized I didn’t think of even HALF the songs I could have when I posted this. I couldn’t agree more. It puts me in the mind of indigenous people with its beats and melody, which I think Uematsu-san was going for. it makes sense since it’s Red XIII/Nanki’s home and his species is a lot older than humans. Hm…I wonder if they lived alongside the Cetra, and I wonder if I’m forgetting if that was mentioned. I know freaking horrible dickhead Hojo tried to “breed” him and Aeris together *yuck* because they were both of ancient races, but I can’t recall if anything was ever mentioned about them coexisting at the same time. Something to look for when I replay.

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    • Oh goodness, music I’m not familiar with! I know FFIX of course, but I haven’t played any Final Fantasy after XII, which I’m going to change this year with XIII and hopefully XV since I own it hehe. One thing I can say about Squeenix, they’re music ability is tiiiight!

      Thanks for commenting 😀

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