Final Fantasy Friday: Epic Employment

Final Fantasy Friday

A few months ago the Nerd Speaker posted a piece about class, and no I’m not talking about elitism or (the lack of) school on Saturday.  I thought this was a brilliant idea, and hope he doesn’t mind me riding his coattails a bit for this week’s question of…

What’s your favorite class?

Paladin.  You get the best of both worlds with a moderate healer and powerful warrior.

There’s also the White Knight thing, which, while wholly unwelcome in certain online entanglements, is always a relief to see in fantasies across all mediums.  I’m also probably biased since Cecil Harvey (see Exhibit A) is my favorite male MC, but I lean more towards the offensive classes than the defensive/curative ones anyway.  Screw that stereotypical female healer thing.  I want to make things bleed.  

So your homework for this week is to discuss your favorite job type in the comments below.  You can pick more than one, and using examples will earn you extra points.  Got that?  Okay, class dismissed!

30 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday: Epic Employment

  1. I’ve never played a Paladin but I can see the appeal. That’s similar to the class that I selected which was the Arcanist. The Arcanist has healing and sorcery abilities. You can converge into a Scholar for healing or a Summoner for destructive magic on FFXIV Online.

    -Luna 🙂

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  2. My favourite class is Lightning 😛 She’s quite literally every role in Lightning Returns – healer, magic user, warrior, tank, my shero… You name it, she rocks at it! 😎

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  3. I really liked the Dragoon characters, particularly Freya in FFIX. They can do lots of cool stuff and have a wide skillset compared to others. I’m definitely on the offensive side of combat as well. When I played Diablo II a few years ago, I went for a warrior type and felt so powerful when my guy would grunt while searching the bloody bodies of his victims.

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  4. I always want to make Blue Mage work. The idea behind it, using enemy’s powers against them, is really interesting to me, and Strago in FFVI is awesome if you know how to use him, but Blue Mages in every game other than that fall up short.

    Anyways, personally, I’d be in for the paladin too. I like primarily physically based classes that dabble in some of the more utility abilities, so a big buff dude/dudette that can heal and manage status would be totally up my ally.

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    • Strago has that Grand Train ability that just decimates everything. I don’t recall FFVII having a Blue Mage. FFVIII had Quistis who wasn’t too bad, but I know how everyone feels about Quina from IX hehe. I was okay with them, but they were kind of a random character who had no reason to be there.

      I just find that the best defense is a good offense, and paladins are great for that with the added bonus of not necessarily needing their own healer.

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  5. You’re likely going to hate me for this (since you don’t like the traditional healing class “White Mage” xD); but………..I would have to say White Mage would be my main job. I wouldn’t mind traveling the world and getting paid to help out travelers on their quests/missions. And if they tried to kill me before paying me, I’d just cast “Reraise” on me (circa FFX), and wait till they left before coming back to life and pilfering their gil (a little bit of Thief then……okay, but the world isn’t perfect – so nobody said I couldn’t be perfect either xD!).

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    • I’m okay with them! They’re just not my job class of choice 🙂 They’re definitely useful, and Aeris is one of my favorite characters, and she’s like the queen of the white mages lol.

      I’d constantly have Reraise cast on me all the time, and after I came back, I’d cast it again. It’s like the best kind of insurance!

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      • Yes, it’s like an insurance policy without the headache of dealing with an actual insurance agency 😎! And yes, I agree Aerith is considered one of the best White Mages in the Final Fantasy universe. I also enjoyed Yuna (FF 10) and Minwu (FF 2 in North America). Awesome, glad that you didn’t throw a toaster at me (like my older brother did yesterday lol). White Mages certainly put up with a lot of b.s. 😂.

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