Final Fantasy Friday – Ready, Willing, MAGIC

Final Fantasy Friday

Today should have been a Character Assessment post, but I didn’t get home from Target until 8:00.  After some brief aerobics, I looked at my to-do list, and there’s a lot left on it.  Those assessments can take upwards of four hours, and I haven’t even picked a character for my next one yet (though I don’t lack for suggestions from all of you lovely people).  I also have numerous creative projects going on, so it would just be better for me to save my assessments for a less hectic time.  I’m not giving up on them; they’re just being shelved for a while.

As for the biweekly questions, those aren’t going anywhere, since I have plenty that can be answered fairly easily, and I’ll try to post some of my more elaborate ones.  For this week…

What is your favorite ability?

I’m going to cheat a little bit, or I suppose I must say “meta” cheat since my favorite ability is actually a combination of abilities, and its a glitch.  Final Fantasy VI’s Vanish-Doom technique.

It’s a bug in the system that damn near everyone used, and since this was before the internet exploded, I have no idea how we found out about it.  Maybe Nintendo Power?  I didn’t really talk to my school friends about Final Fantasy, so it wouldn’t have been that.  Regardless Vanish-Doom got us out of so many sticky situations.  I’d use it if I were losing a battle and needed a quick out (also Phoenix Down or Life for undead enemies.  Take that Phantom Train!).

I guess it doesn’t really count as an “ability” since every character could learn it.  If I had to give a real answer, uhhhh…Meteor.

Chibi Sephiroth from World of Final Fantasy standing in the flames

Don’t force me to give real answers…I’ll almost always default to Sephiroth if I can.

What ability would you use to crush your enemies?  Is it a cheat one like my initial or is it a “legitimate” one?  Feel free to use games outside of the Final Fantasy franchise!

37 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday – Ready, Willing, MAGIC

  1. I’m not sure if it counts, but Draw in FFVIII was really interesting. The whole card game aspect that came alongside the main game was a lot of fun, and the idea that you were genuinely capturing monsters in these cards was cool. If somewhat horrifying…

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  2. This probably seems obvious, considering my penchant for writing fantasy, but I’ve always liked the use of black magic in FF. The triumvirate of fire, ice and lightning in particular as well as the path to unlocking the Ultima spell.

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  3. Spells that transform the enemy and/or party. Toad (especially in FFII, where enemies turned into toads just hop away, and FFIII, where you need to use it on yourself to enter certain areas), Imp (which has its own set of equipment), Chicken (in Final Fantasy Tactics, where lowering enemies’ bravery enough turns them into actual chickens), etc.
    They’re only useful in a few of the games, but they’re a lot more interesting than more generic status conditions like sleep and silence.

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  4. My favorite Final Fantasy ability would probably be Dark Blade/Soul Eater/whatever else they have called it throughout the series. Being able to use health as a resource for a more powerful attack instead of MP is really awesome because health is a lot easier to recover. And while the Bravely games don’t technically fall into the category of Final Fantasy (they may as well since they have all of the same classes and spells), those games are an excellent execution of the Dark Knight class. Being able to spend all your health on dark damage and then dealing a ton of damage when you die is pretty broken.

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    • Blood Sword is another one! I like that ability, too, because usually the damage dealt is much more than the health taken.

      They’re pretty much Final Fantasy for the handheld hehe. I’ve only played a little of the Bravely demo, but that was my takeaway, too.

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  5. Probably Sabin’s Blitz, since it made a traditional turn-based RPG feel like Street Fighter with all of the different directional inputs. Dragoon is my favorite job class in the series, so Jump holds a special place in my heart.

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