The State of the Gamer: 3/20/18

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A weekly post updated every other Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Played

Title: Thimbleweed Park
Developer: Terrible Toybox
System: Nintendo Switch

Thimbleweed Park coverI should’ve mentioned this game last time, since I started playing it about two weeks ago.  I’m greatly enjoying the humor of it, and I love Agent Reyes’ sarcasm.  I do find it funny that the two agents have similar names.  Initially, I kept switching between the two to make sure they were in the same place, but then I stopped when I realized I didn’t have to.  I just finished the flashback with Delores, the game programmer, and I have a lot more things on my checklist to do.

What I Watched

Title: Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
Series: Mario, Mario & Luigi, Mario RPG
Let’s Player: Olizandri

I finished watching this the other day, and while I liked Superstar Saga a bit better, I did love that you spent a good portion of the game playing as Bowser.  Besides Super Paper Mario (and of course the Kart games), I can’t recall any other where you get to control the King of Evil himself (I’m pretty sure that’s one of his titles).  I was impressed there wasn’t an overabundance of potty humor, just enough to cause innocent giggles (or maybe I should say “chortles”).

Title: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
Series: Ultima
Let’s Player: Hungry Goriya

I need to catch back up on this.  I see HG has some more LPs up, and she’s been posting a lot of stuff from Music Maker 🙂

Title: Shadow of the Colossus
Series Title: Ico
Let’s Player: Olizandri

And I’m on the last one in the series, which means afterwards I can write a gigantic review/analysis.  Even just after two videos, I have ideas about what’s going on and how it connects to the other two games.  I think I’ll write down my ideas before looking up any other theories.  What’s interesting about this one is the protagonist is much more capable of taking care of himself.  He has weapons, armor, and a horse, unlike the main characters in Ico and The Last Guardian who either had to rely on what they could find or their companion.  Speaking of which, the other person isn’t there to share the MC’s journey in Shadow, but rather she’s the reason for it.

I demoed something this week, too, but I don’t remember what it was called, and it really wasn’t to my liking anyway.  It was this turn-based strategy game where you set it up before hand, monitored it, but mostly let your characters do their thing.  I thought there’d be more to it.  If I think of it, I’ll update or comment the title.  I could see it being a quick play or nice distraction if you needed some time to kill, but it was nothing to write home about.

How id your gaming life going?  Discussion time!

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5 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 3/20/18

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  2. I beat Dragon Age Inquisition, finally! But I bought some DLC so I’m not quite done with it yet, haha. Plan to finish Super Mario Odyssey, or get back into Breath of the Wild next weekend. I’ll be visiting family for Easter and the Switch is super portable 😀

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    • How many DLCs are there for it? I know when I watched the LP for Mass Effect, the player did the DLCs as well. I loved the Citadel one. It was both awesome and ridiculously self-aware lol.

      I need to play BOTW. I wound up lending Mario Odyssey to a coworker and he lent me this RPG called Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3. I should probably try to play it sooner rather than later.

      I love the Switch’s portability. It makes awkward moments that much more escapable :p

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      • I think there’s like 3 DLC for it. I just bought the one that continues the story – Trespasser. I want to review the main game first before I jump into it.

        Sounds like a good rental trade!

        Yup. Next time I have to be social, my Switch is coming with me 😛

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