Final Fantasy Friday – The Worst of the Best

Final Fantasy Friday

First, I have to apologize for missing the last Final Fantasy Friday.  Circumstances out of my control made it so that I wasn’t home in order to make the post.  It was kind of a bloodbath, but I did emerge victorious.  I’m not giving up a series about my favorite game franchise, so never worry about that.

With that out of the way, I have been trying to do “easier” questions, as in ones that won’t take me too much time to answer, because there is a ton going on.  I have more complex/detailed questions to put out, but for now, I’m going to stick with the single answer ones.  With that…

Who is your least favorite character in your favorite game?

Ugh, Yuffie.  I cannot fucking stand her lol.

I’m at least nice enough to provide a cute fanart of her :p

Squeenix took all aspects of the annoying kid/teenager motif and rolled them into one character.  She inconvenienced you by stealing your materia; she’s obnoxious; and she’s  literally a fucking princess.  The last one doesn’t necessarily make a character annoying (I love Princess Garnet…both the FFIX character and my sassy, little kitty), but it adds to the stereotype of spoiled royalty.  Ironically though, I don’t hate the Yuffentine pairing (Yuffie X Vincent), which you’d think I would because Vincent is my second favorite character after Sephiroth so I’d want him to shack up with someone good since, well, Lucrecia is out of the picture *sob*, but they were paired together perfectly in my favorite fanfiction Slumbering Mountains, and their opposing traits worked out very well.  The author is also extremely talented and managed to mitigate Yuffie’s more irritating qualities.

I wonder if I just have this problem with ninja characters, because Edge from FFIV is a very close second in my dislike.  Neither him nor Yuffie are overly competent fighters either, so not even battle prowess makes up for their personality flaws.  Thank Gaia the ninja class has Shadow from VI, am I right?  Of course, Shadow also has a dog, so even if he wasn’t an interesting bad ass, that fact alone would elevate him over a hundred.

What character would you oust from the game you most love?  What about them grinds your gears or dampens your airship sails?  Let’s have a friendly bitchfest in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday – The Worst of the Best

    • He is 100% useless. I was SO pissed when they had Rydia and Rosa go off to be medics while Cecil, Edward, and Yang fought in Fabul Castle. They should’ve stuck Edward with the medics and let the women join the battle. Rydia is an excellent magic user, and even though Rosa is mostly a healer, she’s also an awesome archer.

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    • I haven’t played XIII yet, but Hope definitely has that annoying Tidus/Vaan vibe going on. TIdus is literally my least favorite protagonist and I’m surprised I like X as much as I do, because I can’t stand Tidus or Seymour, but the other characters, plot, and gameplay make up for it.

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  1. Gladio from FFXV. The other 3 characters are just normal guys that defy the whole “muscled up marine” look of male heroes. Then Gladio is in there and it’s like… why? Did someone get afraid the characters weren’t masculine enough? “Hmmm needs more bro. Let’s up throw in a muscly meathead. Make sure he’s angry a lot.”

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  2. Probably Hope from FFXIII. But he doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets (he’s an innocent kid who’s been through a lot… being whiny makes sense, even if it’s a bit annoying).

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