The State of the Game…Er…

Hello, lovely people.  I usually post my biweekly State of the Gamer update, but all I have to offer you today are excuses.  I left work a little early because I was hella tired, came home, fed my cats, read a chapter of Dune, then passed out.  I didn’t wake up until about a half hour ago.  Thankfully, my wonderful husband made dinner, which I’m about to nom on while watching a Let’s Play.   Alas, I don’t have the wherewithal to do the update.  I might not have eaten enough today, or I might be wiped from the weekend (we moved our sectional out in preparation for the new one being delivered this Saturday), or it could just be my old friend chronic fatigue.  Either way, I apologize.  I’d say I’ll just do one next week, but I have my posts set up so I’m not doing them all back to back.  I did play quite a lot of games this week, finished LPs, started new ones, all kinds of stuff.  Hopefully, I’ll be back on schedule the next time, or if I’m lucky, I might be able to just postpone it until tomorrow.  Only time will tell.

Thanks for sticking with me ♥

9 thoughts on “The State of the Game…Er…

  1. Ah, that’s understandable; gaming takes a lot more effort than I think most people give it credit for. It’s certainly not a passive activity like watching a film or reading a book. It becomes a whole lot different when you’re an active participant in a narrative.

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    • And I’ve been playing a lot of different games. I’m bummed cause I wanted to talk about them! The interactive nature is what’s kept the medium going for so long. I can sometimes grind when I’m half asleep, but anything involving story and/or problem solving, I need to pay attention.

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