The Unique Blogger Award

Hello dear friends and well wishers.  I hope you’re all having a good day.  As I continue with my never ending catch up, I reach another generous award from Games With Coffee, which, to mine humble ears, sounds like a marvelous idea.  I frequently pair the two together myself so I think it’s a wonderful name for a wonderful blog.

Unique Blogger Award

Here are the rules:

  1. Display the award (Done).
  2. Thank the individual(s) who have nominated you and include a link to their blog.  A little promotion for their blog is also welcome (Complete),
  3. Answer the questions asked by the individual who has nominated you (Coming up).
  4. Nominate an arbitrary number of bloggers and have them answer three questions you put forth to them (Ehhh…).

Here are the questions:

What qualities or characteristics in a villain from your favourite game or series do you admire and why? – Oh ho ho ho, talk about the perfect question for yours truly lol.  “Maternal” devotion and the willingness to burn shit to the ground when you’ve been lied to.  I’ve been thinking about the latter a lot in terms of current events.  Sometimes the world needs to burn so a new one can rise from the ashes.  You generally hope you can fix issues by working within the current system, but sometimes that system becomes so corrupt, there are no viable threads to latch onto.

If you’ve spent any time on my blog you already know I’m talking about Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, so nothing I say should come as a surprise, but I figure I should at least mention his name (despite the warning of “noli nomen vocare”) for any newcomers.  And if anyone whines about any implied political message, they weren’t paying any attention to FFVII’s extremely political narrative.

If you could choose any character from any video game to become for a day, who would you choose and what (with their special abilities or powers) would you do in that timeframe? – Um…can I use answer one for answer two?  I mean, I’ll take super soldier strength, silver hair, and meteor calling powers any day.  I’m not going to say what I’d do with said powers at the risk of incriminating myself, but I’d solve a lot of problems.

In your mind, what constitutes a Mature, Distinguished Gamer? – I seem to recall answering this question before, but I think a mature, distinguished gamer is someone who understands that anyone and everyone can be a gamer no matter how they identify.  While games can be competitive, gaming itself is not a competition.  It should be about bringing people together, discussing what you love, sometimes venting in good faith, supporting each other, and above all having fun.

No nominations from me.  Feel free to do it and answer the same questions I did!

6 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award

  1. “Distinguished gamer is someone who understands that anyone and everyone can be a gamer no matter how they identify.” -> Thank you! Completely agree with you! I’m a gamer since age 5? And, yeah I’m a little more hardcore and dislike casual games, BUT can we just stop telling anyone what should they play? Someone who spends hours playing WoW is equal to someone who puts the same effort playing Sims 4, for example. And let’s not bring the “console war” and “PC master race” to the table… Those are just stupid –‘

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    • As long as casual gamers don’t act all high and mighty because they have “better things to do than play games all the time” *eternal eye roll*

      Oh god…the “PC master race” thing is so disgusting. Like what are you doing? Console wars were relevant when I was a kid. I was 100% a Nintendo girl, but now that I’m older, I want all the consoles and that’s pretty much what I’ve obtained.

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  2. I love your answer for the mature gamer question. I love when gaming or competition in general creates a sense of community and comradery rather than making people act like a bunch of judgmental or ignorant jackasses.

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