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I can’t remember the last time I did a game related tag if I ever have, and this one comes from one of my favorite bloggers Drakulus whom I helped convert into a Final Fantasy fan yass.  Nah, he’s an open minded guy who, along with other blogger buddies, has helped convince me to give FFXV a chance.  ANYWAY, this looked like fun so I snagged it.

Gamer Confessions Tag

A game everyone loves that you can’t stand

Okami picture


“Can’t stand” is kind of harsh.  I don’t hate this game, but I certainly didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.  It seems like something anyone into Zelda would adore, but I just couldn’t get past the annoying bug helper character and the weird vocalizations.  I loved the wolf though.

A game that you love, but no one else seems to

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

It has less than a 3.00 rating on Grouvee, and everyone just tends to hate freemium games.  This is the only one I’ve ever played, but apropos of them, it doesn’t seem that bad.  You don’t have to spend any money in order to play, though you’ll get some perks if you do.  The music is arguably the best of any Final Fantasy (I’m actually serious.  The composer isn’t Nobuo-san, but FFBE’s did stand on his shoulders to make the soundtrack); the characters are complex (and of course pretty); the story is intense, in depth, and interesting, and there’s a shit ton of extra things you can do.  My major complaint is that there’s no real way to get your favorite characters except by chance, and I really wish they’d change that.

An older game you haven’t finished, and probably never will

Final Fantasies I and II Banners

The first three Final Fantasies.  The original FF is much harder than the later ones, plus I messed up royally in the beginning by not equipping any weapons (didn’t figure out how to do it properly), and I just finally said the hell with it and watched a Let’s Play.  The second one had that shit leveling system, which is a shame because the story was engaging, and I guess I shouldn’t even count the third Final Fantasy since I didn’t have an adequately translated version of it to play.

A guilty pleasure game

Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017

I don’t really believe in “guilty pleasure,” because I feel zero guilt playing games like this and DDR.  Yeah, the music might be what those infernal kids are listening to these days, *shakes cane and inspects lawn* but these are fun as hell when I have the energy to do them.

A game you really love but haven’t played in a long time

Final Fantasy VII cover

Final Fantasy VII

Y’all already know.  P.S. The Remake is never coming out.  I pre-ordered it, too (as Amazon likes to continually remind me).  TBH any Final Fantasy from IV to X (omitting V) could answer this question.

A game you never play seriously but others do

I don’t want to use the same answer twice, but it would be Brave Exvius.  My one friend will text me paragraphs about shit I neither understand nor care about lol.  I enjoy the game greatly, but I only play it semi-seriously when I don’t have anything else to play…which right now I do (i.e. Octopath Traveler).

A game you completed but hated it by the end

“Completely hated” isn’t really accurate, but I never got to the end of this even after spending months using the leveling trick to get my characters up to 99.  The characters seemed indistinct from each other, and if I’m going go play an action RPG it better be worth my while.  I do have this on my list to watch, so I didn’t write it off entirely.

Addendum:  So I read this question wrong.  It says “a game you completed but hated by the end.  I thought it said, “a game you completely hated by the end.  Oops.  I guess this might be the best answer though, because I’ll usually stop playing a game if it no longer holds my interest.

A game you thought you’d enjoy, but didn’t

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

A coworker lent/gave this me, and I thought I’d really be into it.  I’d never played an SRPG before, and I’m open to new things.  I liked that the story took place in the real world during one the real World War, but I just wasn’t into the battle system.  That or I was pissed I got annihilated by a tank.

Oh!  If you’re interested in this game as in you want it, let me know and I’ll figure out a way to get it to you 🙂

A game you didn’t think was for you, and then loved

Final Fantasy VII cover


Look I’m tired.  I could’ve switched up the other question where I had this, but that would take work I’m not willing to put in at this juncture.  This is also really true.  I didn’t think I was going to like VII because it seemed too science fiction-y, but it turns out I really love the fusion genre of science fantasy, and it was this game that made me realize that.  It’s my favorite for a reason.

A game you are still excited for that hasn’t come out yet

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us: Part II

I cannot wait for this to drop.  Honorable mention: Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, which I’m hearing should arrive in October but not around Halloween because the new Red Dead Redemption is coming out then.  I just watched the first four chapters as played by CaptainSauce, and it was freaking awesome.

Tag you’re it. There are a few people I’d love to see do this (if they haven’t already)!

16 thoughts on “The Gamer Confessions Tag

  1. You know I thought XV was rad and hopefully you enjoy it whenever you do get around to playing it. I’m going to steal this list for a blog post tomorrow, maybe! I’m a sucker for lists.

    And FF2’s leveling system? Fucking woof.

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    • Yass, I saw your list! Yeah, I feel like some reviews of FF games are a bit…harsh, and I’ve learned the hard way that most reviews don’t capture a lot of important factors. Yeah they have their flaws, but it’s usually not enough to dismiss it outright. The one outlier to this for me was Type-0, but I’ve also seen just as many people who enjoyed that game with its foibles.

      Worse. System. Ever.


  2. I had the same thing with Valkyrie. I found that each mission was guesswork first time around as you had no idea what soldiers you should take. Then you’d fail and have to do it again with the “right” setup. And it’s not like those missions were quick!

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  3. Totally with you on Okami. A friend of mine bought it for me on the Wii, thinking it would be perfect for me. He was totally right in that I wouldv’e thought it would be perfect for me too. Theoretically it ticks all the boxes to be one of my favourite games, but I really didn’t feel it – the combat is clunky and the world just feels so empty and lonely. I really want it to prove me wrong, I might consider getting it again on Switch just to be certain.


    • I’m hearing a lot of people say this! I think it’s one of those games that has a lot of potential it just doesn’t live up to and too many issues that make it unpalatable to the people who’d normally be into it. I hope one day they do a remaster or something that addresses these.

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  5. I agree with you on Okami and FFT0. I couldn’t get into either of those. I don’t recommend Valkyria Chronicles if you’re new to SRPGs. I think it’s a neat game (going from what I played in the demo), but I would recommend starting off with something like Fire Emblem: Awakening. It’s easier for newcomers since you can turn off permadeath and play on easy mode :).

    Thank you for the kind words at the beginning of the article and I’m glad you’re (finally!) giving Final Fantasy XV a chance :).

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    • I’ve played only a few SRPGs like Eternal Eyes a pretty obscure game with a grid system for attack, and I did really like the demo of Disgaea 5 I played. I do want to give a Fire Emblem a try since I hear about it so much.

      Oh definitely! I picked up XV a few months ago. I just haven’t gotten around to playing it yet 🙂

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      • I shelved XV and haven’t played it in months, but I’m planning on going back to it after I finish Assassin’s Creed Origins. I had got distracted with Ni No Kuni 2, Octopath Traveler, and a BUNCH of other games that released and since they weren’t as massive as FFXV I completed them first :). Since my brother just got the game on PS4 it’s encouraged me to start playing my PC file again.

        Fire Emblem is amazing. It’s my favorite SRPG series and one of my favorite series in gaming. I recommend starting with Awakening, but you could always wait for the next one to drop on the Switch :).

        Disgaea 5 is also great. I put a bunch of hours in it on my Switch and it was the only game I had that I considered good for like a month lol.

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        • Assassin Creed Origins was fantastic, though I only played it for about half an hour. I get motion sickness from games with certain camera action, but I picked up some ginger pills for the next time I dive in.

          I liked how Disgaea had kind of a silly/parody thing going on. I’m so used to Final Fantasy being all serious so it was a nice change of pace. I only grabbed the demo, but it’s something I plan to pick up in the future. It seems like a fun series, and I like the battle system.


          • Since I just finished FF15 I’m moving on to Origins next. I have a rule for myself. I only play one open world game at a time so I don’t get burned out :). I love Origins and when/if you play it again there’s a neat FF15 quest in the game that gives you some sweet loot and cameo appearance by one of the characters in the game :).

            Disgaea is a funny series. Especially part 5! I love the Red Magnus and the way he talks.

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