The State of the Gamer: 9/18/18

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A weekly post updated every other Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Played

Title: Octopath Traveler
System: Nintendo Switch

Octopath Traveler coverDate Started: August 11, 2018

I have all of the secondary jobs now and am currently working on everyone’s third chapter.  I’d love to hear how other players prefer to dole them out.  I had Olberic as a Hunter, but honestly, I don’t think it added much to his repertoire.  I like him as an Apothecary better, because it gives him use of the axe and that Amputate spell, which is boss.  Plus he can use some ice magic.  I like Ophilia as either a Dancer or Scholar since that gives her more magic to use, though I’d rather keep someone else as a Scholar to spread it around.   Tressa is definitely a Thief because holy shit is Collecting more fantastic.  I think I grabbed 20,000 leaves (what a weird currency lol) from the python and snake charmer near Wellspring, and that’s each.  I like Primrose as a Scholar because I can have her Analyze.  She’s more of a support character at the moment, which isn’t a slight on her at all.

I really wish you could also have the character’s passive ability as well as their battle one.  I bring Therion everywhere new because only he can open those purple chests.  Only Alfyn can Concoct and only Cyrus has that passive Analyze at the start of each battle.  It’s one of a few critiques I have with the game, but they’re not enough to forestall my enjoyment.  I’m currently at almost 65 hours, and I think everyone has four chapters, so I’m probably looking at 40 more.

What I Watched

Title: Oxenfree
Let’s Player: ChristopherOdd

I loved this game.  I can’t wait to write my review/analysis of it.  The creators did such an excellent job making something both eerie, heartbreaking, and a mind fuck.

Title: Syberia 1 and 2
Let’s Player: ChristopherOdd

Since Mr. Odd had them in the same playlist I’m just going to count them as one LP (but two games per my Watch List this year).  Right after Oxenfree I decided to give this one a try.  I’m not sure what held me off for so long, but I was instantly fascinated by the procession of automatons.  It’s the kind of story that starts off so seemingly simple, but then just becomes more complicated as you go along.  I liked that it didn’t need to use fear to be intriguing (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  There was a little eerieness with some of the places Kate explores, but there are no jump scares or anything like that.  Also the goal is nonviolent, which is rare in video games, but starting to become more prevalent.  It’s a mystery involving an 800 year old toy company, an untimely death, a horrible accident, and mammoths.  I’d highly recommend giving this a play or a watch.  It’s point-and-click, an old school point and click that has a story so unexpected, you’ll be instantly enthralled.

What I’m Watching

Title: Syberia 3
Let’s Player: CJUGames

Unfortunately Mr. Odd did not have an LP of this one, but I was able to find a nice English Let’s Player who has some other games of interest (he kind of looks like Seth Rogen, which is not remotely an insult).  The devs decided to make Kate controllable instead of sticking with point-and-click, and their unfamiliarity with such a system shows.  The game has a lot of glitches, but like the previous two the story is so compelling.  It’s amazing the amount of trouble Kate is able to get it, but she’s a determined woman who won’t let anyone hinder her benevolent goals.

Still no demos this week.  I turn on my Switch and instantly boot up Octopath, but I saw a ton of Final Fantasies dropped on the system along with a bunch of other games to draw my attention.  Granted I still need to finish FFVI and start FFVII after I’m done OT.  Of course I’ll take game recommendations!  Planning to live forever anyway 😉

What new release are you most excited for?  Ports count!

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6 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 9/18/18

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  2. I feel . . . quite out of the loop where it comes to gaming, unfortunately. The last game I started playing during the summer was Pillars of Eternity II, which I was really enjoying. Just haven’t had time to resume it yet after classes started. x.x

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